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  • 1. Band Information Section
  • 2. Ummee d– A f ew st rings, some drum beat s, lot of keys hit on t he piano, crazy t hought s, realizat ion of amat eur dreams is what Ummeed is all about . – A group of st udent s, prof essionals and musicians who believe in t he soul of music and t he ways in which music t ransf orms t hought s and desires int o realit y. – Ummeed recognizes it s creat ion as a dedicat ion t o all t hose who pract ice and aspire t o live music, st raight f rom t he heart .
  • 3. Members • Siddhart h Singh -Guit ar • Apoorva Bhardwaj - Drums • Kaushal Tomar- Bass • Adit ya Shukla- Guit ar • Ved Sharma- Vocals/ Lyrics • Garry –Vocals/ Lyrics
  • 4. So Far .… • Perf ormed over 50 shows all over I ndia, including Delhi, I ndore, Bhopal, Bangalore et c. • Around 30 shows at local level- bot h t heme and ent ert ainment based • Won many music compet it ions like Rock Mania, Decibel, War of Bands • Part icipat ed in MTV Rock On • Social engagement wit h Sambhav , Sout h Sout h Solidarit y and Ekt a Parishad • Donat ed a social message album “Tamanna” t o Ekt a Parishad • Product ion of numerous j ingles and songs f or many radio st at ions. • Built close relat ionships wit h bands such as I ndian Ocean and Aghaaz • Opened f or J al-The Band in Gwalior • Organizes annual f est Rock Union in Gwalior
  • 5. Heading Towards...... • Pr oduct ion of “Volume 1". Fir st album of Ummeed
  • 6. Musical Creations ..… Hindi • Banj ar- Global Warming • Tant a- Ant i Drug • Bandey- Humanit y • Sarf aroshi- Pat riot ism • Tesu- Local Folk • Sun Sun Re Mere Bandhu- Ant i Drug • Aasmaan Ke Paar- I nspirat ional • Yaadein- Love • Dil Ye Mera- Love • Shaat ir Duniya- Alt ernat ive • Shaat ir Duniya- English • One Two Three Four Five- Rap • Don’t Provoke Me-Deat h Met al • Because I Love You-Romant ic • Freak- Yout h/ College Lif e Covers- Recreat ion • Pichle Saat Dino Mein- Rock On • Mehangai Daayan- Peepli Live • Sasur al Genda Phool- Delhi 6 • Saawan Beet o J aye- Khamaj
  • 7. Price Quotes....... • Live-Local Perf ormance (Gwalior) : Rs.20000.00 –I nclusions- Band, I nst rument s –Exclusions- Accomodat ion and Travel,Sound, Light , St age, Publicit y • Live- Out St at ion Perf ormance:Rs.30,000.00 –I nclusions- Band, I nst rument s –Exclusions- Travel and Accomodat ion,
  • 8. Technical Section
  • 9. Stage Plan
  • 10. Tech Rider- Monitors/Outboards • MONITORS • 7 x JBL VRX912m OR equivalent 800w floor wedge • 1 x JBL SRX718s drum fill subwoofer OUTBOARD • 1 x Loudspeaker Management System • 48 channel digital console – Soundcraft Vi6/ Yamaha PM5D/ Yamaha M7CL • 5 x Stereo 30/31/32 band graphic EQ's – Preferred BSS, NO DIGITAL EQ – This is required despite there being a digital console for EQing the foldbacks. Please do NOT ignore these despite carrying a digital console.
  • 11. Tech Rider-Microphones/Stands • 1 x Shure Beta 91A – no stand • 1 x Shure Beta 52A – short stand • 1 x Shure Beta 57/SM 87 – short stand • 5 x Sennheiser e604 – clip-on/medium stand • 2 x AKG C451 – tall boom • 10 x Shure SM 57 – medium/tall boom • 6 x Shure SM 58 – tall boom • 1 x Shure UHF Beta 87 cap • 3 x Condensers – Shure, AKG (1 x medium, 2 x tall booms)
  • 12. Tech Rider- Backline • 2 x Marshall JCM 800/900 / Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier / Peavey 5150 Guitar Amplifiers • 1 x Hartke 3500 350w bass amp head with 4x10 cabinet or equivalent. • 1 x Roland KC350 keyboard amplifier • 12 x BSS DI boxes
  • 13. Tech Rider-Drum Kit • 1 X Pearl Masterworks/Reference Series Drum kit or equivalent with 1 kick drum (22”), 4 Rack toms (8,10, 12, 14) and 1 Floor tom (16”) . Drum heads must be new, no more than 4 shows old at the max. Preferable Evans EC2/Hydraulics on toms, G2 coated on snare and EMAD clear head on kick drum. Kick/Bass drum MUST have an outer/resonant head with a hole of 4 inches in diameter ON THE EDGE of the head. PLEASE DON’T MAKE A HOLE IN THE CENTER OF THE HEAD. Please insert 1 soft pillow inside the kick drum.
  • 14. Please Ensure • 1 x drum throne • 1 x table fan for the drummer • 4 x crash stand • 1 x ride stand • 1 x hi hat stand • 1 X large thick carpet for the drumkit
  • 15. Media Section
  • 16. Media coverage………
  • 17. Media coverage………
  • 18. Media coverage………
  • 19. FUN Clippings…
  • 20. Contacting Us ..…… • Websit e: • Email: siddhart • Phone: +91-9179348606, +91-99935- 01112 • Cont act Person: Siddhart h, Nabil