Relationships the definitive key to success


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Relationships the definitive key to success

  1. 1. relationshipsThe definitive key to business success Prepared for TCS Connect
  2. 2. attributesWe tested the attributes with people, resulting in the order of importance foreach of them1. Trust and reliability of TCS brand equity2. A unique social shopping experience3. Offering a large variety of original products and brands4. Right prices and deals5. Smart and secure payment options (cash, cards, net banking, over the counter collections across nationwide bank branches and express centers)6. After sales & support7. Accessible through Web, Mobile, Retail Outlets, Catalogue & Contact Centers8. Nationwide doorstep delivery
  3. 3. we found that …• People give importance to the brand / company behind a product• They look for the best value, which is usually translated into – Large variety of products – Best prices and deals – Original products and brands• Interestingly, the smart payment options was never among the top 4 priority features
  4. 4. we have also noticed that…• People go to a particular store for a reason, Metro, Imtiaz Super Store, Roasters, Nandos, one corner shop among many… WHY?• People purchase specific brands, from specific online or on-ground stores… WHY?• They will travel long distances, park their cars in some inconvenient spots too, but they will go to specific places in complete rush hours… WHY?
  5. 5. • In most cases, we’ve noticed that where people normally gather at are usually under- advertised or not so publicized places• Yet, these places grow, because there is one simple and unique ingredient that each offers• Its not just about the taste, its not just about the prices, not just about the convenience, and definitely not just about the status
  6. 6. so what do people really want?• One word ---------- VALUE• Whoever can give them the value they look toward, they will go with it• For 28 years TCS has been a part of everyone’s lives in Pakistan, for better or worse, but is recognized – VALUE DELIVERED• Prices and deals – in this economy, this is one of the biggest factors, but not the only one
  7. 7. offer…• We’re working with vendors to come up with – The best possible prices of products – As extensive a variety that can be offered – Deals and promotions to deliver something extra• We are ourselves providing – A different experience, social connections – Multiple payment options – Nationwide delivery through our trusted network – Ability to purchase through multiple channels
  8. 8. reach...• We’re communicating with them – Advertising – Social connections and conversations – Website visuals and product display – Regular updates through email and post – Visibility at our outlets across the country – Interaction at website, call center, express centers, delivery couriers – Engaging activities online and on-ground
  9. 9. staying ahead in the game…• Stores which are over a 100 year old in most countries, with time have to stay ahead of their competition, be unique, be spontaneous, be surprising• So what is the real ingredient that is at the core of a better experience?
  10. 10. relationshipsthe ingredient for success
  11. 11. • KLM Surprise• Live Reply• Twitter Feeds• Facebook Feeds• Are you happy?
  12. 12. relationship building…• We need to – Personalize every story we tell – Engage our customers, they should feel special – Listen when a customer tells us something – Solve problems, go out of the way to resolve – Know them well, our database will help us learn from them better – Remember their special days, why they are angry, happy, sad, overjoyed, be with them and tune into them – Become an inherent part of their lives
  13. 13. • Though we may want to ensure sales, there should be something in our service for everyone – Even the casual browser has a choice and wants to know what’s happening – Some would just want to know about specific products and prices – Some will purchase and enjoy their prize – Others will look for something extra <------ this is what matters the most … what can we do more
  14. 14. Let’s build relationshipssuccess will surely be ours