PHP & mySQL Training Course Content by myTectra,Bangalore,India


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MyTectra a global learning solutions company Provides PHP & mySQL Training using highly experienced faculty.
Course Code: MYT1111
Course Name: PHP & mySQL
Training Mode:
Live Virtual Training - Globally
Class Room Training – Only Bangalore – India
Course Duration: 1 Month
Hours Per Day: 2 Hours
Weekend, weekday, fast track & normal training can be provided

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Call Us:+ 91 90191 91856

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PHP & mySQL Training Course Content by myTectra,Bangalore,India

  1. 1. myTectra – PHP & MY SQL Course Content -90191-91856 Course Details: Course Code –MYT1111 – PHP & MY SQL Course duration: 1 Month Class duration: 2 hours / Per day for 1 month Training mode: Instructor led Class training Server access : Provided at no extra cost Study material : Provided in the form of PDFs, PPTs & Word docs / On-Line materials Weekend, weekday, Super Fast track, fast track & normal training can be provided Contact: +91 90191 91856 Email: Web: Contact us for course start dates, class timings, fee and payment methods. About myTectra : “MyTectra a global learning solutions company helps transform people and organization to gain real, lasting benefits “ myTectra provides training across the technologies and functions using time tested delivery mode such as class room training , virtual training , send me a trainer , trainer connect .We are now one of the world largest online training company , and we continue to lead :  Providing virtual training for candidate from 200+ city across world  One of the largest provider of trainers to your location under the training program “Send me trainer”  First of its kind “ Trainer Connect “ helps you to identify the best trainer for your training requirement  myTectra virtual training is a unique a program helps you to choose the best available faculty by yourself  myTectra “holyday training” designed for one-to-one training during your holiday trip at any location in India.
  2. 2. myTectra – PHP & MY SQL Course Content -90191-91856 Topics Covered:     HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) Introduction to HTML Basic structure of HTML Formatting tags in HTML  Working with Table Tags Phpscript:       Introduction to PHPScript Looping statement in PHPScript Working with Predefined functions Maintaining Validations in PHPScript Working with Different types of Mouse Events Miscellaneous PHP:                        PHP's role in the WWW Language fundamentals PHP Basics Variable rules Storing retrieving information in variables Decision making in PHP Comparison operators The if construct The while construct The for construct Working with arrays Functions Declaring functions Passing data by reference Variable scope in PHP Working with web forms PHP POST GET form elements Embedding forms with PHP code Validating form data Guidelines for secure PHP Understanding magic quotes Setting default values in form Processing uploaded file
  3. 3. myTectra – PHP & MY SQL Course Content -90191-91856        Retrieving uploaded files PHP session handling PHP cookie handling Handling date time Working with files in PHP Reading & writing files with PHP Handling errors Mysql:         A brief history of databases Relational database concepts Database tables MySQL Data types Introduction to PHPMyadmin Creating and Checking Tables Auto increment and Primary Keys Inserting Values into Tables Mini Project With PHP And Mysql:            Creation of database and required tables using PHPMyadmin. Creation of required templates, pages and managing site using IDEDreamweaver. Keeping structure, style and behaviour of created pages apart. Creating login and logout pages for maintaining sessions. Creating forms to insert data into address book-personal details, image etc. Creating page to view the data from address book. Adding PHPScript for form validation. Adding server side validation. Adding mouse events like mouseout and mouseover dynamically. Creating page to edit or delete the records in the address book. Creating page to enable searching the address book. Introduction to Ajax:        What is ajax Connecting to server using PHPScript Downloading data behind scenes Modifying web pages on the fly Creating an XMLHttpRequest Object in different browsers Checking the XMLHttpRequest Object's readyState property Checking the XMLHttpRequest Object's status property
  4. 4. myTectra – PHP & MY SQL Course Content -90191-91856     Getting Your Data With the XMLHttpRequest Object Problems creating an XMLHttpRequest Object Fetching Text Data From the serverUsing the text data received through XMLHttpRequest Understanding on Basic Statement,Structure ,Sub-routine and Function Module     User Manual preparation UAT Preparation Testing Document Preparation Business Blue Print Preparation myTectra Learning Solutions Private Limited. 10(p), IWWA Building, 2nd Floor, 7th Main, BTM Layout 2nd Stage, Bangalore-560076 Visit Us: Call Us: +91 90191 91856 Email: