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WIPL's RightMX Emailhosting provides enterprise-class reliability, performance and value for a simple low yearly cost.

when you enable your organization to reap the benefits of RightMX Email Solutions without the high costs associated with implementation and maintenance of an in-house system.

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Mailing solution

  1. 1. RightMX Mail 8.x
  2. 2. Login
  3. 3. Forgot passwordTo retrieve password, click on Forgot your password? link.
  4. 4. Forgot passwordEnter the email id for which you are trying to retrieve password and enter the text in boxappearing in captcha picture.
  5. 5. Inbox
  6. 6. Compose Mail
  7. 7. Global Access ListThe Global Address List, sometimes referred to as "GAL," is a dynamic list containing allusers on your domain. The Global Address List can be managed by your domainadministrator in order to hide users that may not represent real people, such Contact information for the Global Address List is pulled fromindividual profiles of users.
  8. 8. Linking Messages with TasksEmail exchanges often result in new tasks, RightMX Mail includes the ability to link amessage to a task. To link a task to a message, view the desired message. Then click theAdd menu and click Task in the preview pane. This will open a new task window that youwill use to create the task.
  9. 9. Linking Messages with TasksOnce the new task has been saved, a tasks tab will display under the message header inthe preview pane. Clicking on this tab will allow you to see all the tasks that are linked tothe message.
  10. 10. Import-Export ContactsPeople often have multiple email accounts from different providers, RightMX Mail makesit easy for users to securely transfer contacts to and from other online address books.
  11. 11. SynchronizationRighMX Mails synchronization center is designed to help users understand how they cansync their mobile devices, desktops, and third-party email clients with their RightMX Mailmailbox.
  12. 12. Synchronize Contacts, Tasks etc.Different RightMX Client Utilities are used to synchronize RightMX Mailbox with thirdparty clients or mobile phones
  13. 13. File StorageRightMX Mails file storage feature allows users to upload files to the server and sharethem via public links. One benefit of using file storage is that it reduces the stress on theserver by keeping large files out of the spool.
  14. 14. ReportsRoutinely generating and evaluating reports provides users with the information theyneed to uncover problems and establish policies.
  15. 15. Content FilteringContent filtering is an advanced method of performing actions on emails that meetspecific criteria.
  16. 16. Shared ResourcesRightMX Mail allow users to share their email folders and collaboration items with otherusers on the domain.
  17. 17. Mailbox MigrationThe mailbox migration tool makes switching email providers easy by importing email,contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes to RightMX from most third-party mail servers.
  18. 18. Thank You.