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Every thing under the sun embraces the duties and responsibilities of a revenue officer.........His duties are undefined rather than defined....He has a crucial role to play in revenue administration...........He has to act according to numerous acts and rules......A successful revenue officer has to do things differently while observing these acts and rules............Ppt uloaded by T J Joseph mob 9447464502

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  • Charisma is a special quality of leaders whose purposes, powers and extraordinary determination differentiate them from others…this is a subjective perception, normally held by a large group
  • Reminder free Revenue Offices

    1. 1. SIT BACK, RELAX & ENJOY Reminder free offices.T.J Joseph, Staff Trainer. ILDM Please use the enter button to scroll through at your own pace.
    2. 2. rrREMINDER FREE OFFICES. Presented by. T.J Joseph. Staff trainer-ILDM&IMG
    3. 3. File Disposal in Revenue Offices. Present System.Petitions received in collectorateare forwarded to sub offices forreport.
    4. 4. File Disposal in Revenue Offices. Present System.Petitions received in collectorateare forwarded to sub offices forreport.
    5. 5. File Disposal in Revenue Offices. Present System. If no reply is received, reminders in writing are sent till the receipt of reply..
    6. 6. Long pending files. DELAY issue of Wastage of effort,chain of money and materialsreminders. Large files. Increased work Load.
    7. 7. COST OF A FILE.A draft letter in a file costs Rs 500. (Wages of the Officials,allowances,cost of materials etc…..)
    8. 8. NEW SYSTEM, Reminder Free Files.
    9. 9. NEW SYSTEM Paper Reminders. Vs REMINDER REGISTERS..
    10. 10. REMINDER REGISTERS. Procedure 1
    11. 11. REMINDER REGISTERS. Procedure-1 A Reminder Register with 8 columns in each page will be maintained in the front office..
    12. 12. REMINDER REGISTERS. Procedure-11. Serial Number.2. File Number in the Higher office.3. Subject.4. Date of issue of letter for report.5. Sub Office file Number.6. Remarks
    13. 13. REMINDER REGISTERS. Procedure-1There will be separate registers foreach sub office. or Sufficient number of pages will beearmarked for each sub office in asingle register.
    14. 14. REMINDER REGISTERS. Procedure 2
    15. 15. REMINDER REGISTERS. Procedure-21.Whenever Reminder is due in afile,instead of sending thereminder, the section clerk willenter the details in the reminderregister.simultaneously he will mention thefact in the note file with serialnumber in the register.
    16. 16. REMINDER REGISTERS. Procedure-1Writing the note file-Eg- No reply has been received in the matter. So the details pertaining to the file has been entered in the reminder register with Sl No- 23. The reply may be awaited . (Sd) J.S
    17. 17. REMINDER REGISTERS. Procedure 3
    18. 18. REMINDER REGISTERS. Procedure-31.The officers or tapal clerks from sub offices who visits the higher office verify the reminder register and note the details of pending files related to their office.2. List of pending files will be sent to each sub office 7 days before the monthly officers conference.
    19. 19. REMINDER REGISTERS. Procedure-3This process will be more simple if the reminder registers are computerised.Section clerks can register the details in the computer and the list can be sent to sub offices via E-mail.
    20. 20. REMINDER REGISTERS. Procedure 4
    21. 21. REMINDER REGISTERS. Procedure-4When ever reply from a sub office is received at the tapal section or front office, the corresponding Sl No. will be rounded with red ink after completing the entries in column-5 with initials of the receiving officer in remarks column.
    22. 22. REMINDER REGISTERS. Procedure 5
    23. 23. REMINDER REGISTERS. Procedure-5During the monthly conference the reminder registers are reviewed.During the review the sub officer has to promise the date of submission of the reply in the pending file which are mentioned in the register( Sl No not rounded with red ink).The date of promise should be noted in the remark column.
    24. 24. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.Do A little bit more than you are getting paid for.
    25. 25. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.There is no competition along extra mile..
    26. 26. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.Avoid limited thinking..
    27. 27. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.Focus on the solution...
    28. 28. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.First impression...
    29. 29. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.Avoid limited thinking ….Break the boundaries……
    30. 30. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.The DOM is a Good Servant......But a Bad Master.
    31. 31. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.Spend your money for a noble cause.
    32. 32. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.Learn to Use technology…... Mobile phone & Computer.
    33. 33. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.Try to be the firstperson completing atask….
    34. 34. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.Time management….
    35. 35. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.Realise yourpotentials….
    36. 36. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.Planning….Foresee the problems…problem solving skills.
    37. 37. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.Effective communication.
    38. 38. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.Listening skills.
    39. 39. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.Don’t Argue….But discuss.• When you are good to others, you are best to yourself …
    40. 40. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.Courtesy
    41. 41. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.Empathy.
    42. 42. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.Presentation skills..
    43. 43. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.Body Language…..
    44. 44. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.Delegate work …..
    45. 45. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.Apply innovative simple ideas…..
    46. 46. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.Inter personnel skills …..
    47. 47. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH. EventManagement…..
    48. 48. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH. DisasterManagement…..
    49. 49. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.Team Leader…..
    50. 50. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.Social Leader…..
    51. 51. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH. Enquiry…..
    52. 52. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH. Designer…..
    53. 53. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.Accept responsibility…..
    54. 54. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.Fund raising…..
    55. 55. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.1.Disposal of wastepapers.
    56. 56. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.2.Maintenance ofNotice Board.
    57. 57. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.4.Display map of thevillage.
    58. 58. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.5.Maintenance ofSpecial regisers.
    59. 59. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.6.Village Directory.
    60. 60. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.7.Good stock file.
    61. 61. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.8.Basic facilities forthe citizen.
    62. 62. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.9.Display of information….
    63. 63. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.10.Computer & Telephone….
    64. 64. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.11.Diary of V.O….
    65. 65. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.12.Vehicle.
    66. 66. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.13.Creating firstimpression.
    67. 67. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.14.Queue system.
    68. 68. The EXTRA MILE APPROACH.15.Speed andaccuracy.
    71. 71. Thank you. T.J JOSEPH. ADHIKARATHIL. S.H MOUNT P.O KOTTAYAM. Pin-686 006 MOB-9447464502