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The Flower Career Project
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The Flower Career Project


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Published in: Career, Business, Technology

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  • 1. PowerPoint ProjectMicrosoft Office Intro Ms. Erdmann
  • 2.  Like a flower, you will flourish in some job environments and wither in others. The flower diagram of yourself is to help you identify what kind of work environment you will flourish in, and thus where you will do your best work. Your goals should be to be as happy you can be at your job, while at the same time doing your most effective work.
  • 3. Step 1- values- goals-purposes: 1. 2. Step 6- 3. Step 2- special geography: 4. knowledges: 1. 5. 1. 2. 6. 2. Favorite 3. 3. Transferable Skills: 4. 4. 1st ____________ 5. 5. 2nd ____________ 3rd ____________Step 5- level of 4th ____________ Step 3- peopleresponsibility and 5th ____________ environments:salary: 6th ____________ 1. 1. 2. 2. Step 4: working 3. 3. conditions: 4. 4. 1. 5. 5. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  • 4.  Identify Transferable Skills Step 1: Favorite Values Step 2: Favorite Special Knowledges Step 3: Favorite People-Environments Step 4: Favorite Working Conditions Step 5: Level of Responsibility Step 6: Favorite Geography Step 7: Your Career Choice
  • 5.  Create a PowerPoint with all 7 Steps to describe yourself and the job of your dreams. Include a Title Slide, Introductory Slide, the 7 Steps, and a Closing Slide. Put in animations, clipart, and slide transitions. Print handouts, 3 per page. Do not print if you do not know how to print handouts!!
  • 6. How do you want to be remembered? Served or helped others  Influenced people Mastered a skill  Fixed something broken Great listener  Began a new project Good decision maker  Was a good decision Worked to bring beauty to maker world  Brought people closer to Developed or built God something  Develop or build Able to acquire possessions something or money  Able to acquire Began a new project or possessions or money business  Began a new project or Improved something, made business it better  Was in the spotlight gained recognition.
  • 7.  KNOWLEDGE OR SUBJECT SKILLS-Nouns  Computers—digital design—dance—math—language— drawing—fashion—tools—plants—animals  FUNCTIONAL OR TRANSFERABLE SKILLS-Verbs  Cooking—analyzing—planning—mentoring—gathering info—inventing—organizing—problem solving— adapting—evaluating—retrieving info  SELF MANAGING SKILLS/TRAITS-Adjectives or Adverbs  Systematic—thorough—calm—persistent— creative— resourceful—accurate—cooperative—dependable— realistic—self-motivated—uniqueThink of your life story…when you gained skills Divide into: Physical, Mental, or Interpersonal Skills
  • 8.  How do you deal with time and promptness?  How do you deal with people and emotions?  How do you deal with authority and being told what to do?  How do you deal with supervision and being told how to do?  How do you deal with crises or problems?Traits describe how you perform your transferable skills…
  • 9.  Accurate  Economical  Persistent Achievement-oriented  Effective  Practical Adaptable  Energetic  Professional Adept  Enthusiastic  Protective Adventurous  Exceptional  Punctual Alert  Expert  Quick Appreciative  Firm  Rational Assertive  Flexible  Realistic Calm  Fun-loving  Reliable Cautious  Impulsive  Resourceful Charismatic  Independent  Responsible Competent  Innovative  Self-motivated Consistent  Knowledgeable  Self-reliant Cooperative  Loyal  Sensitive Courageous  Open-minded  Strong Creative  Outgoing  Supportive Decisive  Outstanding  Thorough Deliberate  Patient  Unique Discreet  Perceptive  Versatile
  • 10.  Studied in H.S.  Learned on Job  Computers  Operate machines  Spanish  Computer graphics  Psychology  Vehicle Repair  Wood  Learned in free time Learned @home  Camping  History  Landscaping  Gardening  Electrical  Childcare  Sewing  Cooking  Collecting  Make-up/hair
  • 11.  Subjects  People Problems  Studied in high school  What problems or  Learned@home needs do you like to  Learned on job help people with?  Clothing, food, housin  Learned in free time g, languages, personal Things, Tools, or services, family and Products consumer economics, auto/retai  Do you love to deal with l handle, construct, opera sales, medicine/healt te, market, or repair: h, physical  Bicycles, clothing, comp fitness, child uters, gardens, machine development, enterta s, phones, toys, trains, inment, training, ani planes, wood mals or plants
  • 12.  Realistic  Investigative R=like I= curious, like to nature, athletics, or investigate or analyze tools and machinery Artistic data or people or how things work A= artistic, imaginative, an d creative Social  Enterprising S=bent on trying to E=start up projects or help, teach, or serve organizations, and/or people. be upfront as to Conventional entertain, influence, pe C= detailed work, and like rsuade, or sell to people to complete tasks or projects
  • 13. Under what circumstances do you do your most effective work? Distasteful working  Keys to my conditions effectiveness  Too noisy  Some noise, but not too  Too much supervision quiet  No windows  Moderate amount of  Working at 6 am supervision  Working at night  Outdoors part of the day  Work from 9-5 am  Earn commission  No people around  Steady paycheck  With sick people  People around sometimes  Healthy people
  • 14.  At what level  What salary would would you like to you like to be work? aiming for?  Boss, CEO, Owner  Minimum, barely  Manager getting by  Head of a team  Maximum  Member of a team  Figure out expenses  Work with a partner from budget and how much you need  Works alone as an to make to survive employee or consultant
  • 15.  Adventure  Chance to exercise Challenge leadership Respect  Chance to be Influence creative  Chance to make Popularity decisions Fame  Chance to use my Power expertise Intellectual  Chance to help stimulation others
  • 16.  Where would you like to live and work, if you had a choice (besides where you are now)?  Geographical Factors important to you  Compile a list of positive and negatives of places you’ve lived in or visited in the past and where you live now.  Google the city of your choice’s Chamber of Commerce to find out more information.  Include a picture of the place on your slide.
  • 17. Take two career assessments and report results Myers-Briggs- Holland Code- Career Test- (15 PICTURE Questions) Keirsey Temperament Sorter- Self assessment on (40 Questions)  User: Student ID#, PW: dob (052894), Site id: CA15275 Take an IQ Test- (10 Questions) Research careers on Coin3 or Occupational Outlook Handbook Pick A Career!! Include a picture of the career on this slide.