15-sec Hip Hop Commercials for Brands & Products


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MyRapAudition is a digital advertising agency specializing in the production of 15-sec Hip Hop video ads.

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15-sec Hip Hop Commercials for Brands & Products

  1. 1. Hip Hop Advertising
  2. 2. Introduction MyRapAudition is a digital advertising company specializing in the production of 15-sec Hip Hop video commercials for products & brands by crowdsourcing.
  3. 3. What is Crowdsourcing? Crowdsourcing allows many artists to create many different commercials – giving the client many different choices!
  4. 4. Why Just 15 Seconds? Pre-rolls Instagram Facebook Mobile
  5. 5. What does MyRapAudition do? We host, promote & manage a contest for our clients to produce Hip Hop video ads. Our service provides our clients with multiple HD ready commercials to choose from by crowdsourcing a contest. This is an effective & efficient way to create branded video content for online marketing.
  6. 6. MyRapAudition offers Clients - The ability to turn brand followers into creators - Quick & efficient video content creation - Amplified brand creativity with targeted messages - The ability to make social media engaging & interactive - Consumer driven innovation & distribution - Promote brand emotional experiences - The opportunity to test new creative video ad campaigns - Lifestyle viral video marketing - New media opportunities - Brand Entertainment & Storytelling
  7. 7. MyRapAudition Benefits MyRapAudition can transform products & brands into an entertaining consumer experience. We can create targeted messages efficiently. Take advantage of Hip Hop's worldwide appeal. Hip Hop speaks to a young, tech savvy and culturally diverse demographic. Rap & Hip Hop are a perfect blend for effective Native Advertising. MyRapAudition has over 4000 artists & videographers making content now. MyRapAudition provides a highly focused online creative experience.
  8. 8. Process We start by discussing the key marketing intentions and goals our clients would like to achieve with these commercials. We will announce a contest for a specific amount of prize money to our community and beyond. Contests usually last 45 days. At the conclusion of the contest, client would choose which commercials win. These commercials can then be dispersed to web platforms and social media channels - keeping products & brands fresh, relevant and engaging to both existing and new customers.
  9. 9. Conclusion MyRapAudition's community of talented artists & videographers can create authentic Hip Hop video ads for products & brands.

Not only do companies get many different commercials to choose from, they benefit from the publicity of the contest and the social media followers of all the artists & videographers. Launch a project with MyRapAudition and discover new possibilities and demographics for your business and brand through our unique creative process. This is an example of a Hip Hop commercial our community can product: http://www.myrapaudition.com/video/3288/
  10. 10. www.myrapaudition.com Derek Peacock, President dp@myrapaudition.com 678-368-3214 John Frank, CEO jfrank@myrapaudition.com 404-644-2262