My Career Clusters


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My Career Clusters

  1. 1. My Career Clusters By Nick Contess
  2. 2. My Career ClustersMy two career clusters are:• Business, Management and Administration• Education/Training
  3. 3. Business, Management and AdministrationThe 3 Careers I choose in this cluster are:• Sales Manager• Advertising Sales Agent• Financial Manager
  4. 4. Education and TrainingThe 3 Careers I choose in this cluster are:• School Guidance Counselor• School Psychologist• Teaching
  5. 5. Sales Manager A Sales Manager oversees the salesdepartment of a certain business. By takingcare of the needs of the clients and customersand oversee his or her employees. Also youtackle different pricing situations such asdiscounts. After reading this I think that this positionwould suit me well because I am a problemsolver and good at leading others. I haveexperience working with people andaccommodating customer needs.
  6. 6. Advertising Sales Agent An Advertising Sales Agent runs themarketing section of a company by creatingadvertisements and revealing them to clientsand customers. The major goal is to create anadvertisement for a company and have thembuy your design I think I would like this career because of thestrong connection to marketing and business.This also involves working with other people andselling a product which I am comfortable with.
  7. 7. Financial Manager Plan, direct, or coordinate accounting,investing, banking, insurance, securities,and other financial activities of a branch,office, or department of an establishment. This would work for me because youare working one on one with a client ontheir financial issues. I have experienceand skill when it comes to finances so thiswould be something I could pursue.
  8. 8. School Guidance Counselor The point is council and over watchstudents in the school. To help guidestudents through they’re school when itcomes to college application, standardizedtesting and other things to help you. Because of my caring personality, anddesire to be in a school setting, this issomething for me to pursue.
  9. 9. School Psychologist Investigate processes of learning andteaching and develop psychologicalprinciples and techniques applicable toeducational problems. This would be the second best careerfor me. Its helping children in a schoolsetting which I excel and have skill in. Ilove and wish to help kids.
  10. 10. Teaching Teach students in one or more subjects,such as English, mathematics, or social studiesat the secondary level in public or privateschools. May be designated according to subjectmatter specialty. This is the number career goal in my life.This is my dream career because of myexperience and love for teaching and for kids.