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  • 29 mins watch first for understanding then again for performance
  • 29:10


  • 1. PerformanceMovementBody LanguageFacial ExpressionDialogue
  • 2. The Break Up
  • 3. Lord of the Rings
  • 4. How did we read theseimages Body Language Facial Expression Body position Composition Actions
  • 5. Se7ev Morgan Freeman and Brad Pit play detectives who don’t get along. In these scene they are together in a confined office space that Pitts’s character is about to take over from Freeman’s older character who is leaving the force. How is performance in this confined space used to communicate with the audience
  • 6. Consider: The different ways in which the actor’s bodies are orientated in relation to each other The body posture adopted by both The facial expressions used by the actors Any changes in speech patterns they employ The timing required for the delivery of the lines
  • 7. The Range of Body Codes1. Direct bodily contact2. The proximity of one character to another (proxemics)3. The orientation of one to another (turned towards or away from each other)4. General Appearance of individuals5. Head movements
  • 8. The Range of Body Codes6. Facial Expressions7. Gestures (kinesics)8. Body posture9. Eye movement or contact10. Aspects of speech (pitch, stress, tone, volume, accent, speech errors – paralinguistic codes)
  • 9. Se7en As you watch it again try to take notes on how the 10 ‘body codes’ are used. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10MFBP
  • 10. Lord of the Rings At the start of this film Boromir and Aragon disliked each other but by the end their relationship is very different. Watch the two clips and compare and contrast their performances and how they use performance to show this change. Notice the way they relate to each other but also note the way in which Boromir uses performance in the final scene as he dies. ‘How has the micro element of performance been used in the extract and how successful has been used to generate an emotional response’