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What do so many people have to say
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What do so many people have to say


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Twitter workshop for Seton Hall's Social Media Certificate.

Twitter workshop for Seton Hall's Social Media Certificate.

Published in: Education
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  • 1. What do so many people have to say?
    Mary Zedeck
    Course Resources:
    Seton Hall University
  • 2. What you will be learning today
    Access and navigate to workshop website with Twitter resources
    What is Twitter?
    How is Twitter different from Facebook?
    Understand how others are using Twitter
    Understand what people say on Twitter
    Create Twitter account
    Set up and edit profile settings – why is this important?
    Terminology: tweet, retweet, favorite, @reply (@mention), dm, #
    Twitter search and lists
    Twitter integration
    Investigate alternate tool for Twitter experience
  • 3. What is Twitter?
    Definition: A social networking and micro-blogging service that allows you answer the question, "What’s happening?" by sending short messages 140 characters in length, called "tweets," to your friends or "followers.”
    “Twitter is blogging without the hassle!”
    - Anonymous
  • 4. What’s all the fuss about?
    Twitter can help with the following:
    Getting real-time updates and news immediately
    Connect with people who you may not have been connected with
    Broadcast real-time updates immediately to your network
  • 5. Twitter for Business
    You can use Twitter to:
    Listen to what people are saying about your brand and industry
    Professional development – network with like-minded peers in your field, see what articles they are reading and what conversations they are having
    Promote your content (blogs, webinars) and drive traffic to your website
    Share company news and special offers
    Generate buzz about an event
  • 6. What to Tweet About
    What’s happening?
    Interesting facts about your industry
    Specials or promotions
    Information about events
    Handling customer service via Twitter
  • 7. Let’s see what others say about Twitter
  • 8. Twitter in the classroom
  • 9. Twitter Statistics
  • 10. More Twitter Statistics
  • 11. Create your account
  • 12. Sign up for a Twitter account
    Your name
    Use an email you can retrieve here
    Sign up
  • 13. Sign up for a Twitter account
    Account creation cont’d
    Your name
    Use an email you can retrieve here
    Choose a username
    Create my account
    Retrieve confirmation email
    Click on link in email to confirm
  • 14. Your Twitter account
    Your account
    Let’s take a look around
    Your first tweet
    Answer this question in your first tweet:Your Name and What is your favorite movie?
    Use the hashtag #shusmc
  • 15. Follow @mzedeck
    Follow others in the workshop
  • 16. BASICS
  • 17. Getting Started on Twitter
    Branding yourself
    Choosing a username
    Choosing a photo(i.e. headshot, logo, etc)
    Choosing a background
    Build your network
    Find who is already using Twitter
    Follow people you are interested in
  • 18. Your Profile
    Edit your profile
    Add profile picture
    Your name
  • 20. Twitter Terminology
    • Tweets = Max of 140-character updates on Twitter
    • 21. Follower = A user interested in your updates
    • @ = public conversations
    • 22. # = adding a hashtag to a tweet
    • 23. RT = retweeting is sharing tweets with others
    • 24. DM = direct messages are similar to e-mails
  • Anatomy of a Tweet – link, @, #
  • 25. Anatomy of a Tweet – RT, DM
  • 26. @Reply = Public Conversation
    For example, @mzedeck in a tweet means you are either sending a public message to that user or you are mentioning that user in your tweet
    There is a linked search to your username on your Twitter homepage (@Mentions)
  • 27. Retweeting or “RT”
    Twitter users share the best links, tweets and gems they find from others they are following
    Important to do in order to build community and not just appear to be putting out your own content
    Connect with people and let them know you’re there (gain followers!)
  • 28. # = hashtags (tagging tweets)
    tweets tagged with #edchat:
    • Community driven naming convention on Twitter to help spread information while also organizing it
    • 29. Favorite tool of conferences and event organizers
    • 30. If everyone agrees to add a certain hashtag after their tweet, it becomes easier to find that topic in search (
    • 31. #hcr, #health– health care
    • 32. #Easter
    • 33. Create your own
    • 34. #SHUcommence09
    • 35. #edtech
    • 36. #pols2290
  • Favorites
    Similar to a browser bookmark
    Click the star next to a tweet to be able to quickly go back to it later
  • 37. Tweeting Activity
    @reply to @mzedeck and two or more participants in the workshop
    Make sure to use #shusmc at the end of your tweet
    Send a DM to @mzedeck and two or more participants in the workshop
    RT one of @mzedeck’s tweets and RT two or more participants in the workshop
    Try adding links to your tweets
    Try using Favorites
  • 38. SEARCH
  • 39. Twitter Search
  • 40. Search Activity
    Search for people or organizations to follow
    Search Box
    Who to Follow
    Search for hashtags
    Save this search
  • 41. EXAMPLES
  • 42. Business Example: Zappos
    Zappos (@zappos)
    Customer service
    Company transparency
    Brand proliferation
    Other examples:
    Comcast (@comcastcares) (@delloutlet)
    Motore Coffee (@motore)
  • 43. News Example: CNN
    CNN (@cnnbrk)
    Breaking news worldwide
    Connecting with a network of virtual reporters
    Other examples
    Hudson River plane crash
    Presidential Inauguration
    Earthquakes in Italy
  • 44. Personal Example: Shaq
    Shaquille O’Neal (THE_REAL_SHAQ)
    Connecting with fans at a personal level
    Ability to control their brand
    Other Examples:
    Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk)
    Kevin Rose (@kevinrose)
    Lance Armstrong(@lancearmstrong)
  • 45. Additional Examples
    Mashable’s 9 Lessons From Successful Brands on Twitter
    Charlotte Russe
    Bergdorf Goodman
    Taco Bell
    Dunkin’ Donuts
    Cisco Systems
  • 47. Integrating Twitter with Life
    Cell phone:
    Connect it with your text messaging
    Use 3rd party applications to tweet
    Use to push your blogs to Twitter automatically
    Connect your tweets with your Facebook Status using the Twitter Application
  • 48. TOOLS
  • 49. Twitter Desktop Clients
  • 50. Let’s try TweetDeck (mobile version also available)
    Launch the application on your desktop
    Log in
  • 51. Questions?Email: mary.zedeck@shu.eduTwitter: @mzedeck