Crash course on creativity challenge assumption 2


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Crash course on creativity challenge assumption 2

  2. 2. 100 SOLUTIONS
  3. 3.  A good pillow . Better sleep with the right light. Do breathing exercises. Write down your thoughts. Retire and wake up at the same time every day. Dust your bedroom. Exercise early in the afternoon. Keep the temperature and amount of light in your bedroom at your comfort level. Listen to talk radio. Take naps. Sleep in a quiet room. Sleep in a room with a comfortable temperature. Wear noise cancelling headphones. Take sleeping pills. Drink glass of hot milk. Avoid tea or coffee. Sound proof windows. Cover head with a pillow.
  4. 4.  Lose excess weight. Change your work schedule. Change your sleep position. Strategically time your meals and workouts. Do not eat or drink too much close to bedtime. Create a sleep-promoting environment that is dark, cool andcomfortable. Avoid disturbing noises – consider a bedside fan or white-noisemachine to block out disturbing sounds. Dont read or watch TV in bed. Tell your spouse, bedmate, or yourself a relaxing bedtime story. Dont go to bed hungry Eat a light snack before bedtime Plan regular hours of sleep time every day. Listen to soothing music before going to bed or while trying to fall asleep. Avoid physical activity within a few hours of bedtime. Avoid large meals before bedtime. Remove all TVs, computers, and other "gadgets" from the bedroom. Go to sleep in a quiet, dark, and relaxing environment, which is neither too hot nor too cold. Make your bed comfortable and use it only for sleeping and not for other activities, such as reading, watching TV, or listening to music.
  5. 5.  Change your sleeping time. Sit on the bean bag. If your partner snores, sleep in another room. If you have baby take him/her a bath before bed. If your baby wake up sleep another room. If you have baby sing a song for him/her. If you have baby sing poems . If you have baby sleep whenever he/she sleeps. If your baby is sick sleep with him/her. If you have baby try he/she drink warm milk before sleep Use the bedroom for sleep and sex only. If you cant fall asleep, after fifteen to twenty minutes get out of bed and dosomething else that is relaxing. Avoid any activity that might cause your brain to be excessively aroused before going to sleep. If there are caregiving duties during the night(children, elderly parents, pets), share the duties or get help. Avoid daytime or evening naps, especially in the four to fivehours before bed. If you must nap, make sure that it is nolonger than 15 to 45 minutes. Get plenty of exercise but not too close to bedtime.
  6. 6.  Try having a warm bath. Try having a hot drink (without alcohol or caffeine) to help you relax. Cut down or eliminate cigarettes. Restrict time in bed. Spending more time in bed than you need may worsen your sleep. Iron clothes. Polish shoes. Watch movies Make some food for next day. Wash clothes . Clean closets. Clean washrooms. A sensor that releases lemon juice into your mouth when you snore to makeyou pucker and stop the sound Keep your cell phone shut off. Let black tea steep for five minutes. It will make you sleepy Go for long walk before going to bed. Pray before going to bed. Take massage before going to bed Take breathe easy stripes to put on the nose for eliminating the snoring of thepartner Use perfumes that can make you feel good and would help in relaxation A medicine, which gives you a one night’s relief from snoring Get trained by a Chinese monk to not let you get influenced by bad externalstuff
  7. 7.  Put the feet in the warm water for 20-30 minutes Drink green tea or steep tea post dinner to help food digest and help in sleepat night Go for party at night and dance for hours prior going to bed Do creative assignments for the course on creativity the sense ofaccomplishment will help you sleep post completing the assignment. Play with kids before going to bed Buy a tabletop fountain that makes calm noise Read leadership books on the bed Drink water with honey to make soothing for stomach, thereby help in sleep Start counting in the bed. Start thinking about lavish stuff, mansions, and dream cruises at bed Have a loud fight with anyone prior to sleep, will help in raising bloodpressure, will help in getting tired and easier for sleep. A silicone based tongue holder, which keeps the tongue in the right place toavoid snoring A teaser that your couple can apply to the snorer when the snoring gets tooloud Go for long drive with your family and enjoy weather An application which tells you which is the best posture for you to sleep in, sothat the snoring sound is minimized Air humidifier that you plug in which makes ocean noises and distributessleeping gases
  8. 8.  Use orthopaedic sleep mattress Device docking station that senses the snoring and turns on music to wake thesnorer Write daily diary the good moments will help you sleep easy Ear plugs which convert the snoring sound to music waves which enhance thesleeping pleasure Shovel the snow outside prior to bed in the winter Book snow removal appointments in the morning to avoid waking up due tosnow removal Take medication for flu and cold symptoms, which will cause drowsiness Watch religious movies. Watch major event videos like wedding,birthday parties etc. HAVE A GOOD SLEEP!