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How the heritage sector can use social media to connect to the right people.

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B2 camp project book

  1. 1. Social Media for the Heritage Sector?! + Are you missing a trick? Social ?! Heritage Media By James Mott – Founder of ProjectBook.co.uk @projectbook Hi, my name is James Mott. I am the founder of ProjectBook, which is an online organisation which brings together everyone involved in the Heritage sector. I will be talking about: Part 1: How the Heritage sector and social media tools like twitter are interlinked and work together. Part 2: What tricks you might be missing to do with marketing and social media.
  2. 2. What is the Heritage sector: • 6 million buildings dated pre-1919 in the UK. • Over 400 heritage organisations, e.g. the National Trust. How much is it worth? The renovation and maintenance sector is worth half of the annual UK construction expenditure at £38 billion a year. @projectbook James Mott - ProjectBook
  3. 3. The • Studies show that 73% of this sector have no website. Problem: • Over 50% have no email address. “ It is estimated that “70% of heritage building and building or repair work is undertaken by unskilled practitioners*”, this can cause irreversible damage to ” these heritage properties and cause ongoing damage to our built heritage. * Highlighted by the Wedgewood Markham Survey undertaken in 1995 @projectbook James Mott - ProjectBook BUT there is a big problem ....The sector is slow to respond to modern trends - It is not integrated into the modern world and is not wholly in touch with todays marketing techniques and technology. The biggest problem however is that 70% of heritage building and building or repair work is undertaken by unskilled practitioners*”, this can cause irreversible damage to these heritage properties and cause ongoing damage to our built heritage. So who is doing this? (Is it the cowboys slide next)
  4. 4. So are ‘cowboys’ the root of the problem? James Mott - ProjectBook
  5. 5. I’m sure I could do that! James Mott - ProjectBook No the problem is not with cowboys per say. The problem is with... 1. Larger management contractors mop up lucrative contracts on offer, which contain elements of specialist work 2. It can be difficult of find specialist contractors with the skills and knowledge to carry out heritage work – which leads to general tradesmen taking on work for which they do not have the traditional skills and knowledge required.
  6. 6. Solution: Heritage Trade Bodies Special Interest @projectbook James Mott - ProjectBook THAT is why ProjectBook was created. So what is it? ProjectBook brings together everyone in the Heritage Sector and makes them accessible etc. This is about what ProjectBook is... So we are dealing with the problem.
  7. 7. How does ProjectBook do this? ProjectBook Community PR - Informat Online Specialis Vetting Heritage Social Educatin ive Commu t Events Blogs Contract Togethe Media, g the Articles nity Services ors r Groups Twitter Public Social Media, Twitter James Mott - ProjectBook So how do we make all these craftsmen accessible etc? ProjectBook.co.uk addresses this problem by pulling everyone together into a recognised central resource and making it easier to access the right people. One of the key ways we do this is through TWITTER!!
  8. 8. Social media – the heritage community on Did you know? James Mott - ProjectBook
  9. 9. ProjectBook Members on Twitter James Mott - ProjectBook We are the only/first heritage organisation who interacts with, and promotes our members online along with actively encouraging them to explore the possibilities offered by Social Media. “By working together and showing unity both on and offline we can pioneer change and so ensure that the future of our nation’s built heritage work is in the hands of our heritage experts.”
  10. 10. Part 2: Are you missing a trick? James Mott - ProjectBook Here we are going to look at some things you should be implementing if you use Social Media as part of your marketing strategy.
  11. 11. Printed Stationary: Letter Heads Business Cards Brochures James Mott - ProjectBook
  12. 12. Advertising: James Mott - ProjectBook
  13. 13. Email Signatures: James Mott - ProjectBook
  14. 14. Blogs and websites: James Mott - ProjectBook
  15. 15. Thank you! @projectbook James Mott - ProjectBook The end.