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    Node js beginner Node js beginner Presentation Transcript

    • Node.js (Advanced) Suresh Reddy Senior Software Engineer Echidna, Inc.
    • Agenda What is Node.JS Using Node.JS Common Modules Streams Express Load balancing Competitors References
    • What is Node.JS JavaScript programming environment for creating highly scalable network programs Provides evented, Non-blocking I/O Built on top of V8 Node.JS is bare bone and the community are making stuff like Express, connect etc.
    • What is Node.JSEvent driven programming $.ajax( url:, type:GET, contentType:application/json, success:function(response){// doWithResponse }, error:function(xhr){// Error :( } );
    • Using Node.JS Install Node.JS  wget  gunzip node-v0.1.96.tar.gz  cd node  ./configure  make  make install NPM  Install/Publish other modules you want by doing  npm install <module_name>  npm publish <module_name>
    • Node.JS – as an interactive shellSimilar to Python’s shell$> node>3+14> true != falsetrue>.help>.exit
    • Node.JS – As a servervar http = require(http);http.createServer(function (req, res) { res.writeHead(200, { Content-Type: text/plain }); res.end(Hello Worldn);}).listen(1337, "");console.log(Server running at127.0.0.1:1337);
    • Core Modules Processes Filesystem Networking UtilitiesThe entire list can be found at
    • Core Modules - ProcessesNode allows you to analyze your process and manage external processAvailable Modules process child_process
    • Core Modules - FilesystemLow level API to manipulate filesAvailable Modules fs path
    • Core Modules - Networking Available Modules  net  dgram  http  tls  https  dns
    • Express Basic web framework Runs on top of Node.js Provides routing and redirection helpers Dynamic view helpers Has support for session Focus on high performance
    • Hello World Express App
    • Streams Stream instances are Unix pipes Readable  must emit ”data” events whenever they have data to be read and ”end” when the data stream is finished. Writable  must implement the write() method to accept new data chunks into the stream and the end() method to instruct the stream that the data is finished.
    • Node.JS is useful for.. Writing highly concurrent server applications Sharing application logic between server and client Peer-to-peer web applications using websockets Real-time applications
    • Load BalancingThe ability to distribute work load across multiple servers HAProxy Nginix Apache Http server
    • Other Asynchronous JavaScriptplatforms Tornado and Twisted for Python Perl Object Environment for Perl libevent for C Vert.x for Java EventMachine for Ruby vibe.d for D
    • Links
    • Thank you