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SpenglerFox - Human Capital Solutions
- Leadership Assessment & Development
- Career Transitions Services
- In-Placement/Cross Cultural Mobility

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SpenglerFox - Human Capital Solutions

  1. 1. Human Capital Solutions IntroductionExecutive Search & Human Capital SolutionsWestern Europe, Central and Eastern Europe,Greece, Turkey, Russia CIS. Middle East and Africa,Asia Pacific and Latin America
  2. 2. SpenglerFox is a wholly-owned, globally networked ExecutiveSearch and Human Capital Solutions firm that specialises infinding talent for emerging markets and business criticalroles. SpenglerFox realised a number of years ago that not onlyfinding talent was pivotal but also nurturing and developing thattalent. To that end SpenglerFox created a suite of Human CapitalSolutions including Leadership Assessment and Development,Career Transition Services and In-placement/Cross CulturalMobilityOur unique view of the world is both global and local, creating anew approach to finding and nurturing talent. 2
  3. 3. Our Premier HR Services Leadership Assessment Career Transition Services In-Placement/Cross and Development Cultural MobilityA customised toolbox containing a variety Provides support to a company that is In times of change such as mergers,of techniques designed to enable experiencing redundancies and re- restructuring, and/or moving talent withinparticipants to demonstrate and develop organisation. Services may include the the organisation these services arenecessary competencies. It may include following: utilised. The tools that may be usedthe following: depend on the situation: • Psychometric and Personality • Redundancy Support Programs • Coaching Testing • Outplacement / Career Counselling • Competency-based Interviews • Management Assessment Programs • Cultural Awareness and Relocation • Assessment/Development Centres • Executive Career Counselling Preparation • Personal Development Programs • Executive Coaching • Succession Planning • 360 Degree FeedbackSpenglerFox 3
  4. 4. Leadership Assessment Case Study Human Capital SolutionCustomer Challenge • Management of a • Created an Assessment • 30 Candidates from the pre- Outcomes multinational company wanted Centre in multiple countries selected 80 individuals were to recruit engineers with with customised tests and involved in the Assessment high leadership potential exercises in order to assess Centres which included into their international team the specified and agreed numerical, verbal and from 5 countries (Czech competencies of the selected psychometric tests Republic, Hungary, Turkey, candidates • Trained a team of internal Poland, Romania) and assess • Managed the entire process Assessors their competencies and skills including candidate selection • Prepared all documents for before hiring the best and communication in the Assessment Centre and candidates cooperation with our Client completed post assessment reportsSpenglerFox 4
  5. 5. Career Transition Case Study Human Capital SolutionCustomer Challenge • A multinational manufacturing • Organised and delivered a • About 370 employees Outcomes company was closing a Management Support participated in individual factory which was going to Program, Individual and counselling and training effect over 530 employees. Group Outplacement programs (21 trainings for 8 SpenglerFox was approached Programs, Job Fair, Career different employee levels) with to assist with providing Career Path Modification & over a 90% participation rate Transition services including Assessment of Training • Organised a Job Fair with 32 support with communication Needs, along with Education participating companies and management of the & Training Coordination including follow-up and process • Provided tailor made support arranged further recruitment for the entire staff from top screenings as necessary management to the factory • Executed communication and operators information presentation for more than 400 employees • Coordinated Education & Training providers (84 education institutes, 737 different courses, 407 participants)SpenglerFox 5
  6. 6. In-Placement Case Study Human Capital SolutionCustomer Challenge • The Regional offices of a • Supported the company and • Provided one-to-one coaching Outcomes multinational pharmaceutical the employees in sessions to employees to help company decided to relocate understanding, the situation them decide if they wish to from South Eastern Europe and support in making the relocate or not. Those to the Middle East and 20 necessary decisions. We sessions were focused on employees were offered assisted the affected their professional and different positions there employees with tailor made personal life as well as the life services to meet their needs of their spouses, partners, in collaboration with our client. children and social environment • Provided training regarding the market in Europe and the Middle East so as to alert them as to the options available • Offered Career Transition (Outplacement) services to those who decide not to relocateSpenglerFox 6
  7. 7. Our Consultant Marketa Pfleger, Practice Leader - Human Capital Solutions. Marketa works as the Practice Leader of the HR Consultancy business at SpenglerFox based in Prague. She has 13 years experience in the area of human resources within the FMCG, IT and Retail sectors, having worked for Coca-Cola, KIT digital and Tchibo in various parts of the globe, including Poland, Hungary, Thailand and Australia. In her role, she has been at the front line of servicing and interacting with the organization’s employees, performing both hands-on and strategic roles in providing human resources expertise in employee relations, coaching & skill development, compensation, conflict management, organizational development and training. During her experience, Marketa has worked across functions as well as geographies to closely partner with management and employees on people-related issues. In her experience she has been instrumental in initiating and driving the HR focus within the organization, placing considerable focus on retention, people development, management consulting and culture issues. Marketa graduated from the Queensland University of Technology in Australia with a degree in Business Management; she also gained her certificate as a coach from the Erickson School of Coaching . Marketa is a certified practitioner in the areas of 360 degree feedback, Targeted Selection Interviewing, Coaching & Feedback, Predictive Index System (PI), Performance and Career Coaching &Consulting. Marketa speaks fluent English and Czech and is a dual Czech-Australian citizen, enjoys playing competitive golf and is an aficionado of IT gadgets. mpfleger@spenglerfox.com mobile: +420 724 978 151SpenglerFox
  8. 8. Some of Our PartnersSpenglerFox 8