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How does your banner ad get not only noticed, but clicked? Internet users are bombarded with ads. Some are obnoxious looking and sounding. Some just get in the way. We'll talk about how to stand out and stay within a reasonable budget. The lecture is an overview of how to create a web advertising campaign using various ad tools like Google Adwords, YouTube, and Yahoo! Search Marketing. What is the difference between PPC, CPM, CTR, and KFC? We will cover Rich Media ads on Yahoo! takeover ads, overlay ads, expanded ads, and interactive ads. This is just skimming the surface, but will get us rolling.

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Web Advertising Campaigns

  1. 1. SEO Web Advertising CampaignsGCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  2. 2. SEOAd Costing TermsPPC: Pay per Click - Only pay when user clicks adCTR: Click-through-Rate - Number of clicks divided by the number of times the ad is shownCPM: Cost per thousand impressions - Ex: 10,000 ad impressions @ .15¢ CPM = $1.50CPA: Cost per aquisition - Only pay for each conversion (sale, lead, download, etc.) GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  3. 3. SEOAd Sizes and SpecsWeb ads come in a variety of formats - Flash animated, animat-ed gifs, static jpegs or video .A Few Common Sizes:300 x 250 - (Medium Rectangle)250 x 250 - (Square Pop-Up)728 x 90 - (Leaderboard)240 x 400 - (Vertical Rectangle)336 x 280 - (Large Rectangle)180 x 150 - (Rectangle)160 x 600 - (Wide Skyscraper)120 x 600 - (Skyscraper) GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  4. 4. SEOGoogle AdWords1. Text and banner ad network2. Create free account3. PPC - Don’t pay unless ad is clicked4. Create a daily budget5. Place a PPC bid on keywords6. Can estimate your keyword costs and clicksThree Levels - Account, Campaign Ad Group - Account - info, email, time zone, currency - Campaign - targeted keywords, demographic, seasonal offer - Ad Group - can have several groups with related adshttp://adwords.google.com/ GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  5. 5. SEOWriting Effective Ad Copy - Text Ads1. Headline - 25 characters2. Body copy - 35 characters3. Headline and copy should have keywords - Very similar to the title tags of site4. It’s PPC - don’t deceive and waste clicksHeadline Examples:SEO Classes Palomar CollegeSafety Dog CollarsWeb Design in San MarcosLuxury Kitchen FaucetsTattoo Models in San DiegoNorth County Skin Care GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  6. 6. SEOKeywords and Matching OptionsThere are 4 different methods -1. Broad Match: Google Adwords default option. Ads will display whileusers search in any order. (Ex: seo classes, classes for seo)2. Phrase Match: Ads will display for searches in same order with otherwords. (Ex: “SEO classes at Palomar” “SEO Palomar”)3. Exact Match: Ads will display while users search for the exact word.(Ex: “SEO classes”)4. Negative Keyword: Add negative sign before keyword if you DON’Twant ad to appear with keyword search. (Ex: “-Free SEO classes”) GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  7. 7. SEOSetting Bids Amazon outbids No More Rack to get top spot for Kindles1. Advertisers are bidding on certain keywords2. The more you pay the higher you appear3. Figure a daily ad spend budget4. How much is your PPC?5. What is max bid - .12¢ or $126. Narrow down target audience - “SEO classes in San Diego” instead of “SEO”7. Track conversions and adjust GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  8. 8. SEOGoogle AdWords - PPC Estimator GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  9. 9. SEOYahoo Search Marketing - Rich MediaBanner Ads are no longer static. You need to get noticed. The next fewpages are examples of Yahoo! Rich Media ads.Rich Media Demo Video:http://public.yahoo.com/~wwwads/salesdemo/2011/montage.htmlAd Gallery:http://advertising.yahoo.com/ad-collection/ GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  10. 10. SEOYahoo Search Marketing - Rich MediaOverlay Ads - Ad appears and animates over the webpagehttp://public.yahoo.com/~aklish/properties/news/mitsubishi/mitsubishi_i_overlay.htm GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  11. 11. SEOYahoo Search Marketing - Rich MediaPushdown Ads - Ad pushes down web content and takes over top halfhttp://public.yahoo.com/~pokorny/demos/Southwest/SWA_Pushdowns.htm GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  12. 12. SEOYahoo Search Marketing - Rich MediaExpanding Ads - Ad breaks out of 300x250 boxhttp://public.yahoo.com/~wwwads/archives/virgin_mobile/100720/ GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  13. 13. SEOYahoo Search Marketing - Rich MediaInteractive Ads - Mini sites provide video, photos, music and sharing Link Menu Videos Photoshttp://public.yahoo.com/~wwwads/archives/warner_bros/100827/ GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  14. 14. SEOYahoo Search Marketing - Rich MediaTakeover Ads - Large scale, full page ads Yahoo Mail log-in page Link Menu Videoshttp://frontpage.solutions.yahoo.com/ads_gallery.html GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  15. 15. SEOYouTube and Video AdvertisingFour types of YouTube Ads:1. Promoted Videos2. TrueView3. Brand Channels4. HomepageCommerical Showcase -http://www.youtube.com/t/advertising_content_showcasehttp://www.youtube.com/t/advertising_overview GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  16. 16. SEOYouTube Promoted VideosPaid ads promoting videos relative to search GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  17. 17. SEOYouTube TrueView - InlineInline - After 5 seconds of ad viewing, gets a choiceto continue to content or watch an ad.Advertiser Pays onlywhen the viewerhas watched 30 sec-onds of an ad or toits completion, forexample, if it’s a 15second ad. GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  18. 18. SEOYouTube TrueView - InSlateInSlate - Promotedvideo ads thatstack up at theend of viewedvideos. Usuallrelated to topic. GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  19. 19. SEOYouTube Brand Channels Your own custom video channel GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  20. 20. SEOYouTube Home Page Advertising GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization
  21. 21. SEOYouTube Insight TrackingView data for a specific video -What you can track -1. Views & Popularity - trends and heat mapof where views are coming from2. Community Engagement - See how manytimes viewers rate, favorite, or comment on your videos.3. Demographics - age and gender of your audience4. Discovery - Find out how people discovered your video.5. Audience Attention - hot and cold, bounce and rewind ratehttp://www.youtube.com/t/advertising_insight GCMW177 Search Engine Optimization