ASP.NET Application Development


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Ever since the evolution of internet, it has been the endeavor of the technology to provide seamless, consistent and comfortable experience to the numerous internet users around the world. Technology has been upgraded immensely; we see new and dynamic websites everyday with highly interactive features.

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ASP.NET Application Development

  1. 1. ASP.NET Application Development-Overview-Trends-BenefitsASP.NET Application Development-Boon for Enhanced UserExperienceEver since the evolution of internet, it has been the endeavor of thetechnology to provide seamless, consistent and comfortable experience tothe numerous internet users around the world. Technology has beenupgraded immensely; we see new and dynamic websites everyday withhighly interactive features.Introduction to ASP.NETMicrosoft, a giant in software domain, in order to further enhance the userexperience and lend the internet community a whole new dimension cameup with its new framework, ASP.NET. It is the technology designed forprogramers around the world to develop dynamic and interactive websites,web applications and services.Benefits of ASP.NET Web ApplicationsASP.NET is quite superior in comparison to other script based technologiesas it is the most convenient method for designing customize or standard webpages, forms and websites. Though ASP.NET came into existence few yearsago but it has gain popularity because it provides businesses cost effectiveand high end solutions.Many businesses these days are very keen to have customized webapplication development using ASP.NET technology as it not only offerstheir customers a refreshing experience rather it helps them in growth oftheir sales prospects.
  2. 2. In these turbulent economic times organizations have become quiteinnovative, they are on the look out for high solutions that just not only savetime but provide them the required competitive edge over their competitors.Efficiency and speed is also what they look into their IT setup.If we look into ASP.NET technology as a whole; it provides a simple way toefficiently connect to the database or add dynamic server code into HTMLthus, it further enhances the fast development of web pages.ASP.NET framework not only incorporates re-usability of controls and datainto your website but it is quite productive as well.It is good news for the programmers and developers of web applications andwebsites that a new feature – ASP.NET MVC has been launched. It enables afaster platform for creating sophisticated applications as per latest standardsand provides more controls in the hands of developers.Some More Standard Features of ASP.NET  High performance and improved scalability.  Easy development and more reliability with faster and clean UI for web.  Improvement in developers productivity.  Cost effectiveness and dynamic website creation with lots more widgets.Trends in ASP.NET Web Applications Development  With the penetration of web in the houses, many businesses want to provide their customers e commerce solutions so that they can buy products over the internet, hence ASP.NET technology has proved quite helpful in the e commerce web development applications.  As the density of smartphones is on the surge, many companies prefer development of mobile applications for the platforms like Android, iphone, Blackberry Os etc, to be developed using ASP.NET technology for lesser coding and more scalability and efficiency.  Large enterprises having interactive portals prefer to use ASP.NET platform for more dynamic and user friendly portals for best user experience.  CRM solutions and social networking sites are also leveraging the advanced ASP.NET technology to their advantage.
  3. 3.  ASP.NET application development is ideal for businesses and big enterprises having large volumes of transactional activities.India being a leader in IT and related technologies; there are many .NETapplication development companies in the market who offer IT servicesusing latest .NET technologies and other platforms for not only their Indianclients but also for foreign clients as well.