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Slides of some of my concept and past work. Please download and few in slide-show to see animated slides.

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  • More detail on our data center networking portfolio available to our Hitachi Data Systems customers… Recently introduced by Hitachi Data Systems, Brocade’s 16Gb capable DCX 8510 Backbone product provides the ability to consolidate and hyper-scale your SANs.Hitachi and Brocade enable high-performance data replication built on Brocade’s GEO and Metro connectivity platforms for open systems and mainframe environments.Hitachi provides a data-at-rest encryption solution based on Brocade fabric based encryption and Thales key management for storage.Our Ethernet Fabric capable switches are available for cloud computing and big data analytics environmentsHitachi recently introduced the Brocade 1860 Fabric Adapter featuring Brocade AnyIO technology supporting 16/8/4/2 GbpsFibre Channel and 10GbE DCB for TCP/IP, FCoE and iSCSI.Hitachi also provides Brocade’s unified network management platform, Brocade Network Advisor.…
  • Brocade Data Center Fabrics are already powering a number of Hitachi cloud architectures such as:Hitachi Converged Data Center Solutions for: Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track Exchange 2010 Oracle DatabasesVideo SurveillanceHitachi Infrastructure-as-a-service Managed ServicesBrocade Fibre Channel and Ethernet Networking products are also embedded within Hitachi’s Compute Blade Platforms and perfectly complement Hitachi Data System’s entire storage portfolio, from File & Content to Block. <click>Please review the whitepaper developed by Enterprise Strategy Group on “Converged Data Center Solutions” on
  • Dual Path NAS config w/ TurboIron & 5100 (Original solution)VDX 6720 & 6510 in HDS HNAS (clustered NAS) solution (updated technology solution)Reference architecture now available for VDI (1,000+ users) including Hitachi servers with more applications to followWHY BROCADELeading scale-up and scale-out NAS solution in the marketDifferentiated architectural approach of HDS solution (FC SAN backend connection to HDS AMS which is even more scalable architecture than Infiniband approaches)Turn-key solution from HDSTraditional Ethernet networks were not built to support the traffic patterns scale-out NAS clusters are generatingIncrease deal size by 15% when selling HDS HNAS solutionIncremental business growth
  • Brocade’s Data Center Fabrics are an integral part of the Hitachi Unified Compute Platform solutions. This portfolio of integrated and reference solutions:accelerates application deployment on virtualized infrastructure and simplifies adoption of cloudfeature a choice of Hitachi storage and server options, and Brocade networking switches to support major hypervisor, database and application environments including Citrix, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and VMware. The Brocade products that are offered through Hitachi UCP solutions are: Brocade VDX® 6720 Switch for Ethernet fabrics Brocade 6510 Switch for Fibre Channel SAN fabrics; andBrocade 5460 andBrocade VDX 6746 Embedded Switches for Hitachi Compute Blade 500 and 2000
  • Presentation Portfolio

    2. 2. NEWFeature Feature Feature
    3. 3. (Blueprint Animated Sequence)Half-heightHalf-lengthCapacity: Capacity:Half-lengthPCI-e x4 PCI-e x8Full-height365GB – 1.2TB MLC 2.4TB MLC
    4. 4. Designed for the Enterprise(Non-Blueprint Animated)FEATURE FEATURE FEATURE FEATURE FEATURE FEATURE
    5. 5. Product Overview – features(Animated Version)FEATUREFEATUREFEATUREFEATUREFEATURE
    6. 6. Product Overview – features(Static Version)FEATUREFEATUREFEATUREFEATUREFEATURE
    7. 7. INTRODUCINGAnimatedConceptProduct Intro SlidePURPOSE BUILTFOR THE CLOUD
    8. 8.  Fibre Channel Infiniband iSCSISolution Stack Example - AnimatedApplicationServerInterop
    9. 9. Magnifying Example – Animated forGUI or software slidesClick to ZoomFeaturesTextTextText
    10. 10. ANIMATED TECHNOLOGY DEMO Scale-out, multi-path,highly resilient layer 2Ethernet Fabric Self-forming andmasterless throughDistributed Intelligence Manage fabric as asingle Logical Chassis
    11. 11. 4/25/2013© 2011 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. Company Proprietary InformationHyper-ScaleSANSGeo & MetroConnectivityFabric-BasedEncryptionServer I/OConsolidationUnified NetworkManagementANIMATED PORTFOLIO SLIDE© 2011 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. Proprietary InformationEthernetFabric
    12. 12. © Hitachi Data Systems Corporation 2012. All Rights Reserved.HNAS VDI Solution OverviewFABRIC ETHERNET FABRICS 2 x VDX 6720 FIBRE-CHANNEL FABRICS 2 x 6510 16GbSTORAGE High Performance NAS 2 x HNAS 3090 Fibre-Channel Storage AMS 2500COMPUTE Compute Blade 2000 Compute Blade 500
    13. 13. Building Blocks for ScaleoutBuild a 1,000-user environment while sustaining ideal performance for knowledge-based user workloads:NAS INFRASTRUCTURE BLOCKSTORAGE BLOCKDESKTOP BLOCK1000 VDIs 2000 VDIs 3000 VDIsFABRIC NETWORKING BLOCK Fabric Networking Block —  2 × Brocade VDX 6720 2 × Brocade 6510 NAS Infrastructure Block —  Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage2500 2-node Hitachi NAS Platform 3090 SMU from Hitachi Storage Block —  40 × SFF 10k 600GB SAS drives Desktop Block — A Hitachi ComputeBlade 2000 chassis with eight serverblades configured as follows: 2 × 6-core Intel Xeon 5670processors @ 2.93 GHz 144 GB memory
    14. 14. The Simple Math: Shared Storage14Cluster CompatibleFaster Failover TimesLower OPEX and CAPEXx86 ServerOpen Storage SolutionFaster Database Performance
    16. 16. Cloud Adoption is Driving theHyperscale MarketBusinessRequirementsioScale CompetitiveDifferentiatorsReferenceArchitectureCustomerSuccessLearn MoreMarket Profile SummaryTrends / Drivers40%CAG R EXPECT E D GROW T HSaaSPaaSIaaS30%INCREASEBY 2016W ORKLOADS PERTRADITIONALSERVER200%INCREASEBY 2016W ORKLOADS PERCLOUDSERVERCLOUD DATA CENTERWORKLOADS
    17. 17. Who Are Hyperscale CustomersBusinessRequirementsioScale CompetitiveDifferentiatorsReferenceArchitectureCustomerSuccessLearn More SummaryTrends / Drivers Market ProfileBIG DATAARCHITECTSWEB APPDESIGNERSSaaSCLOUD SOLUTIONARCHITECTS
    19. 19. Hitachi CB 500 Hitachi CB 2000 Open – IBM/HP/Dell/Others6510 – 24/36/48 ports 16Gb FC 5460– 28 ports 8Gb FCEmbedded – CB500/CB2000ComputeSANApplicationStorageHitachi Unified Compute Platform Solutions▸ Powered by Brocade Data Center Fabrics19Brocade VDX 6720–24/60Brocade VDX 6746 – 8pEmbedded – CB500/CB2000NetworkUCPORCHESTRATION
    20. 20. 4/25/2013© 2011 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. Company Proprietary InformationTRADITIONAL IT MODELVMVMVMVMVMVMVMVMVMVMVMVMVMVMVMVMVMVMSANVMVMVMVMVMVMVMVMVMLow-res and slightlyskewed images dueto template transfer
    21. 21. 4/25/2013© 2011 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. Company Proprietary InformationCONVERGED IT MODELCLOUDORCHESTRATIONAPPLICATION OPTIMIZEDCONVERGED SOLUTIONSLow-res and slightlyskewed images dueto template transfer
    22. 22. DCX 16Gbps PlatformThe Brocade DCX Backbone4/25/2013© 2011 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. Company Proprietary Information2216, 32, 48 & 64 port 8Gbps BladesExtensionBladeEncryptionBladeFCoEBladeDCX 8Gbps Platform32 & 48 port 16GbpsBlades4 or 8 slot 8GbpsBackbone ChassisExtensionBladeEncryptionBlade4 or 8 slot 16GbpsBackbone Chassis
    23. 23. HyperscaleSCALE OUTEnterpriseSCALE UPWorkstationSINGLE USERCLICK SEGMENT(Non-working Dynamic-Link based playbook menu slide)