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Do you or your colleagues ever feel overwhelmed with email overload? …

Do you or your colleagues ever feel overwhelmed with email overload?

Is your inbox constantly full with incoming email? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then the good news is that Zero Inbox, the one-day Australian developed email management training program can help you get back your precious time and sanity!

Zero Inbox is Australia's leading email and time management training program.
Conducted by The Success Institute, over the course of one day, you'll learn how to gain greater control of your inbox and learn how to unleash the productivity tools within Microsoft Outlook.

Zero Inbox takes a holistic approach to managing your time, priorities and of course, email.

We conduct the Zero Inbox training program in across Australia in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth. We also conduct Zero Inbox in any of Australia's regional cities.

To learn more about how you can help your managers and employees take back control of a never-ending inbox full of email, call is today here in Australia on: 1300-881-891 and ask to speak with Paul Puckridge.

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  • 1. Professional Development Series YOUR INBOX IS NOT A FILING CABINET! Discover the secrets of saving up to 1 hour a day and learn how to take back control of your Outlook inbox and your time to get things done and achieve more out of your day...every day! ZERO INBOX© The Australian program that guarantees to help manage an overwhelming inbox, time pressures and multiple priorities with ease! Here’s what you’ll learn at this email management program... • How to plan your day so you can get more things done, with less effort. • How to manage multiple priorities and projects using MS Outlook®. • Strategies to stay on top of multiple projects and commitments. • New time management strategies to better manage your email and Microsoft Outlook®. • How to reduce email interruptions that zap your time and energy. THISISTHE TRAININGTHAT SHOULD HAVECOME WITHMSOUTLOOK! To speak to a consultant, call us on: 1300-881-891 To learn more visit: BONUSFOR iPHONE, ANDROIDorBLACKBERRY Do any of your managers or employees use an iPhone, Android or Blackberry? As a special bonus when attending Zero Inbox, users will receive password access to exclusive ‘on-line’ productivity training… free. Valued at $97 per person. PHONE: 1300-881-891
  • 2. YES, it’s possible to find more time to get more done every day and clear you inbox without feeling overwhelmed or overloaded. Zero Inbox© shows you how! prioritising... managing your inbox… ...getting things done! Does your inbox feel out of control? A recent study by the Intel Corporation estimates the impact of information overload on each employee is over eight hours a week. That’s two hours a day! In another study, researchers at Glasgow and Paisley universities recently announced that the many of the business people they surveyed felt psyched out by their inboxes. For many people at work e-mail is no longer a handy method of communication, but a cause of stress, even ‘email addiction’. If you ever missed an important e-mail because it was buried in your inbox, or felt like you are always playing catch up with your email, then help is at hand. Would you like to get MORE out of Outlook® so it that it become a TRUE time management and productivity tool? We can help! While most people try hard to control the many events which make up their day, including email, we understand that knowing how to actually use MS Outlook® as a time management and productivity system is a skill few professional people ever learn by themselves. So if you feel like you and your colleagues are doing more each day but getting less done, and can feel overwhelmed with email, maybe it’s time to look for a guaranteed solution that will give you back more time and help you clear your inbox once and for all! Zero Inbox is a one day time and email management program that shows your people (using Outlook® and email) the principles, techniques, tools and methodology to be more productive, better organised and reduce the email amount of email in their Outlook® inbox to ZERO. During the program participants receive set-by-step instructions showing them how to set up Microsoft Outlook® so they can easily manage the busiest day from within Outlook®. Learn to manage the email in your inbox • You’ll learn how to accomplish a higher quality of work in less time and discover how to focus your time and energy on the priorities and activities that are the most important. • We’ll show you how to organise Microsoft Outlook® for greater productivity. Imagine starting and ending each day with an empty inbox! You’ll learn brilliant strategies for making Outlook a true time management tool. • You’ll discover many of the hidden secrets behind using Outlook® that most people have never heard of or seen. You’ll be impressed with just how powerful Outlook® actually is… and what it can do to save you time and boost your productivity each day. Simple math suggests that if just one employee spends 30 minutes daily reading or responding to unnecessary email, trying to locate information, or not using Outlook® shortcuts to save time - that adds up to a full 3 weeks of lost or wasted time over the a year! Now… multiply 3 wasted weeks by each of your employees... That equates to tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands dollars LOST… using email. To learn more about Zero Inbox, call us today on: 1300-881-891 or
  • 3. Seminar Agenda 1 Day Program Outline Starts at 8:30am – Concludes by 5:00pm Module 1 How to Get Organised and how to stay in Control • Understanding the real value of time • How to create a higher level of daily personal control • Using the 5 step powerful daily planning system that guarantees that you start your day more organised • How to feel in total control, from the moment you start work Module 2 Getting Things Done – Managing Your Priorities • The difference between efficiency versus effectiveness • Using a prioritising system for sorting your tasks • Defining your workplace work using TRIAGE • Learning how to pinpoint your critical work goals • How to find “flow”. How to gain an extra hour a daily Module 3 Getting Organised Using Microsoft Outlook ® • An overview of Microsoft Outlook® functionality • The 6D method for sorting and organising email • Outlook® shortcuts that will save hours each month • Efficiently process your inbox, according to your work needs • Setting up folders and nested folders • Understanding how to create and use categories • Setting up filters, rules and advanced rules • Controlling the amount of email you receive • Using ‘task lists’ to prioritise tasks and manage projects Module 4 Managing Information & Interruptions • Maxmising the way you use the calendar • Using multiple calendar and Outlook views • Setting group calendar views • Getting the most from your contact list • Using the Journal to track records and correspondence • Outlook Shortcuts - How to simply save hours a month! Module 5 Writing Effective Email • What’s the problem with reading and writing email? • Using the A.B.C.D method to compose effective email • Creating “Draft Templates” to save hours a month At Zero Inbox, you’ll receive extra training resources, free! TRAINING MANUAL Participants receive a detailed training and reference manual. The manual includes lessons, case studies, diagrams and a reference section. You’ll find yourself going back to this manual to refer to many of the ideas taught at Zero Inbox. WHITE PAPERS Participants gain access to a special reference vault on our website with numerous reports, white papers and reference material. MEMORY CARDS These reference cards are a highly sought-after item as they reinforce Zero Inbox principles. BLACKBERRY & IPHONE ONLINE eCOURSE (Valued at $97 per person) As a special bonus all iPhone Blackberry users receive a FREE online course to get more From their hand held devices. MP3 BONUS Participants receive access to MP3 learning material, which can be downloaded directly from our exclusive web portal. To learn more about Zero Inbox, call us today on: 1300-881-891 or
  • 4. Look at how much your organisation will save when your employees become more productive using MS Outlook® (with Zero Inbox© training)! Income Per Annum Hourly Rate Saves 15 Min a Day $ Saved $ SAVED X 200 days P/A Saves 30 Min a Day $ Saved $ SAVED X 200 days P/A Saves 45 Min a Day $ Saved $ SAVED X 200 days P/A $40,000 $19.20 $4.80 $960 $9.60 $1,920 $14.40 $2,880 $50,000 $24.40 $6.10 $1,220 $12.20 $2,440 $18.30 $3,660 $60,000 $28.80 $7.20 $1,440 $14.40 $2,880 $21.60 $4,320 $80,000 $38.40 $9.60 $1,920 $19.20 $3,840 $28.80 $5,760 $100,000 $48.80 $12.20 $2,440 $24.40 $4,880 $36.60 $7,320 Employees @ $50K p/person p/ annum Annual Company Savings (15 Min a Day ) Annual Company Savings (30 Min a Day ) Annual Company Savings (45 Min a Day ) 10 $12,220 $24,400 $36,600 20 $24,440 $48,800 $73,200 60 $73,200 $146,400 $219,600 100 $122,200 $244,400 $366,600 200 $244,400 $488,800 $732,400 Zero Inbox© can add hundreds of thousands of dollars of extra productivity to your bottom line when you maximise Outlook® Microsoft Outlook® is the one software application that remains open on every computer, on every desk - every day of the working year. It's easy to realise just how much time and productivity can be gained by teaching managers and employees how to make Outlook® a more effective and more productive tool with the one-day Zero Inbox training. Microsoft Outlook® training with Zero Inbox has a huge bottom-line impact on productivity, personal effectiveness and skills. Remember… when your people don’t know how to do something in Microsoft Outlook®, its costing them time and your organisation money.! To learn more about Zero Inbox, call us today on : 1300-881-891 or
  • 5. What version of Microsoft Outlook do you use with “Zero Inbox”? The Zero Inbox training seminar is available for Outlook® 2003 and 2007. Training employees to use Outlook® 2010 will also be available mid-2010 Is “Zero Inbox” available as customised “in-house” training? Yes, Zero Inbox is available as an “in-house” training program. Having a group of your people trained together at the one time makes both economic sense, maximises resources and encourages inter-dependent learning. There minimum number of people required to run Zero Inbox at your location in 5 people! Will “Zero Inbox” teach people how to use Outlook “LIVE”? Yes! If your organsiation has computer training or networking facilities, each person can log-in to their own email account and go through the training LIVE! If your organisation does not have networking facilities, for a small additional price we can provide laptops with Office 2003, 2007 or 2010 ready for the training. This way, your people will learn USING Outlook. This makes learning how to set-up Outlook® and use its time-management features easy. Can We Measure the Learning Outcomes From this Training? Yes. The purpose of measuring pre and post training outcomes is to see what your people have learned and how much information they have retained and are using in the weeks ahead. Will Our People Receive a Workbook, Templates and Support Materials? Throughout the day your people will use a high-quality workbook and reference manual. In addition, they’ll receive forms, templates and other learning materials to enhance their training and learning experience. Will Our Person Receive Support and Coaching Afterwards? Yes. What makes our training unique is the 3 month eCoaching program which each of your participants receive after they have attended the training. The eCoaching program is delivered by email each week to their desks as a video, audio or text-based lesson. Each lesson lasts about 5 minutes and reminds, reinforces and encourages each of your people to use their new-found Outlook® skills. Frequently Asked Questions About the 1-Day Zero Inbox Training Seminar To learn more about Zero Inbox, call us today on: 1300-881-891 or