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Mythomachy - Toys Development Vision
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Mythomachy - Toys Development Vision


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  • 1. T H E H O T T E S T N E W B R A N D F O R W O R L D M Y T H O L O G Y
  • 2. I N T R O D U C T I O N Mythology is a subject of never-ending fascination! Myths of creation, of floods, of heroes – these and many others crop up in the myths of numerous cultures throughout the world. Now, world mythology is encompassed, as is reasonably possible, within Mythomachy a top educational, brain development and family-friendly entertaining brand designed to provide ages 7+ with a fun and interactive way to learn about the mythologies of ancient civilization and give some background on certain mythological elements. Mythomachy intends to be represented across all major categories of youth products with focus on toys, publishing and other consumer product categories, including apparel, accessories, back-to-school and more as this exciting property has enormous branding and licensing potential for the boy and girl audience. Mythworld Entertainment Marketing Department w w w . m y t h o m a c h y . c o m 3 1
  • 3. T H E S T O R Y STORY SYNOPSIS Close to Mount Olympus, the mythical home of the Greek gods, in a mysterious summer camp, two intrepid teenagers, Zenas and Lydia, set out to explore the unknown universe of mythology through the world’s greatest myths and mysteries. Along the way, they get into breath- taking adventures and trouble, as they have to assist gods, humans, nymphs, kings and heroes in sieges and battles as well as to confront mythical foes and creatures. w w w . m y t h o m a c h y . c o m 4
  • 4. T H E B R A N D KEY BRAND CHARACTERISTICS KEY BRAND VALUES • Family-friendly entertaining brand. • Quality - Mythomachy products should • Top educational and enhanced reflect the highest possible standards of learning brand designed to teach quality, in terms of production and content. children about mythological certain • Educational - Original mythology is explored subjects and characters. through Zenas’ and Lydia’s adventures, introducing the children the exciting world of • Brain development brand helping international myths and legends. children to discover new ways to foster their intelligence. • Unisex - Mythomachy appeals equally to boys and girls. • Action and excitement brand. • Interactive - Mythomachy themes of adventure and discovery provide inspiration and create opportunities for developing • Meaningful brand to parents and interactive applications and methods of play. kids distinguished by integrity of storylines and characters. • Everlasting - Mythomachy brand, based on original mythological sources of glorious myth-telling, has a perennial and timeless image • Significant international for added-value features. potential brand. • Authenticity - With the brand’s authenticity, the unique creative abilities of Mythomachy can be released to create real value products. w w w . m y t h o m a c h y . c o m 5
  • 5. T H E T R A D I N G C A R D G A M E There is a lot of excitement behind Mythomachy Trading Card Game distributed first across retail venues nationwide in Greece. Unlike most trading card games, which are based on fantasy, Mythomachy is solidly anchored in the global universe of authentic myths and legends. In an already male-saturated market, Mythomachy is enjoyed as much by female fans as male because of its directly educational quality profile and learning benefits. Mythomachy TCG 1st edition includes a 350-card set available in 6-card booster packs, providing a tremendous base of consumer-tested artwork and game play. Rubbing the power section of the cards with finger heats the paper and activates the ink, appearing, disappearing and re-appearing each card’s hidden points making thus the game much more exciting! w w w . m y t h o m a c h y . c o m 6
  • 6. M Y T H O M A C H Y T C G ’ s K E Y E L E M E N T S EDUCATIONAL GAME EXCITING GAME PLAY Authentic Information – this is the Challenge / Strategy - this is the core of the information for the mythological game. It includes the objective, the deal, the characters or artifacts provided in text on play and scoring. The game should provide each card. It is normally unknown by the a good challenge for its players and allow age group for whom the game is made. them to use different strategies to win. This is what determines the age group of the game. Memorization – this is the part of the game that rewards good memory. If Element of Surprise - this is the players are able to remember the variation of the game. The element authentic information, they can of surprise must be built into the advance in the game. game to provide laughter, excitement, regret and risk. This really is the Context – this is the part "exciting" part of the game. of the game that puts the authentic information to Element of Surprise - this is the variation of the game. use and make players win The element of surprise must be built into the game (matching families or to provide laughter, excitement, regret and risk. following sequences…) This really is the "exciting" part of the game. Replay Ability - this is the ability to play the game over and over with different outcomes each time. This is measured by the "boring" factor - if people get bored fast, then it lacks replay ability. w w w . m y t h o m a c h y . c o m 7
  • 7. M Y T H O M A C H Y A R E N A ON FLOOR PLAYING CARD GAME First-of its-kind, Mythomachy Arena, the on floor playing game, is a complementary product to Mythomachy TCG. It comes in two versions: • Arena Master • Arena Speed Whatever the version of the game, there can be only a single winner: the player who takes all the cards away from the opponents! w w w . . m yy t t hh oo m aa cc hh yy . . cc oo m w w w m m m 7
  • 8. S T R A T E G Y OBJECTIVES Mythworld’s strategy revolves around the need to provide top-quality edutainment Mythomachy products to its target customers, in the process fully satisfying their needs. This shall be undertaken through the implementation of brand innovations and high quality control standards as well as the production of good quality marketing and advertising material. Looking ahead, the company is 100% committed to building the most innovative edutainment brand in the market through strengthened distribution, consumer-friendly pricing, dynamic products and interactive promotions designed to attract parents and children to the excitement of the Mythomachy endless fascinating game world. w w w . m y t h o m a c h y . c o m 9
  • 9. M Y T H O M A C H Y T O Y S D E V E L O P M E N T OBJECTIVES Mythworld Entertainment seeks opportunities to develop business by working under a long term licensing program with widespread ambitions. Mythworld attempts to join forces with internationally recognized key toy developers, master licensees and entertainment companies in the industry in order to develop and introduce a strong Mythomachy brand portfolio addressed children, boys and girls, ages 7+, that offers exciting playsets for kids, while also providing products that collectors will cherish. w w w . m y t h o m a c h y . c o m 10
  • 10. L O O K I N G A T L E A D I N G T O Y C O M P A N Y T O C A R R Y M Y T H O M A C H Y L OLINE GO Mythworld Entertainment has set high objectives in regards to the Mythomachy product development and gives a great deal of attention • Learning games to toys quality and children safety. • Arts & crafts • Puzzles • Videogames • Action figures • Miniature games • High tech gadgets • Collectible playsets • Seasonal products • and many others are included in the Mythomachy brand’s quality portfolio of toys categories aimed to be developed and succeed in the international competitive toy business. w w w . m y t h o m a c h y . c o m 11
  • 11. 147 Hempstead Road • Watford, Herts • WD17 3HF • United Kingdom Tel.: +44 20 81330350 • +44 20 81330351 • e-mail: