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How To Dunk
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  • 1. How To Dunk By:Nolan
  • 2. Task
    • The task is how to dunk!
  • 3. Materials
    • You will need a basketball hoop, a basketball or mini ball that you can win from a crane, and source to jump on such as a trampoline you don't need one if you're tall enough!
  • 4. Introduction
    • Have you ever wanted to do something so amazing like dunk a basketball that would impress your friends but you just cant? Well read this how to and you will know how!
  • 5. Step 1
    • First,lower or raise your hoop to where you can at least touch the middle of the net (not with your jumping source with your regular jump)!
  • 6. Step 2
    • Next,put your ju mpin g source a little   in front of the net not under in front!! on
  • 7. Step 3
    • Now,put the ball in your hands and run at the net.
  • 8. Step 4
    • Next,step on your jump source and with your other foot push off the ground (this should fling you in the air )
  • 9. Step 5
    • Now,as you are being flung in the air put the ball above your head and come down with the ball in the net!
  • 10. Step 6  
    • Finally,if you dunked correctly the ball would've gone in the net and your hands should go on the rim. For a great photo you should hang off the rim like the guy in the background!
  • 11. Conclusion
    • Well now since you know how to dunk go out there and impress all your friends!
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