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Workshop for pre-service teachers at Seton Hall University.

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  • Online Tools for Teachers

    1. 1. Ten+ Online Tools for Teachers EDST 2003 Spring 2012
    2. 2. Slideshare Resources• Communicating with Digital Media• Using Slideshare for Classroom Wiki• Slideshare Basics• Slideshare in the Classroom• Slideshare Resources
    3. 3. Google Docs Resources• Getting to Know Google Docs• Google Docs for Educators• Google Docs for Teachers• Teach Collaborative Revision with Google Docs• Introduction to Google Docs in the Classroom• 36 Interesting Ways to use Google Docs in the Classroom
    4. 4. VoiceThread Resources• 100 Ways to use VoiceThread in Edu• Great resource with examples of VoiceThread for teaching and learning plus handouts• VoiceThread for Education• 26 Interesting Ways to use VoiceThread in the Classroom
    5. 5. Twitter Resources• 36 Interesting Ways to use Twitter in the Classroom• Nine Ways to Find Teachers on Twitter• Twitter in Plain English• An Educator’s Guide to Twitter• Twitter Handbook for Teachers• 25 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom, By Degree of Difficulty
    6. 6. Dropbox Resources• Dropbox for students, teachers, and administrators• Uses of Dropbox in the Classroom• Top Tips for Using Dropbox at School• Using Dropbox in the Classroom• 62 Things you can do with Dropbox
    7. 7. Wordle Resources• 52 Interesting Ways to use Wordle in the Classroom• Wordle for Teachers and Students• Ways to Use Wordle in Your Classroom• Top 20 Uses for Wordle• Wordle Ideas• The Ultimate Guide to Wordle for Educators
    8. 8. LiveBinders Resources• LiveBinders 4 Teachers• How Teachers are using LiveBinders• 10 More Great Ways Educators are Using LiveBinders• How to Use LiveBinders in Science and Math Education• Cybrary Man’s LiveBinder Resources
    9. 9. Evernote Resources• Evernote Tutorial• 10 Ways Evernote Can Help Students Be More Productive• 10 Tips for Teachers Using Evernote• Science Teacher Uses Evernote• Evernote for the Classroom – Great Resource• Using Evernote in an Elementary Classroom• How Things Changed with Evernote
    10. 10. Glogster Resources• Glogging in My Classroom• Tons of Glogster Resources• Glogster as a Teaching Tool• Glogster Tutorial and Teaching Ideas• Great Glogster Tutorial• Glogster EDU Inspiration
    11. 11.
    12. 12. Which of these online tools would you try first? Click HERE to respond
    13. 13. Poll Everywhere Resources• Learning Guide: Poll Everywhere• Real-Time Assessment with Poll Everywhere• 5 Classroom Uses for Poll Everywhere• An Educator’s Introduction to Poll Everywhere
    14. 14. Even More Resources• 101 Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers You Should Know About• 100 Best Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom• Microsoft Teacher Guides• 500+ Creative Lessons to Teach Almost Anything• TES Resources• 16 Ways Educators Use Pinterest