Why We Hate Advertising
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Why We Hate Advertising



Current approaches to internet advertising are caught in a "vicious cycle" where, advertisers are forced to intrude and annoy the reader to grab attention and content publishers make ads smaller to ...

Current approaches to internet advertising are caught in a "vicious cycle" where, advertisers are forced to intrude and annoy the reader to grab attention and content publishers make ads smaller to reduce annoying-ness of ads to keep readers on site. A vicious cycle which leads to a wall of junk on every page. We demand a fresh approach to advertising online, where the format of the ad gives incentives to be creative and less intrusive/annoying.



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Why We Hate Advertising Why We Hate Advertising Presentation Transcript

  • Why We HateAdvertising.Copyright © Abdulla Faraz, 2012 // abdulla.faraz@gmail.com// @n3m6 // +AbdullaFaraz
  • Have you ever seen anonline ad that inspiredyou?
  • Never.
  • Every year hundreds ofgorgeous, creative, inspiring,enriching, entertaining andheartbreaking ads are made.
  • None of it makes it online.
  • Ever seen anything like thisonline?
  • … or this?
  • Never.
  • Contrary to popular belief,We LoveAdvertising.
  • Just ask any Vogue reader.
  • But, we hateonline advertising.
  • Haiku?
  • Our eyes are jumpinghoops to avoid all thenoise on the page.
  • Ads that obstructcontent.
  • Distracting video ads thatplay while you are trying toread.
  • Single ad per page.Too small for expressive ads & little value for advertisers.
  • Ads, no longer make anysense for 7% of your website visitors.Comscore (November 2011): The Rise of Digital Omnivores – 6.8% of US traffic comes from a non-computer device
  • For years, we have worked torestrict ad size, because wethought people hatedadvertising, while increasing thenumber of ad slots for revenue.
  • The result.A wall ofjunk.
  • A vicious cycle of adhating resulting inmore online junk.
  • We demand abeautiful web!
  • Why should wechange the web?
  • 1: Publishers need advertising revenue.
  • 2: Creatives require space to design creative and inspiring ads.
  • 3: Advertisers are willing to pay more for more space.
  • 4: Readers prefer a clutter-less page with fewer ads.
  • 5: Readers will love you for your creativity.
  • How do we changethe web?
  • Simple. Change this …Picture of The Sunday Oregonian – Copyright © Lara604 from Flickr
  • … into this.Picture of Wired Magazine Italia – Copyright © Victor Hertz from Flickr
  • Introducingthe full screen adfor the web.
  • Flip up with fingersOne, single, full-screen ad per page, beautifullyrendered on any screen.
  • Simply scroll down to view.It’s an ad that doesn’t do gymnastics.It won’t pop-up windows or layers and confuse you
  • Readers are happy with less-intrusive ads withclear delineation between ad & content.
  • Creative designers have a full canvas to work with.
  • Publishers will have more choice in the form oftheir content.
  • A single clear ad, delivers better engagement forAdvertisers and higher earnings for Publishers.
  • www.blosso.meJoin the movement for a beautiful web.