Pay $2000 to quit<br />
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Zappos Core Values<br /> Deliver WOW Through Service<br /> Embrace and Drive Change<br /> Create Fun and a Little Weirdnes...
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Make emotional connections with customers<br />
Treat employees very well<br />
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Surprise & Delight<br />
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Inside the Zappos Call Center


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learn how Zappos turned a shoe website into the world’s largest online shoe store in just 10 years, with $1 billion in gross revenue and a reputation for world-class customer service. Myra Golden has studied the Zappos service culture and contact center for more than two years and has isolated the 5 keys that have made Zappos one of the most envied service companies in the world.

•Key 1: Live and Deliver WOW
•Key 2: Focus on the Customer Experience as the #1 Priority
•Key 3: Make Emotional Connections with Customers
•Key 4: Treat Employees Very Well
•Key 5: Surprise and Delight

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  • 400-person call centerRound-the-clock (24/7, 365 days a year)Answer nearly 5,000 calls a day and 1,200 emails per weekThey also monitor Twitter and other social media sites for mentions of Zappos, which they use to proactively reach out to potential shoppers and current loyal customers
  • *encouraging customers to call them about nearly everything. Their call center takes 5,000 calls per day, and employees work independent of scripts, quotas, or call time limits. The longest call to date has been four hours. Zappos views the phone experience as a branding device, and speaks to virtually every customer at least once. No call timesNo sales-based performance goals for reps and absolutely no up-sellingRun warehouse 24/75 weeks of culture, core values, customer service, and warehouse training for everyone in Las Vegas training covers everything from how to work the phones to special seminars on zappos culture and core values…three weeks of training on the phones before they’re allowed to work on the phonesperformance reviews are 50% based on core values and culture fitFriendly, helpful “above and beyond” customer serviceRefer customers to competitors’ web sites
  • Zappos is powered by serviceProviding the best service and online shopping experience possible.Free shipping both ways. 365-day return policy.Fast fulfillment. Expedited delivery. Fast, friendly &amp; expert customer service.
  • *Culture Book - Tony Hsieh, CEO of online shoe merchant, asks each employee to write a 100- to 500-word description of the company&apos;s culture every year for a book.
  • Employees are encouraged to use their personal emotional connection on every call. For example, they might ask about a dog barking in the background or send flowers to a bride.
  • Most the Zappos Core Values relate directly to how the company treats employees:Create Fun and a Little Weirdness Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded Pursue Growth and Learning Build Open and Honest Relationships With Communication Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit
  • *deciding to invest in “surprise” (free) upgrades to overnight shipping for most customers. This means that most orders are delivered within 24 hours, despite the web site indicating it will take 2-5 business days.
  • Most customers are upgraded to overnight shipping
  • REMEMBER, Profitability and growth are dependent on a firm’s ability to successfully acquire and retain customers. The keys to building loyal customer relationships are to fiercely focus on gaining not only market share, but customer share. Keep the customers you have acquired by managing the customer experience, developing a customer recovery strategy, and creating a winback plan to win back high net-worth customers who defect. There’s enormous opportunity out there…seize it!
  • Inside the Zappos Call Center

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    9. 9. Pay $2000 to quit<br />
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    11. 11. LIVE and DELIVER WOW<br />
    12. 12. Zappos Core Values<br /> Deliver WOW Through Service<br /> Embrace and Drive Change<br /> Create Fun and a Little Weirdness<br /> Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded<br /> Pursue Growth and Learning<br /> Build Open and Honest Relationships With Communication<br /> Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit<br /> Do More with Less<br /> Be Passionate and Determined<br /> Be Humble<br />
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    15. 15. Make emotional connections with customers<br />
    16. 16. Treat employees very well<br />
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    18. 18. Surprise & Delight<br />
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