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Cricket in US
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Cricket in US


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Published in: Sports, Education

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  • 1. Presents What is Cricket?
  • 2.
    • Brief History of the Game of Cricket
    • Cricket in America
    • What is Cricket?
    • Bowling and Batting
    • Cricket @ Penn State
    • Let’s Play!
  • 3.
    • Early Cricket : 1500 – 1600
    • Modern Cricket : 1700 – 1800
      • Developed as a team sport
      • Only Sport played under Laws
    • First international cricket in North America in 1844
      • USA vs Canada annual cricket match
    • Current Day Cricket : 20 th century and beyond
      • Formation of the International Cricket Council
      • 10 Full members and 86 Associate and Affiliate Members
    History of Cricket
  • 4. Australia England India Pakistan New Zealand South Africa West Indies Sri Lanka Zimbabwe Bangladesh Cricketing Nations
  • 5.
    • 1700s – First cricket clubs established
    • First international cricket in North America in 1844
      • USA vs Canada annual cricket match in Bloomingdale Park in NY. (Attended by 10,000 spectators)
    • Decline in the 20 th century – Advent of Baseball
    • Rediscovery of American Cricket in 1970s
      • Growth in cricket-loving immigrant population
      • USA is currently an Associate member of ICC
    Cricket in America
  • 6.
    • The Basics
    • Two teams of 11 players each
    • Two bases (wickets) sixty feet apart in the middle of the field
    • Two formats
      • Test cricket (5 days) – 2 innings per side (one innings is 10 outs)
      • One day – 1 inning per side (one innings is 10 outs or when maximum pitches have been thrown)
    • Team scoring more runs wins
    What is Cricket?
  • 7.
    • Progress of Play
    • Captains toss to decide to field or bat
    • The fielding team of 11 takes the field
    • Wicketkeeper (catcher) is allowed to wear protective gear
    • Two batsman (batters) are sent in, one for each base
    • Bowler (pitcher) bowls (pitches) from one wicket (base) to the other
    • After 6 balls (pitches), catcher moves behind the first pitcher’s base and another bowler makes 6 pitches from the opposite end. Each set of 6 pitches is called an over.
    What is Cricket?
  • 8.  
  • 9.
    • Batting and Scoring Runs
    • The batsman (batter) can hit in any direction and can run when he chooses to.
    • A batsman can score by hitting the ball and running safely between the two wickets (bases)
    • Once across (from one base to the other) is one run (single)
    • There and back is two runs (double)
    • A line drive that reaches the fence scores four runs
    • A hit that flies over the fence like a home run is six runs
    What is Cricket?
  • 10.  
  • 11.
    • Common Ways of Getting Out
    • Any of the three stumps marking the batsman’s base are hit by the pitcher, the batsman is bowled (struck out)
    • The ball is hit into a fielder’s hand without touching the ground, the batsman is caught (pop fly)
    • The batsman uses any part of the body other than the bat to stop the ball from hitting the stumps, he is out Leg Before Wicket also called LBW (interference)
    • If the two batsmen are running between the wickets (bases) and a fielder touches the base before the batsman crosses the safe line, he is run out (tagging or out at base)
    What is Cricket?
  • 12.  
  • 13.
    • Club Objectives
    • Provide an opportunity for the Penn State students, faculty and staff to play and learn the game
    • Create awareness and promote the game in the community
    • Club History
    • Started in the 1960s and 70s
    • Current form revived in 2002
    • Currently a member of Penn State Club Sports organization
    • Around 40 members
    Cricket @ Penn State
  • 14.
    • Club Activities
    • Participate in a summer regional tournament in Washington D.C. metro region
    • Regular practice sessions during late spring, summer and early fall semesters
    • Organize softball tournaments to involve community
    • Raise funds for club by managing concession stands during Penn State football games
    • Plan for a coaching clinic during early summer for high school students and community
    Cricket @ Penn State
  • 15. Let's Play! Cricket @ Penn State