Naace Strategic Conference 2009 - IMS Framework

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IMS Framework

IMS Framework

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  • Schools are drowning in data. But is it being used effectively and are they aware of their responsibilities in protecting it? There has always been a need to transfer data but increasingly there is a need to deliver for real time information from different systems online. Parental reporting, 14-19 Diplomas are just two examples. Opening question How well do your schools use and protect their data?


  • 1. NAACE CONFERENCE – 4 th March 2009 Introduction to the Information Management Strategy Framework
  • 2. Information Management Strategy framework - background
    • Developed to respond to the need for schools to manage an increasing requirement for data effectively and securely
    • Designed to allow schools to assess their current position
    • .. And develop their own strategy
    • Developed with 5 LAs plus schools
    • Designed to work with existing tools
    • Designed to encompass all areas of Information Management including security
  • 3. How Becta frameworks work together Leadership and management Resources Extending learning opportunities Professional development Assessment Curriculum Learning and teaching Parental engagement Framework FITS Information Management Strategy Framework ICT Mark and Next Generation Learning Charter recognition and accreditation available Impact on learner outcomes Self review framework
  • 4. The need for an Information Management Strategy Data Security DCSF Local Authorities Parents Agencies Diploma providers
  • 5. Objective – To help schools make more effective use of data and develop an information management strategy to
  • 6. Using the framework
  • 7.  
  • 8. IMS framework content
  • 9. Supporting materials
    • Guide for each strand
    • Suggested possible sources of evidence
    • Hint and tips on possible actions
    • Further help and information
    • LA guidance booklet
  • 10.  
  • 11. Order online
    • Order online from Becta website or download
    • IMS Framework: Guidance for schools
    • IMS Framework: A brief guidance for local authorities
  • 12. Contacts
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