Creativity In A2 Media


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Creativity In A2 Media

  1. 1. Creativity Tends to be used in combination with one of the other topics!
  2. 2. Creativity • It is important not to assume one answer to any question! Rather than ask yourself the question, • ‘How have I because more creative?’, ask yourself, • ‘Have I become more creative?’. • If you answer the second question, then you will evaluate your progress much more thoroughly rather than just describe what you have done.
  3. 3. Creativity • Think about the pros and cons of the technology, software, research (esp into conventions) and planning you did • Perhaps your options (creativity) have sometimes been limited by these things (imove, cameras, equipment, lack of knowledge) • Or perhaps your options were broadened, developed, emphasised by these things • How could changes to these things be improved to make you even more creativity?
  4. 4. Creativity • What do we mean by creativity anyway? • Is it being – Original? – Different? – Cleverer? • What does creativity mean to you? (Think, Pair, Share)
  5. 5. Creativity – Serious Definitions A process needed for problem solving...not a special gift enjoyed by a few but a common ability possessed by most people" (Jones 1993) "The making of the new and the re arranging of the old" (Bentley 1997) "Creativity results from the interaction of a system composed of three elements: a culture that contains symbolic rules, a person who brings novelty into the symbolic domain, and a field of experts who recognise and validate the innovation." (Csikszentmihalyi 1996) "There is no absolute judgement [on creativity] All judgements are comparisons of one thing with another." (Donald Larning)
  6. 6. Creativity - Influences • Think about where your ideas come from? It is likely to be a combination of influences and some original thinking. • Think first about influences – Make a list – Identify specific real world media text, media products and other students work – Are there things outside of ‘media’ that have influenced you? • List specific aspects of your production that have been influenced by these external influences
  7. 7. Creativity – Influences • How did your audience influence you? Give specific examples • How did other member of your team or other members of the class influence you? Give specific examples • How did your teachers influence your work? Give specific examples
  8. 8. Creativity and You • Now think about what has been original in your work? Did working alone help or hinder this? • Is originality still possible? What does Post Modernism have to say about this? Are you able to be original when you are required to do certain things for OCR • Have you developed your own personal themes/style/aesthetic in the last two years • Identify specific aspects of your productions that you could talk about to illustrate these points
  9. 9. Evaluation of Creativity • How has what you have done encouraged and developed your creativity over the last two years? – Technology, research, planning, conventions • Are you more creative now? How or why not? • What impact has creativity had on your work? • Is creativity important?
  10. 10. Preparing for the exam • Consider how the elements below have helped or hindered creativity. Give specific examples. You need to write about AT LEAST 3 productions Production Research/Planning Digital Tech Post Production Real Media conventions