Creating innovation professionals


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Creating Innovation Professtionals describe a 9 month course of 3 trimesters for creating Innovation professionals - using Crafitti's

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Creating innovation professionals

  1. 1. Taking On the Next navneet.bhushan@crafitti.comHow to Learn to Innovate –UNLEASHING INNOVATIONPROFESSIONALS!
  2. 2. “The new age of innovation requiresThe Changing World …… new methods to deal with complexity. They are likely to be based on a deeper understanding of indeterminacy, non-linearity, chaos, adaptation, self-organization and distributed intelligence." Navneet Bhushan, Co-Crafter, Founder Director at Crafitti Consulting © Crafitti Consulting Private Limited 2
  3. 3. THE LOOMING DOUBLE DIP RECESSION TAKING IT HEAD-ON © Crafitti Consulting Private September 30, 2011 3 Ltd.
  4. 4. INDIA – BANGALORE is the NewThreat!
  5. 5. Science is the New MONEY!
  6. 6. India’s Demographic Dividend• "With a median age of 33, Chinas population is edging toward middle age, while India, with a median age of just 25, is still relatively youthful. The ratio of workers to dependents in China.... will likely peak at 2.6 in 2010, then decline, leaving ever smaller numbers of workers born of the countrys one-child policy to support a vast aging population. In India, meanwhile, the demographic transformation will be less sharp but longer lived; the ratio of workers to dependents will peak at 2.2, but not until 2035, suggesting that the potential economic gains from Indias demographic dividend are still to come... need to own the Next 25 Years ……
  7. 7. If India acts urgently, it may well be nextglobal economic powerhouse, as everyone wants to believe. If not, all bets are off.
  8. 8. How to make the demographic dividend count?Leaders who will Lead India to buildthe new globe are already born ….How will we help them in changing the globe ……
  9. 9. Unleashing Indian Inventors Innovators Entrepreneurs• How many Inventors, Innovators and Entrepreneurs your School is creating per year?• The Science and Art of Inventing, Innovation and Entrepreneurship can be learned by doing – at the college level itself.• Does your college like to own a portfolio of Patents that your students have disclosed on their inventions?• Does your college like to build a unique group of Innovators, Inventors and Entrepreneurs to take on the Globe HEAD ON?
  10. 10. We teach our students ….• Physics• Chemistry Why can’t we teach• Mathematics• Biology them to be Inventors,• Computer Science Innovators,• Languages• History Entrepreneurs ….• Geography• …….
  11. 11. There Exists a Science of Invention andInnovation …. • How to Think about the problem of Inventing … We need to solve the problem of Inventing … We need a Theory of Inventing …. We need a Theory of Inventive Problem Solving • The Theory needs to be practiced …. And it needs to reach the most fertile mind quickly … • We need our children to become innovators – we need them to experience the Joy of Inventing ….
  12. 12. After years of experimenting andsuccessful usage with well-establishedEngineers and Scientists….Crafitti Consulting Private Limited( brings a Unique programmeto transform MBA’s, Engineers and ProfessionalsINVENTORS, INNOVATORS and ENTREPRENEURS …. INNOVATION IGNITION PROGRAMME FOR COLLEGES …..Do you want your College to have Innovation Ignition?
  13. 13. Innovation Ignition Programme for Colleges • A Unique Programme for MBAs, Engineers and Working professionals • A Unique Programme for Teachers (They are most under-utilized inventors in an institute) • College will own the inventions and patents by their students and teachers • Students and Teachers will have their names on the Patent as Inventors! And a stake in the patent • Colleges can have stakes in incubated companies of their students • Schools can generate revenues from their “INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY”
  14. 14. 9 Months - Innovation Ignition Programme– Give Birth to your IDEA • Phase I: Exploration – Learning the art of exploring (Trimester I) • Immersion in authentic experiences • Phase II: Ideation (Trimester II) • Imagination, Scenario Writing, Design Thinking, Inventive Thinking • Ideation in Groups – working in teams • Problem solving • Systems Thinking • Phase III: Empowerment (Trimester III) • Developing on ideas • Let learning lead • Quick Prototyping • Enabling – Invention – Patenting • Setting up a venture
  15. 15. For Whom … In 9 Months companies can create their RED teams
  16. 16. For Whom …You are an MBA – but notEMPLOYABLE in a world which haschanged from the world that is In 9 Months youtaught in MBAs can become the Change Agent that companies will be looking to buy you
  17. 17. For Whom …Is it time to change Job? OrMaybe – Its time to start thedream of creating your own In 9 Months youventure will deliver the venture that you always dreamt of
  18. 18. Crafitti’s Lean Inventive Systems Thinking Inventive Thinking (Problem solving, Inventive Principles, Experimentation, Scenario writing, function- ideality-contradictions) Lean Thinking Systems Thinking (Common Operating (Value Maximization, Picture, Global Optima, Learning approach, Hidden Connections, Elegance, Flow) Structure, Complexity) LIST (Lean Inventive Systems …. Combining with The Thinking) Analytical and Logical Thinking 18
  19. 19. Taking On the Next 25 Years Thank You!