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Introduction to the OCR A2 Media Studies Course. It outline the requirement of the course and gives examples of student work - focus on Music Video Production

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As to a2 intro

  1. 1. WELCOME TO A2 MEDIASTUDIES!So, what will we be doing?1. Advanced Media Portfolio - coursework2. Critical Perspectives in Media – exam3. Learning cool stuff, having lots of fun doing it, makingsome awesome products and getting cracking results!
  2. 2. A2 OVERVIEW – G324 Advanced Media Portfolio – G324 Coursework unit worth100 marks - 50% of A2 A significant body of work requiring excellent organisation, high levels oftechnical skill, unbridled creativity and a lot of time and effort1. Research and planning – blog – 20 marks2. Three products make up the portfolio – a music promo video and twosupporting products (typically a digipak and a webpage) – 60 marks(40, 10,10)3. Digital evaluation – 20 marks This is what you are expected to produce to get top Level 4 marks Example 1 – Puretone – ‘Totally Addicted to Bass’ Example 2 – Beastie Boys – ‘Triple Trouble’ Example 3 – Esser – ‘Work it Out’ Example 4 – Viva Brother – ‘Still Here’
  3. 3. A2 OVERVIEW – G324 Q - What do these music videos have in common? A - Technical skills (tekkers) in abundance including: Accurate lip synch Layering / splitscreen (multiple versions of same person in shot) Green screen / chromakey High level editing techniques such as rapid cutting on the beat Colour correction/lighting adjustments Sophisticated use of SFX (not just cos their ‘cool’) Next 5 weeks - you will ALL know how to do these things! (except the dinosaur bit) Your ‘tekkers’ needs to be strong so… That’s why we’ll be doing skills based lessons on Final Cut Expressafter an introduction to music video
  4. 4. A2 OVERVIEW – G325 Critical Perspectives in Media – G325 2 hour examined unit worth 100 marks - 50% of A2 Two Sections – 50 marks each – one hour on each question Section A: Theoretical Evaluation of Production (50 marks) Section B: Contemporary Media Issues (50 marks) Section A Question1a – you have to evaluate your skills development over the course ofyour production work - from Foundation Portfolio to Advanced Portfolio. You’llbe given a specific production practice focus for this in the exam. E.g.creativity, digital technology, post-production etc – 25 marks Question1b – you have to select one of your productions and evaluate it inrelation to a media concept. E.g. representation, narrative, genre etc – 25marks
  5. 5. A2 OVERVIEW – G325 Section B – Critical Perspectives in Media We study: Postmodernism and the Media – one big essay – 50marks We have to look at this concept through the past, the present and the future We need to understand it as a concept, a critical framework, a time period andthe theorists who pontificate about it (Baudrillard, Strinati, Jameson, Lyotard) An intellectually challenging, thought provoking and highly stimulating unit ofwork! Past texts studied include: Film: 24 Hour Party People, Hot Fuzz, Catfish, Scream, Sucker Punch Television: Flight of the Conchords, Extras, The Mighty Boosh, TheSimpsons, various Reality TV, Black Mirror, How Television Ruined YourLife, Supernatural Web 2.0: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Internet memes (e.g. lolcats) Video games: WOW, GTA, Assassins Creed, Farmville, SIMS Music: DJ Shadow, Gorillaz, Lady Gaga
  6. 6. KEYS TO SUCCESS AT A2 Be organised – get your folders sorted now Up skill your tekkers - especially Final Cut and Photoshop Blog prodigiously and with quality on your production work Put in the hours for your production work – the most common linkwith outstanding Level 4 work is ‘amount of graft’ Plan and execute your evaluations EARLY – it is the most commonlyunderdeveloped part of the portfolio Follow Pete Fraser’s blog – he’s the mac daddy of OCR MediaStudies and is always posting interesting and relevant stuff Subscribe to things like this -- or this -- or this -- in general, keep upto date with things happening in the media, especially the digital side Watch past episodes of this There are clips on Channel 4 andyoutube. Look out for the new series Start reading this (Username Mediamagazine10 Password ly957mp)
  7. 7. WIKISPACES AND EMAIL All powerpoints (and handouts) will be so check regularly anddownload what you want – I will TRY and put powerpoint up before thelesson so you can come to the lesson with the powerpoint already savedon to your laptop or printed out (with space for notes…..) Some homework task will also be set using Twitter so make sure you area follower! Check your school email regularly – do you know what it is????. I willsend you ‘reminder’ emails about homework, deadlines etc and it can bethe easiest way to communicate with me out of class time. I will also tryto email you if you miss a class. If you don’t want to use the school emailgive me another one that you check regularly
  8. 8. LETS THINK AND EVALUATE OURPROGRESS AND GOALS What do you have to do to improve your performance this year? What are you going to avoid? What grade do you want/think you can get? How are you going to get it? What help do you need in order to get that grade?
  9. 9. LETS GET DANCING Music Video Homework Task You need to find a pre your birth iconic or ground breaking musicvideo – think Madonna, Michael Jackson, Peter Gabriel etc You need to complete a detailed blog post about why this video isconsidered to be iconic (what have people said about it), what youthink of it, and detailed textual analysis(camerawork, editing, mise en scene technical elements etc) Youwill also need to include an embedding copy of the musicvideo…… Due in one weeks time! This website could help you think of a video but feel free toresearch far and wide! This website is also good.