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Kerala Land Assignment Procedures

Kerala Land Assignment Procedures



Kerala Land Assignment Procedures.Sample forms uploaded By T.J Jo

Kerala Land Assignment Procedures.Sample forms uploaded By T.J Jo



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    Kerala Land Assignment Procedures Kerala Land Assignment Procedures Document Transcript

    • clnsmd~cao clnagdsld aa"~.z3m" m d 24-d olmdacy m oapoda~g~clrm~mm~m3m & m d clrCrum~mJd 59.70 m d clr~rucd,~clndmmmlda~g 0 , , 1 3 17 3 ;o 3 m -A,m3mm1d~clrmlm @-A, m d & b d g m m m i ~ ~ sm a @ d & ~ l d a m d . r m a d & %&&%Im3m o n - 4 , w u 3rcr)~,~~mm3cd d m 4 7 &clrd&m3ml mdccy 31 , 3 3 o mmmI d ay g clrmimnn~clrld /e clrls~clrd ~ s ~ o a a m k l n l m ~ ~m ~ n m l ~ ~ c l r c a ~ m m ~ ~ , ~cn~mdm~~mmmild 7 2 2 - clnsa-m~mo mlmjo 3o mmd 2 s l s 2 ~njol ~crrras~mg m ~ m&~mj, ~clram~spjs1a-ul s m l d a m l ~ ~ ~ ~ m ~ o clrmSm1 sl olmdacy 1d&3m0 ~ n ~ h n ~ :
    • CIlISCIC LIST E PREPARED DURING LROCESSING OF APYLICATION UNDER --- KERALA LAND ASSIGNMENT RULES 19643) Address in fill13) Age & Occupation of the applicant-1 I I i:~~l!t.~. applicant belongs t o SCIST or Ex.service :Ilc5) Whether married or not if married application shall be jointly made,..,) v. .. !;.:I;I!I.: ~nembcrs rriti~r.Cami!y na~ne,age,occupation,relationship with the applicant q a .G I an o , -94.4o m - , 17 ) Whether the applicant or any member of his family have avoid assignment Govt land earlier? If so details there o f8) Annual family income from all sourcesJ, I o ~ : ~ i i C l l t 01 I;LIKI CA l i ~ l d tlle applicant(S) and 1amily by .10) Whether the applicant (S) islare native of Kerala?If not, date from which residing in the slate PART I1 DETAILS OF LAND1I) Ueta~ls f land sought to be assigned Dist..Taluk,Village o 3u1u j & sub drv no. 13x1. o f land & Nature oiland Boundaries of north. East YO~llll G 3.0 61 3M -L+!.e - -.vL West k9 412) Whethre the land under possesslon & enjoyment of theapplicant (S) 3 1 T * or f : ~ ~ i i i l ~ 0 I Iso the date li-om wliich occupied13) Authoritylrecord produced in proof of occupation and enjoyment Ration cardlID1ROR or Residence Certificate from LSGI4,iWllel.Iicr trees1 lanls on theyand is7lantec.I by the iipplicanl(S) or predece P
    • 15) Details of i~nprovementseffected in the land by the ~ppIic;lnl(s) predecessors16) Whether the land is comprised in PanchayatIMunicipality Corporation17) Cawgory of land as per settlement register18) Whether the land is that exempted from assignment (viclc SLIIL" 2) *19) Whether the land is included in the list of assignablelands20) Details of reserved trees if any standing on the land21 ) Details of royal trees,if any standing on the land3fli Il-e~aili~lg market value of the land L)!23) Details of docu~nentdverified to arrive at the market Value of the land24) LVI:ethcr he applicant is eligible for no~ninalvalue under rule 6(1) or exempted from payment of land value if so details of there of5 ) 1 1 ~ h ilsbignment is under rule 6(2) specify the value of land c Improvements etc.26) Whether the land is under unauthorised occupation? If so details olprohibitory assessmenttrent that hai been assessed and delnant notice issued27) Whether any civil suit is pending againt the assignment of land PART 111-P UKPOSE *28) Purpose for which land is applied for house site/benificial enjoyment etc29) Whether the land is likely to. be needed in tlie ~ L I ~ L for C I ~ any public purpose 30) Whether the remarks of the authorities of PWDIIrrigationI I),,rl ~ ~ ~ , ~ ~ I L , I ~ S etc; neecled be ~ I ~ ~ I P O I ~ ~ ~ I ~ ~ I ~ ~ C required 3 I ) Whclher any deposits of valuable mines and minerals noticed in the land. 32) Whether is vested with LSG33) Whether a sketch and group sketch of land is prepared and appended Place: Date :
    • Fead of Account : DDO Code : (Dept.) SDO Code : 5" 1 Q -.-- By Whom patd and ~ ~ t = z a e ~1 9 6 1 -1 Receive and : gr?nt , receipt I Treasurv Signature & Designat~on Officer of the Departmental Off~cercounters~gning remittance the Total - I Total in words ..&J.-.-.. .@?G?. ........................ I Sigcature of Remitter. Received R s. ............ (Rupees .................................... ............................... ............... Date ...... . . .I . . . . . . . . I. . .......:, Signature of Treasurer/C I Note: 1 The sealistamp of the Tre ectlon shall be aff xed I 2 If remittance is in off~cial DO), write corresponding I code in the column I 3. If loan repaymento t number in purpose column. 1 GPV.25/08/2006. lakhs - 5