Android App Development: Is It Filling Up Your Wallets?


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Android is one of the most significant mobile technologies today. Developed by Google and Open Handset Alliance, Android has covered a big business in mobile market. Android is an open source operating system which is based on Linux. The tremendous growth of Android has increased the market for the applications of it. Android applications have high demands today.

MYZEAL IT has expertise in developing apps for Android and provides services for the Android applications. We offer Android testing and Android porting migration services. Apart from these value added services we provide conceptualization, designing, development, integration, testing, app store deployment and maintenance of the applications. We work over latest technology and tools for the development for the Android applications.

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Android App Development: Is It Filling Up Your Wallets?

  1. 1. Android App Development: Is It Filling Up Your Wallets? The demand of Android developers has increased significantly with the increase of its market. The amazing applications of Android are attracting many users day by day. This is why new Android applications are coming frequently. Developers always look for the suitable mobile technology to work upon. Android is that mobile technology which provides developers as well as users interesting & wider options. Linux based operating system Android, is a boom in mobile technology. Made by Android Inc., it was bought by Google in 2005 and launched in 2007. HTC Dream was the first mobile phone launched with Android operating system. Presently it is one of the most significant operating system of smart phones. Released in December 2013 latest version of Android is 4.4.2 Kitkat which is available only on Google Nexus recently. How Android is different from other Mobile Technologies? If we talk about the comparison of Android app development with other mobile technologies then, the market of Android is wider, as it is the most used mobile technology. It has the largest installation among many famous brands of smart phones. The large collection of libraries attracts the interest of users. It supports almost all media formats with rich quality and multitasking feature is the cherry on cake. Android is an open source technology which makes it cost effective for consumers and developers. There is no licensing cost for Android app development and it provides a flexible development platform. Android offer apps in various categories which includes Business apps, Educational apps, Gaming & Entertainment apps, Travel & GPS apps, Events apps, Social networking apps, Utility apps, Chat & Messenger apps, and Shopping apps etc. MYZEAL IT Solutions
  2. 2. How to select Android Mobile App Development Company/Service? Android application development companies who provide end to end solutions to the individual and enterprise customers can be a good workplace for the Android app developers. The development of an Android app should cover all these phases: conceptualization, designing, development, integration, testing, app store deployment and maintenance. These companies offer not just Android app development, but Android app testing and Android app migration & porting as well. The most important part of choosing an Android app development company is that it should work with latest tools and expertise in latest technology. The company should be compatible with the latest and upcoming versions of Android. The customization of mobile apps is also an important part which a company should have. How to make your Android App successful? Besides creating an Android app, developers even need to know about the success process of their app. If we talk about the most popular apps in Android then, gaming and entertainment apps are the most popular ones. But, developers can make good if the app becomes popular and for that matter some simple steps should be followed, which are: Globalization: The app you are creating should be reachable to the world and not just one country or city. Make an app for the people who can use it globally. Android Version: It is important that you test your app on all the Android versions so that the people with every version can use it well. Tablets or Smart phones: The apps you develop should be for both tablets and Smartphone as every device has its own users of different age groups. It should be reachable to all. Presentation: The look of the app is very important as it is an essential part of designing which cannot be avoidable. Promotion: When you are done with the development part, market your app. The promotion will make it reach to users.
  3. 3. Tracking: After the launch of the app, track the performance of your app. This will let you know the problems and changes required for it. Developers look for a mobile technology that can even pay them well. Android is becoming a platform which will only grow day by day. As the mobile market is emerging, Android is going to dominate the mobile technologies soon. So, developers will get more and more opportunities in future. It is likely to fill the wallets of developers as well as the developing companies and the users will be happy too with the results.