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ABCs of Social Strategy

ABCs of Social Strategy






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ABCs of Social Strategy ABCs of Social Strategy Presentation Transcript

  • ABCs ofSocial Strategy by Mike Beauchamp @myz06vette
  • Authority Have top-level approval to make decisions on thespot. Social Media enables you to be agile and move quickly – don’t go unprepared. by Mike Beauchamp @myz06vette
  • Budget While getting started is free (except your salary),running a campaign can get expensive quickly. Figure out your budget up front and work within it. by Mike Beauchamp @myz06vette
  • Content Content is King. What are you going to share, discuss and push through your social channels?What do your customers want and expect out of connecting with you? by Mike Beauchamp @myz06vette
  • DemographicWho is your target or key demo? Where do they “hang out” online? How will you connect and interact with them in each channel? by Mike Beauchamp @myz06vette
  • Enthusiasm If you’re the only one evangelizing for social mediain your organization, it’s an uphill battle. Get others on board, especially decision makers and leaders. by Mike Beauchamp @myz06vette
  • Fans & Followers A strategy all on it’s own is how you’re going to attract (and retain) fans and followers: youraudience. Start by letting your current customers know using existing communication channels. by Mike Beauchamp @myz06vette
  • Goals Determine what you want to accomplish,specifically. Identify the three top reasons you’re going to use social media, besides“everyone else is doing it.” Also determine what you want to gain from these efforts. by Mike Beauchamp @myz06vette
  • Have a Crisis Plan Chrysler’s f-bomb? Kenneth Cole’s bad humor? NBC’s Ground Zero attack hack? Develop a planwith your PR department for worst case scenarios. by Mike Beauchamp @myz06vette
  • Influencers Make a list of existing social users who areinfluencers on topics about your products, services or industry. Sort them using Twitter Lists and / or your CRM platform. by Mike Beauchamp @myz06vette
  • Justification Have a reason for everything you post, every channel you join or create, every promotion yourun, and every resource you consume.Your C-suite bosses will come knocking with questions. by Mike Beauchamp @myz06vette
  • Knowledge Know your company, your industry, yourcompetitors, and everything you possibly can about all of them. Your customers do. by Mike Beauchamp @myz06vette
  • ListeningUse free tools like HootSuite, Google Alerts, CoTweet, Crowdbooster and TweetDeck initially.Use them to search & monitor for conversation about your company, brand, products and competition. by Mike Beauchamp @myz06vette
  • Measurement Everything you do online can be measured andtracked. Hone in on key metrics that will determine your success and opportunities. This is especially more critical if you’re “bootstrapping” a social program together with a hesitant boss. by Mike Beauchamp @myz06vette
  • No Bulls#$% The quickest way to fall flat on your face is beingdisingenuous, uninformed, fake, overly bubbly, or by trying too hard. Be real, be you. Portray your company’s brand and image just as you do offline. by Mike Beauchamp @myz06vette
  • OfflineSocial channels exist online, but your promotion of your presence there should also exist offline. Add URLs to your printed literature, email signatures, biz cards, TV ads, radio spots, phone support, billboards, etc. Consistency in branding is key. by Mike Beauchamp @myz06vette
  • Promotions Customers who find and interact with you in the social space have come to expect deals and discounts. Have some planned from the start.Yourinteraction levels will skyrocket overnight. Literally. by Mike Beauchamp @myz06vette
  • Questions & Answers Never stop asking questions, both internally and to your customers. Ask them what they want. They’ll tell you. Then listen to their answers. by Mike Beauchamp @myz06vette
  • ResultsMonitor results often. Weekly at minimum. Daily iscool, too. Whether positive or negative, monitoring often enables you to be quick and agile in making changes and taking advantage of opportunities. by Mike Beauchamp @myz06vette
  • SupportIdeally, from the “top dog” at the company. If not right away, at least from a few other motivated leaders who can help you push the envelope or resolve internal issues. by Mike Beauchamp @myz06vette
  • Time Determine up front how much time you (andothers in the organization) are going to devote to social efforts.Then, more specifically, how much in each channel. by Mike Beauchamp @myz06vette
  • Undeterred You’re not going to create the next Starbucks or Coca Cola brand Page on Facebook overnight. Ittakes time, persistence and company-wide support. Don’t abandon your Page. by Mike Beauchamp @myz06vette
  • VoicesNo, not the ones inside your head. Remember, the keyword is social. Customers won’t engage with arobotic PR rep that speaks in a 1992 Press Release voice. Be real. Be a human. With a name and face. With interests and feelings. And most importantly, with empathy. by Mike Beauchamp @myz06vette
  • Wiggle RoomDon’t be afraid to try new strategies. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Make sure management shares this sentiment and is supportive as you get to know your customers. Don’t agree to impossible standards and unattainable KPIs. by Mike Beauchamp @myz06vette
  • X-AxisQuality of posts, interaction and engagement with users over time. “Always moving forward.” [Qualitative Growth] by Mike Beauchamp @myz06vette
  • Y-AxisAudience size (Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers, YouTube Subscribers) over time. [Vertical Growth] by Mike Beauchamp @myz06vette
  • Z-AxisEntire social presence; each channel’s independent purpose and identity when combined with the others. Each is unique, but branded. [Multi-Dimensional Growth] by Mike Beauchamp @myz06vette
  • Mike Beauchamp is the Corporate Social Strategist forTGW.com - The Golf Warehouse. He specializes, obsesses andloses sleep over innovation in social media strategies. He’s almost always online, so reach out and connect with him. Twitter: @myz06vette LinkedIn: BeauchampMike EmpireAvenue.com/myz06vette about.me/MikeBeauchamp by Mike Beauchamp @myz06vette