BPM Courses and Certificates by Stevens Institute of Technology


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BPM Courses and Certificates by Stevens Institute of Technology

  1. 1. Business Process ManagementTraining, Courses, Certi cateProf. Michael zur MuehlenCenter for Business Process InnovationHowe School of Technology ManagementStevens Institute of TechnologyMichael.zurMuehlen@stevens.edu 1
  2. 2. Stevens Institute of Technology! Premier private technology-oriented research University, founded 1870! Campus in Hoboken NJ (15 min from midtown Manhattan), of ces in Washington, DC! 2300 undergraduate, 3500 graduate students! Notable graduates include Taylor (Scienti c Management), Gantt (GANTT Charts), Fielding (Bubble Wrap)! National Center of Excellence in Systems Engineering Research by the U.S. Department of Defense.! National Center of Excellence in Port Security Research by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.! Ranked #3 in undergraduate ROI (Businessweek 2011) 2
  3. 3. Unique Features of StevensBPM Education Offering! Faculty with proven research, consulting and industry credentials in BPM ! Industry expertise: Finance, Pharma, Defense, Transportation, Healthcare ! Consulting expertise: NYC MTA, DoD, Finance, Insurance, BPM Vendors ! Established research program: $1m+ funding, 2 books, 150+ publications! Technology support from leading BPM vendors ! Sungard, IBM, Signavio, TIBCO, Fluxicon, and others! Flexible course delivery (location, schedule) ! On Campus (NYC Metro, DC), On-line, On Site! Aligned with international partner programs ! Australia (Queensland University of Technology, University of Queensland) ! Europe (European Research Center for Information Systems, TU/Eindhoven)! Advisory board includes BPM users, vendors, and standards organizations 3
  4. 4. Course/Training Portfolio 4
  5. 5. Graduate Certi cateBPM and Service Innovation! MIS710: Business Process Innovation & Management ! Focus on Reengineering! MIS712: BPM & Work ow Implementation ! Focus on BPMN & BPMS! MIS690: Supply Chain Management & Strategy ! Focus on B2B Processes! SME720: Service Innovation ! Focus on Process Strategy 5
  6. 6. §  Increase operational ef ciencyMotivation Improve Performance §  Eliminate bottlenecks §  Reduce response times Innovate Business Manage Services Process Risk Innovation§  Understand capabilities §  Understand process risk§  Create new services §  Manage exposure§  Improve service delivery §  Standardize operations Ensure §  Document operations Compliance §  Manage audit trail §  Ensure accountability 6
  7. 7. Course Service Innovation Focus! Strategy Process! Economics & Reengineering Innovation & Management! Execution & Analytics BPM & Work ow Implementation 7
  8. 8. Special Enterprise Architecture Courses! BPMN 2.0 Process Modeling with! Process Analytics & BPMN 2.0 Optimization! Enterprise Architecture Process Analysis & Optimization 8
  9. 9. Online Course Shell 9
  10. 10. Video Tutorials 10
  11. 11. iTunes U Support 11
  12. 12. Topic Portfolio! Process Analysis ! Process Mining! Process & Enterprise Architecture ! BPM Strategy! Process Modeling ! BPM Maturity ! BPMN 2.0 ! Risk-aware BPM ! Event-driven Process Chains ! Process Mining! Process Reengineering ! Adaptive Case Management! Process Automation ! Service Modeling ! Work ow Management ! Service Innovation ! BPMS Architecture ! Software as a Service ! Production Work ow Systems ! Data as a Service! Process Simulation ! Process as a Service! Process Analytics ! Asset as a Service 12
  13. 13. Course Coverage Process Automation / BPMS Modeling with BPMN 2.0 Process Reengineering Process & Enterprise Process Analytics Process Analysis Process Strategy Process Mining B2B Processes BPM Lifecycle BPM Maturity Architecture Simulation Coverage: F = Fundamental / Basic E = Extended / In DepthProcess Innovation & Management F F E F F E E F EBPM & Work ow Implementation F E E E F E FSupply Chain Management F F F EService Innovation E E F F EProcess Analysis & Optimization E F E 13
  14. 14. BPM & SI Certi cate Strategy Service Innovation Process Course Content Innovation & Management Supply Chain Management BPM & Work ow AutomationTechnology Business Process Audience Analyst Leadership 14
  15. 15. Partners !   Collaboration with In nity Process !   Founding Partner, BPM Academic Platform development team Initiative !   Early access to new IPP versions !   Sharing of Teaching Resources !   First Tier support !   Full Access, Web-based Modeler !   Full licensing for classes + Student Licenses !   Member, IBM Academic Alliance !   Founding member of the TIBCO !   Full access to IBM and Rational SW University Relations program !   Agreement in place for early access !   Full access to TIBCO products to IBM research prototypes !   Use Business Studio and !   Access to BlueWorks Live + 60 Enterprise Work ow Solutions Student Licenses !   One of seven recognized SAP/IDS !   Member, Academic Program Scheer Centers of Excellence in ! XMLSpy, Mapforce licenses (incl. Business Process Innovation student licenses) !   Member of ARISCommunity !   Interaction with other network members on teaching materials !   Founding Partner, Fluxicon Academic Initiative !   Sharing of Teaching Resources !   Full Access, Nitro Process Mining Tool + ProM Converter 15
  16. 16. Journal of Information Systems, Social Science Computer Review, Infor- mation Communication and Society, Government Information Quarterly.urkuppakorkeakoulu -ool of Economics ss Administration Academic Partners nomics Imprint / Contact ERCIS – European Research Center for Information Systems University of Münster Leonardo-Campus 3Maribor 48149 Münster Germany Mariboru - Tel: +49 (2 51) 83-3 81 00of Maribor/Faculty Fax: +49 (2 51) 83-3 81 09 European Research Center Eindhoven University of Technologyational Sciences info@ercis.org http://www.ercis.org/ for Information Systems The Netherlands Muenster, Germany The University of Queensland Queensland University of Technology Brisbane, Australia Brisbane, Australia 16
  17. 17. Thank You - Questions? 17
  18. 18. 18