Urban Fairy Tales


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Story concept for serialization in form of short episodic stories collection.

Conclusion part still unfinished.

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Urban Fairy Tales

  1. 1. Urban Fairy Tale<br />18th Moon Station (名付 世書)<br />
  2. 2. Concept<br />Collection of supernatural themed stories<br />Unrelated to each others<br />Background link<br />Daily life drama between characters, especially romantic relationship between the two main characters<br />Existence of the prophet protected by many parties in the story<br />
  3. 3. Prologue<br />The world looks to be normal, but who knows what lies behind the veil of reality.<br />A group of teen founds a name, urban fairy tale club and revive the activities.<br />Where previously nobody cared, their eyes are opened to see the mysterious events happening around them.<br />
  4. 4. World<br />Alternate universe (setting)<br />Different political map and slightly different world.<br />Less population, more natural landscape.<br />Monsters in some places, but most of the time not interfering with human life.<br />City<br />Maris. A city with Mediterranean style by the sea. Neighbouring a provincial capital, but has difficult access due to natural terrain.<br />Most of the time isolated from direct contact with the rest of the world.<br />Main products are farming.<br />Lucian girl academy<br />Old historical academy in the area run by the church.<br />Used to be place to keep girls from aristocrats away from the society until they’re adult.<br />Altus school<br />One of the two public school in the city.<br />Doesn’t have much students because most go to the school in the neighbouring city.<br />
  5. 5. World<br />Invisible impact (event)<br />A rumour among certain peoples<br />Some decades ago, a meteor falls on Earth and destroyed the world. But miraculously, the world return as if history is rewritten.<br />Ghost Towns (setting)<br />A world created in the crater of impact. It’s an alternate dimension that is layered on the real world.<br />Beyond-reality (setting)<br />The real world after Impact. It’s located beyond the fabric of reality as known as peoples surviving inside Ghost Towns.<br />Urban legend (lexicon)<br />Mysterious supernatural event that happens among peoples.<br />Bordering between supernatural and science-fiction.<br />Most peoples doesn’t care as it happens among them.<br />
  6. 6. World<br />Magic (lexicon)<br />Supernatural power existing in every person. Usually very weak and insignificant.<br />Separated in two categories.<br />Special ability. Unique to each person. Usually extra sensory perception.<br />Gained ability. Can be learned.<br />Familiar (object)<br />Supernatural creature that acts like guardian. Most of the time they can be perceived, but sometimes invisible.<br />Help their host in using their power.<br />Heaven & Hell (location)<br />Spiritual plane where angels and demons originated from.<br />Unlike in religions, it’s not a place for spirit of the dead which goes to a different place.<br />
  7. 7. Characters<br />RyuumeiKira<br />Main character. Popular but clueless.<br />AmamiyaHisame<br />Kira’s girlfriend. Had one sided love.<br />KondouFuurei<br />Kira’s ex-boyfriend. Rival character and very strong.<br />KiriyaRisa<br />Hisame’s close friend. A shy but cheerful girl.<br />
  8. 8. Characters<br />Motomi Araki<br />Hot-blooded. Natural leader. Demon.<br />Amagusa Mei<br />Perfectionist and annoying. Angel.<br />MiyanagiRuka<br />Quirky person. Fashion expert.<br />TokiharaNezu<br />Little brother character. Kira’s so-called disciple.<br />Ryuuji Sui<br />Kira’s childhood friend. Activist.<br />RansuiRin<br />Denpa-teki. An eccentric character.<br />SeigaSoujyuu<br />One-sided love to Rin. Cosplayer.<br />TsuchimikadoHaruka<br />Onmyouji. doesn’t look like one.<br />KagamiRitsu<br />Ex- part time work mate. Computer savvy.<br />RyuujiSei<br />Sui’s elder sister. Teacher in training in Hisame’s school.<br />
  9. 9. Plots<br />Collection of plots as prepared so far.<br />Genie healer<br />Mysterious being travel the city and cure peoples from their disease.<br />Fairy that has interest in body of physical being.<br />Night map alleys<br />Part of the city where the arrangement of street and buildings changed during the night time.<br />City gaining awareness and overlap between dimensions.<br />Rider in black<br />Horse rider roaming the city leading band of fairies.<br />Ghosts of the city founders who roam the abandoned parts of the city.<br />Showed instability in dimensional rift.<br />Glow towers<br />Firefly-like lights from within empty buildings.<br />Spirits of the dead that supports the building structure.<br />Originally from outside the world, peoples from the crater who doesn’t have any grudge to peoples inside.<br />
  10. 10. Plots<br />Exorcism<br />Rumour about person doing exorcism.<br />Unlike traditional possession, the person possessed doesn’t show any signs of possession.<br />Truth about existence of angels and demons born among humans.<br />Mystery club<br />History of the mystery club.<br />Built by peoples making conspiracy theories about aliens activity.<br />Grow into interest group about paranormal activities.<br />Magic generation<br />Somewhat like indigo kids. Generation with aptitude of supernatural power.<br />Trigger awakening of special ability in humans.<br />Modelling the birth of magic academies in another world.<br />Visitor<br />Intruder from outside the crater.<br />Younger aliens from another world worrying about the progress of unnatural events in the distant planet.<br />Characters not yet realizing the world they exist in.<br />
  11. 11. Plot – eleventh prophet<br />Eleventh prophet<br />Prophet: person chosen by the system to represent the world.<br />Set the age of the world to 12 generations who will tune the world to a new order.<br />Motive<br />To model the real universe and understand parts that can be understood only from outside.<br />To find way to counter world decay process that would end the universe eventually.<br />Conflict<br />Without knowing the reason, the best way inhabitants of the world can do is protect the prophets as long as possible.<br />There’s demonic creature that want destruction and tried to hasten the successions.<br />Uncertainty about identity of the prophet among group of peoples.<br />
  12. 12. Plot – craters universe<br />Meteor disaster in the real world<br />72 meteors hit the planet, causing great devastation.<br />In the crater, the meteorites caused dimensional distortion, creating miniature universes.<br />Sentient meteorites<br />Ancient creatures of the universe who barely survived cosmic decay process.<br />They want to stop the decay process and attempt to find a way to end the system.<br />Every meteorites are linked, synchronizing their research information with each others.<br />Real world<br />Devastated post-apocalyptic world with survivors struggle to survive the created hell.<br />Doesn’t know about sentinel meteorites.<br />Distorted natural law because of the meteorites activities caused more chaos because of awakening of super power in humans.<br />
  13. 13. Conclusion<br />