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Billcom ppt myrick

  1. 1. IntroducingPaperless Bill Management<br />
  2. 2. Paperless Bill Management Starts Here…<br />Store financial documents, process invoices and pay bills online!<br />You and your staff get a simple web-based interface for <br />submitting bills and collaborating with our accounting firm…<br />We Manage Your Documents<br />Securely Pay Online<br />Review Bills and Classify Expenses<br /><ul><li>Pay online with advanced fraud controls
  3. 3. Eliminate check printing and mailing
  4. 4. Simplify vendor management
  5. 5. Synchronize with QuickBooks or Intacct
  6. 6. Simplify document handling
  7. 7. Reduce data entry
  8. 8. Enforce controls and audit-ability
  9. 9. Streamline end-to-end bill workflow</li></ul>In short, automates the A/P and bill management process, resulting in faster more accurate processing that frees you and your staff to focus on your core business.<br />
  10. 10. Business-class Online Bill Payment<br /><ul><li>Easily digitize bills and contracts
  11. 11. Initiate approval workflows
  12. 12. Anytime remote access
  13. 13. UNLIMITED data storage of bills and other financial documents
  14. 14. Audit trail and role-based financial controls</li></li></ul><li> Business-class Online Bill Payment<br /><ul><li> Quick and easy scheduling of bill payment
  15. 15. No need to print, stuff, and mail checks
  16. 16. No need to store check stock
  17. 17. Automatic retention of cleared check images
  18. 18. Enterprise-class fraud protection
  19. 19. No bank client account info
  20. 20. Positive Pay </li></li></ul><li> Business-class Online Bill Payment<br />One-click, 2-way synch with QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online or Intacct<br />Instantly access digital images of financial documents<br />Google-like search for documents based on keywords or dollar amounts<br />Real-time calendar view for cash flow management<br />
  21. 21. works with your current software, providing one-click… QuickBooks/Intacct Synchronization<br />Simple paperless bill management. Sophisticated accounting. <br /><ul><li>Eliminates duplicate entry
  22. 22. Maintains consistency
  23. 23. Enables sophisticated expense and cash management
  24. 24. Does not impact other accounting activities</li></li></ul><li>Bill Management and Cash Flow<br /><ul><li>Scan your invoices and other financial documents. Then email or fax them to your secure online “inbox”
  25. 25. Up-to-date to-do list
  26. 26. Real-time calendar view (with book balance)</li></li></ul><li>Processing Documents in the Inbox<br /><ul><li>Mouse over any document image in your inbox to preview the document
  27. 27. Select the action to process the document and/or file it in your online filing cabinet</li></li></ul><li>Entering a Bill<br /><ul><li>Select the Vendor
  28. 28.’s SmartEntry feature pre-populates bill details
  29. 29. Enter the invoice number and amount
  30. 30. Split the bill to different GL accounts if necessary
  31. 31. Bills are automatically routed to the first approver if approval workflow is selected </li></li></ul><li>Review and Approve a Bill<br />2. Review the bill image, bill details and notes to approve the bill <br />3. Enter notes or any changes when approving<br />1. From you email notification, access the account to review the bill<br />
  32. 32. Schedule Bills for Payment<br /><ul><li>Select bills to be paid and the payment method
  33. 33. Bills will be paid on the scheduled process date
  34. 34. When paying using the Pay Online method, debits the payment amounts from your payment account and makes payments on your behalf</li></li></ul><li>Vendor Payment<br /><ul><li>Payments to vendors will be made with checks drawn on’s bank account
  35. 35. Utilizes advanced check fraud controls
  36. 36. Eliminates check printing and mailing
  37. 37. Ties payment to the transaction
  38. 38. The check shows the invoice to be paid and the account number
  39. 39. The bottom 2/3rd of the check voucher shows a copy of the invoice to ensure payment is applied correctly</li></li></ul><li>End-To-End Transaction View<br /><ul><li>The bill payment information shows the check number, check date and check cleared date
  40. 40. Once the payment is cleared, the cleared check image is uploaded and associated with the bill and the payment transaction
  41. 41. Contracts and other documents easily accessible</li></li></ul><li>Have Visibility Using Audit Trail<br /><ul><li>The audit trail feature provides you and our firm with detailed information on “who” did “what” “when”
  42. 42. Demonstrates clear separation of duties in each transaction</li></li></ul><li>Bill.Com Is The Perfect Solution For Today’s Tough Times…<br /><ul><li>Simple and easy to use for you and your staff
  43. 43. Eliminates need to learn accounting software
  44. 44. Automates workflow, payments and daily financial tasks
  45. 45. Maintains greater control over documents and bank accounts
  46. 46. Makes online bill payment simple and consistent
  47. 47. Streamlines access to financial information
  48. 48. Gets your information to our firm faster
  49. 49. Lets our firm service you remotely
  50. 50. Provides anytime, anywhere access
  51. 51. Decreases the paper madness
  52. 52. Average Savings in Time and Cost: Over 50%
  53. 53. Paperless Office
  54. 54. Anywhere, Anytime Access
  55. 55. Works the same no matter where you bank
  56. 56. Pay-As-You-Go</li></li></ul><li>For More Information, Please Contact…<br />Charles P. Myrick, CPAMyrick & Company<br />805 15th Street NW, Suite 805Washington, DC 20005<br />(202) 789-8898<br /><br />