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Requirement Specification2

Requirement Specification2






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    Requirement Specification2 Requirement Specification2 Document Transcript

    • Requirement Specification<br />Functional Requirements<br />The Functional requirements are classified according to the users of the site.<br />NoFunctionDescriptionInput Exceptions -------- behavior1.All usersAccess home page View information of the site. - - -2.Guest user a. b. View site features and advantages.Sign up View information of the site.Sign up to create a user account.-User details (like name,username, number, address etc...)- Blank entries, invalid address, numbers etc...-User error message informing the same.3. Member usera.b. LoginAdd new topicTo validate user and access account.To start a new topic in a forum.Enter username and password.Enter topic title ,name, and message Blank entries, wrong password/id combinationBlank entries Error message reporting the same, 5 access chances before being locked out.Error message“Fill all the blanks”NoFunctionDescriptionInput Exceptions -------- behaviorc. d. Add PostDelete PostTo Post a comment on a particular topicTo delete his / her posts .Enter name , and message-Blank entries -Error message“Fill all the blanks”-5.Admininistratora.b.c.Add/Delete topicAdd/Delete/Edit users.Add/Delete/Edit PostsTo start or delete topic in a forum Decisions regarding the adding, deleting and changes made to an account are made by the administrator.To add, delete, or edit a post in a forum.Enter topic title, and message.Sends e-mail informing the user of the same.AddEnter messageDeleteEnter Post IDBlank entries Done in wrong format or in case Non-existing users.Blank entries/wrong format.Error message“Fill all the blanks”Error message reporting the same.Error message reporting the same. NoFunctionDescriptionInput Exceptions -------- behaviord.Maintains communication with the users.Communicates with the various users.Answers queries and other issues through e-mail or directly in their account.--<br />Non-Functional Requirements<br />Updateability:<br /> The website is updated under the following occasions.<br />When new user creates their profiles or old ones update their profiles.<br />When notices, offers and features are posted on the site.<br />When customers post at the forum, rate and review services.<br />We estimate that vendor update their profiles will at most be updated within 12 hours and account verification and creation within 24 hours.<br />Response time:<br />Since our site deals with pictures (jpeg, gif), html coding, asp scripting we hope to achieve a response time between 15 to 30 seconds per page max.<br />Compatibility of the software: <br />Web browsers such as IE, Mozilla, Opera, Chrome and Netscape.<br />Adobe Reader for Portable Document Format (PDF) Files.<br />Adobe Player for Flash Files.<br />