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My top 3  cellulite how to get rid exercises
My top 3  cellulite how to get rid exercises
My top 3  cellulite how to get rid exercises
My top 3  cellulite how to get rid exercises
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My top 3 cellulite how to get rid exercises


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  • 1. My Top 3 cellulite how to get rid ExercisesSo what are these Top 3 cellulite busting exercises you may be asking yourselfwell I will tell you, but first I just wanted to tell you some good news is thatwith the RIGHT exercises (anti cellulite exercises) – you can get your musclesto respond. And by stimulating these muscle layers directly - a natural toning,shaping and lifting effect occurs - resulting in the smoothing of each layer of thedermis - which ultimately shows as a levelling effect on the outermost layer ofthe skin - the one you see when you look in the mirror.The un-toned state of the underlying muscle layers - basically leaves the skinhanging and without a firm base, the uneven texture is a natural side effect thatis commonly known as cellulite.So, we now know what the cause of cellulite is and it’s directly tied to thecondition of the muscle layers - the only proven way to reverse it is through atargeted and focused exercise routine. An anti-cellulite exercise routine thatstimulates muscle toning, firming and lifting – which will naturally result in abeautiful smoothing and tightening effect on the outer layer of your skin.The response action of a muscle is the same no matter how old you are or howyoung you are there are no age exclusions.Let’s just look at some of the exercises you shouldn’t be doing.If you are a regular to the gym you have probably been told by your personaltrainer to do the next 3 exercises and you have been disappoint because insteadof your cellulite improving it’s getting worse so you give up.
  • 2. It’s not your fault that you start to feel despondent and you stop going to thegym or you stop doing your home exercise routine.Today this is going to change and we will get rid of that cellulite. It’s going totake some time but it will be worth it in the end.So the 3 exercises that will not help are……. 1. Leg Extensions 2. Bar Squats 3. Hamstring CurlsThey should work but they don’t because they are building up the wrong sets ofmuscles the Top 3 cellulite busting exercises that will work are…………. 1. Symmetrical Hip Extensions 2. Low Tempo Leg Lift 3. Bilateral Touch-DownsSo here is your step-by-step guide to each of these exercises 1. Symmetrical Hip ExtensionsHere is a step by step guide to a Symmetrical Hip Extensions exercise.  Get on all fours and support yourself on your elbows and just one knee.  The other knee should be lifted slightly off the floor and behind the supporting leg.  Contract your gluts’ while you fully extend your leg in a slow steady motion  Return to the starting position and repeat 10 times in all.  Then repeat using the other leg.
  • 3.  As you move your leg up breath out and as you bring your leg back breathe in.Warning: Do Not Bring the knee of the working leg parallel with the supportingleg or bring it to your chest, if you do this you will not keep your gluts’ underconstant tension and you will not get the benefits from these Cellulite BustingExercises.Low Tempo Leg Lift  So to start with get on all fours with both your knees on the floor.  Extend your left leg out to the side  Make small circle movements clock wise and make ten circles  Then make another ten circles anti-clockwise.  Change legs and repeat.Things to remember: DO NOT lock your knees keep them loose and slightlybent and try and point your toes. As your legs get stronger make the circlesbigger but make sure your movements are slow and smooth.And the third and final exercise that we will look at today is the walking lungetouchdown. This is the easiest version to start with but as you progress you canmove onto the harder version
  • 4. Firstly you need to be standing up for this.  Take a step forward  Lower your body until you feel comfortable  Touch your hands on your shin just below your knee  Then slowly pull yourself up back into the standing position  Then walk forward again with the other leg and repeat  Do 10 reps each side.Warning: Make sure your knees don’t go forward over your toes and keep yourfoot flat on the ground.If you find this easy then again walk forward but this time try and touch thefloor in front of your foot. As your legs get stronger you will be able to put yourhands flat on the floor, but if you can just manage to touch the floor with yourfinger tips that fine.If you are serious about getting rid of your cellulite and you are willing todevote just 22 minutes on Exercises to lose your Cellulite - then you should getstarted today.Click here: NAKED BEAUTY Cellulite Reduction Program DetailsOr visit the site to find more great tips andtricks.