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Team Share Training
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Team Share Training


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Published in: Technology

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  • Explain how to add the site to “My Links”.Explain that the next time the learner accesses TeamShare, they can quickly navigate to their site by going to the “My Links” menu. Explain that this site can also be saved in the browser as a favorite.
  • Note: The TeamShare application displays required fields with a red asterisk (*).
  • The five most recent announcements in the Announcement section are displayed on the home page by default.
  • Exercise 1: Uploading a document to the document library
  • Note: All file types can be uploaded into the document library, except for video and audio files.
  • If you would like to create a new document right from the library, you can utilize the New document functionality within TeamShare.
  • TeamShare document collaboration will prevent your team members form having to pass your document around, and then struggle with the reconciliation of version conflicts, the manual merging and coordinating of changes, the tracking down of who has done what, and the locating of the most up-to-date version. Documents can be created, uploaded, checked out, modified and checked in.Note: If you accidently check out the wrong file, go back to the drop down menu and select Discard Check Out
  • Within Team Documents, the Actions menu will allow you to have different options to view, open, export, or edit a document. A Data sheet view displays a list in a spreadsheet called a dataset. A data set is a great way to quickly change the content type of a list item or document. You can sort, filter, display totals, and set the item limit on Datasheet views.
  • RSS feeds are a popular way for people to keep track of updates to a Web site without visiting that site. All of the lists and libraries in TeamShare can display an RSS feed.
  • When you edit a document, the appropriate application will open and allows you to make edits to the document and resave it back to the document library. (The file type specified will open the applicable Microsoft Office.)
  • Deleting allows you to delete a document/file from the library. If a document/file is deleted accidently it can be retrieve from the Recycle Bin of you site.
  • We will discuss the two options of emailing a link and downloading a copy.Emailing a link opens a new email and allows you to send a link to the document to anyone you wish to access this document.Download a copy allows you to open or save a copy of the document form the library.
  • Note: This document will normally default to your C:drive. Be careful as to save it to the correct location.
  • Task can be created to assign projects or task to team members. Tasks can also be updated to record the amount of progress made through the length of the project.
  • Transcript

    • 1. TeamShare 101 Contributor Training Job Aid © 2013
    • 2. Table of Contents • Introduction • Access TeamShare • Navigate to Site • Add “My Links” • Announcements • Add New Events • Add New Links • Document Library • Document Collaboration • Windows Explorer • Export to Spreadsheet • View RSS Feed • Alerts • Edit Document Properties • Creating Tasks 2
    • 3. Nemours TeamShare Contributor Training Job Aid “TeamShare” is a tool available to teams, departments, and committees. It is used to collaborate through:  Announcements  Calendaring  Discussion forums  Quick access to common links 3
    • 4. As a contributor to your TeamShare site, you have access to:  Add team announcements  Create team links to frequently visited websites  Add team events to a calendar  Add team documents to a document library 4
    • 5.  Open Internet Explorer  Enter TeamShare in the browser address bar  Press Enter To access Nemours TeamShare and navigate to your site 5
    • 6. The TeamShare Welcome page will display 6
    • 7. Navigate to the Learning Services TeamShare site  Hover over the Enterprise Services tab  Select Corporate Services 7
    • 8. Select Learning Services on the left 8
    • 9. The Learning Services TeamShare site will display 9
    • 10. To Create a “My Link”  In the top right corner, click the My Links drop down menu  Select Add to My Links 10
    • 11. The Title, Address and other information will automatically default for you.  Click Ok 11
    • 12. Home – Learning Services My Links, is now displayed under the My Links menu 12
    • 13. Announcements Announcements are used to:  Post team news  Project status information  Post any other information you want to share 13
    • 14. To Add an Announcement  At the bottom of current Announcements, select Add new announcement. 14
    • 15. The Announcements: New Item section will display 15
    • 16. To Create Your Announcement Enter  The Title of your announcement  The Body text of your announcement  A date you would like for the announcement to Expire automatically from the Announcements page  Click Ok and the new announcement will post at the top of the page 16
    • 17. Your new Announcement will display in the Announcements section 17
    • 18. Adding New Events  At the bottom of the current Team Calendar, select Add new event 18
    • 19. The Calendar: New Item section displays 19
    • 20. Creating Your Event Enter  The Title of your event  The Location of your event  A Start Time  An End Time (events will auto-delete from the calendar)  A Description of the event  Click Ok and the new event will display on the site 20
    • 21.  All day events  Repeating events  Or, utilize events in a meeting workspace You may also create 21
    • 22. Your new Event will display in the Calendar section 22
    • 23. To Add a Link  At the bottom of the current Links, click Add new link 23
    • 24. The Links: New Item section will display 24
    • 25. To Create a Link Enter  The URL of your link  A description for your link  Notes you may want other team members to view  Click Ok 25
    • 26. Your new link will display in the Links section 26
    • 27. To Delete a Link  Select Links 27
    • 28.  To the right of the link, click the drop down menu, select Delete Item 28  To confirm your deletion Click Ok
    • 29.  Select the Learning Services tab to return to the main page of the TeamShare site 29
    • 30. Document Library  To access the Documents Libraries, under Documents select Team Documents 30
    • 31. Uploading a Document  Open the Document Library folder, where you would like to add your document  Select the Upload drop down menu  Select Upload Document 31
    • 32. Browse to the location of the document  Select Browse and locate your document  Click Open  Click Ok 32
    • 33. To Add a New Folder  Navigate to the appropriate document library or folder, select the New drop down menu, select New Folder 33
    • 34.  To add a Document Library Folder, enter the folder name and click Ok 34
    • 35. Your folder will display in the Document Library 35
    • 36. Adding a new document to a Document Library  Under the New dropdown menu, click New Document 36  Microsoft Word opens a new document
    • 37. Save a Document  Select X to close the Word Document  Microsoft Word will prompt you to save the changes  Click Ok  Enter the file name and click Save 37 The new document will display in the Document Library. The file is denoted by the icon
    • 38. Document Collaboration  To check out a document, navigate to the applicable document, select the drop down menu to the right of the document, and select Check Out 38
    • 39. When a Document is Checked Out  A green arrow will display on the document representing a Checked Out status  Hover over the icon to display, who has the document Checked Out 39
    • 40. Checking in a Document  Complete and save your changes to the document  After closing the document or application, a Check In window will display, click Yes 40
    • 41. Adding Check In Comments  Add any Check In Comments that would be helpful with collaboration  Click Ok 41  The document is checked in and will display as normal
    • 42. Edit in a Data Set  Under the Actions dropdown menu, click Edit in Datasheet 42  A Dataset view of the document library will display
    • 43. Open with Windows Explorer  Under the Actions dropdown menu, click Open with Windows Explorer 43  Document Library is open in a Windows Explorer view, allowing an easy way to navigate through different files and folders
    • 44. Export Library to a Spreadsheet  Under the Actions dropdown menu, select Export to Spreadsheet 44  Open the file
    • 45.  You will receive a Microsoft Office Excel Security Notice  select Enable 45  An Excel spreadsheet of the document library will display
    • 46. View RSS Feed  Under the Actions menu, click View RSS Feed 46  Select Subscribe to the feed
    • 47. Open t he query f i l e  You have the option to give the RSS Feed a different name  Select Subscribe 47
    • 48. Add an Alert  Access the Actions menu  Under the Actions menu, select Alert Me 48
    • 49. Set up an Alert and enter email addresses for Alerts  Enter an Alert Title – this will be the subject of your email when you receive your alert  Enter the email addressed in which you would like to receive alerts 49
    • 50. Select the type of change for an alert  Enter the type of change that you want to be alerted to. You may choose to keep it on the default of All changes 50
    • 51. When to send an alert You can specify when an alert is sent to you by selecting:  Anything changes  Someone else changes a document  Someone else changes a document created by me  Or, Someone else changes a document last modified by me 51
    • 52. How frequently you would like an email sent You can specify when an alert is sent to you by:  email immediately  daily summary  Or, weekly summary 52
    • 53. View the alert message  Once a change has been made, your email message will display the change that is made 53
    • 54. Edit document properties  Under the file drop down menu, select View Properties 54
    • 55. View the Properties  In the properties window, you can change the name of the file or title. To do this, click Edit Item Note: You can also delete the item from here 55
    • 56. Edit the Document  Under the file dropdown menu, click Edit in Microsoft Office Word  If this is an Excel or PowerPoint file, it will give you the option to Edit in Excel/PowerPoint 56
    • 57. Make your changes to the document  The document will open in the appropriate application.  Make your changes to the document.  Save and close the document.  The document saves back to the Teamshare directory and your changes have been saved 57
    • 58. Deleting a file  Under the file dropdown menu, click Delete  Click Ok, to confirm the file deletion 58
    • 59. Undelete a file  Click Recycle Bin  Select the check box next to the document you would like to restore.  Click Restore Selection 59
    • 60. Email a Link  Under the file drop-down menu, select Send To  Select E-mail a Link 60
    • 61. Send the email link to the document  Enter the recipient’s name, subject and any applicable note  Select Send 61
    • 62. Download a copy of the file  Under the file dropdown menu, select Send To  Select Download a Copy 62
    • 63.  A window will display asking if you would like to Open the file or Save the file  Select Open, or  Select Save. Navigate to the area on the computer where you would like to save the file 63
    • 64. Add a Task  Under Lists in the Team Resources, select Tasks  Under the New drop down menu, select New Item 64
    • 65. Enter  The Title for your task  A priority for you link  The status of your task  The % complete  Who the task is assigned to  A start date and due date for the task  Click Ok Creating your task 65
    • 66. Your Task has been created 66