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RightMX Mailing Solution

  1. 1. Webspiders Interweb Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. Webspiders Interweb Pvt. Ltd.Are you tired with loss of Emails?Do you suffer from Mailbox Size problems?Does your email service provider prevent you fromdownloading attachment over 25 MB in size?Do you receive loads of SPAM &VIRUSES in yourEmail?Can you maintain a copy of all incoming & outgoingmessages for your company domain?Can you carry your mails on your mobile?
  3. 3.  E-mail Archiving RightMX CommtouchAnti-Spam Detect up to 100% EmailBorne Malware Continuous availability Simplifies administration Deployment flexibilityWebspiders Interweb Pvt. Ltd.Flexible & Reliable Manageinbox overload Chatting Facility Collaborate effectivelyAnywhere AccessProtection & Compliance
  4. 4. Webspiders Interweb Pvt. Ltd.World-classprotectionStop spam andincreaseproductivityCost-effectiveMaintenancefreeScalable
  5. 5. Webspiders Interweb Pvt. Ltd.
  6. 6. Webspiders Interweb Pvt. Ltd.Date wise searchName wisesearchSubject wisesearch
  7. 7. Webspiders Interweb Pvt. Ltd. Use the Worlds best COMMTOUCH antispam 100% protection form spam and viruses Guarantee no spam in your email box 2048 bit Industry Grade Security the same level at which NASA encrypts their data High performance, low maintenance and proven robustnessCompanies that use Commtouch
  8. 8. Webspiders Interweb Pvt. Ltd.Transfer your confidential files through our cloud storagePasswordprotectedTime BoundAccess
  9. 9. Webspiders Interweb Pvt. Ltd.10 GB Mail BoxesSecure EncryptionEmail Archiving50 MB AttachmentDaily BackupEmail RetentionMessage backupComprehensive Search
  10. 10. Webspiders Interweb Pvt. Ltd.MicrosoftOutlook 2010MicrosoftOffice 2007Entourage.mac 2008ThunderbirdDesktopGoogleChromeInternetExplorerSafari MozillaFirefoxWebmail Mobiles
  11. 11. Webspiders Interweb Pvt. Ltd.
  12. 12. Webspiders Interweb Pvt. Ltd.The Global Address List, sometimes referred to as "GAL," is a dynamic list containing all users on yourdomain. The Global Address List can be managed by your domain administrator in order to hide users thatmay not represent real people, such as support@example.com. Contact information for the GlobalAddress List is pulled from individual profiles of users.
  13. 13. Webspiders Interweb Pvt. Ltd.Email exchanges often result in new tasks, RightMX Mail includes the ability to link a message to a task.To link a task to a message, view the desired message. Then click the Add menu and click Task in thepreview pane.This will open a new task window that you will use to create the task.
  14. 14. Webspiders Interweb Pvt. Ltd.People often have multiple email accounts from different providers, RightMX Mail makes it easy for usersto securely transfer contacts to and from other online address books.
  15. 15. Webspiders Interweb Pvt. Ltd.RighMX Mails synchronization center is designed to help users understand how they can sync theirmobile devices, desktops, and third-party email clients with their RightMX Mail mailbox.
  16. 16. Webspiders Interweb Pvt. Ltd.Different RightMX Client Utilities are used to synchronize RightMX Mailbox with third partyclients or mobile phones Compatible with iPhone, Android, Blackberry and more Robust calendaring and scheduling Full mobile support for communicating on-the-go Full contact management, including attachment, meetingand email history Support for the latest and greatest desktop clients Mailing lists for large email distributions
  17. 17. Webspiders Interweb Pvt. Ltd.Routinely generating and evaluating reports provides users with the information they need to uncoverproblems and establish policies.
  18. 18. Webspiders Interweb Pvt. Ltd.The mailbox migration tool makes switching email providers easy by importingemail, contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes to RightMX from most third-party mail servers.
  19. 19. Webspiders Interweb Pvt. Ltd. View how well the server is performing Real-time dashboards for on-demand statistics Prioritize email delivery to minimize delays Take control of the mail spool with throttling Automatic password retrieval for locked-out users Automate system tasks for round-the-clock administration.
  20. 20. Webspiders Interweb Pvt. Ltd. Location : Indian Datacenter, Tier IV (System)+(System) architecturemakes it fault tolerant – with no single point of failure Lowest Latency in India 99.95% Uptime SLA 24 x 7 x365 Availability Monitoring (ICMP Ping) 24 x 7 x 365 Help Desk Support, TroubleTicket System, IncidentResponse Cost Benefits
  21. 21. Webspiders Interweb Pvt. Ltd.
  22. 22. Webspiders Interweb Pvt. Ltd.304, Whispering Palms, Subhash Marg, C-Scheme, Jaipur, IndiaPh: +91-141-410-5555 | +91-141-510-5555Email : sales@wipl.inVisit us : www.wipl.in