MyPlan Presentation to the IT Directors Group

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What is MyPlan? …

What is MyPlan?
What is the plan?
What is our approach? (not covered, just back-up material).

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  • Maximize the impact of the software we create
  • ----- Meeting Notes (10/20/11 14:59) -----allow student to see if courses are available or notFERPA and student dataprepare advisors for public commenting
  • ProcessTake to Core Team / Steering Committees – Student or FSNAEducation – what is a capability? Why do we care?Start w/ Strawman and iterate with the Core Team.


  • 1. MyPlan
  • 2. What is MyPlan?
  • 3. MyPlan1. What have I done? Student enrollment history2. What are my options? Explore curricular offerings3. What do I need to do? Degree audit4. What do I plan to do? Projecting academic plan5. What does my advisor think? Share with advisor Sample from Kuali Student Mock-ups
  • 4. MyPlan is the foundation for ongoingmodernization and replacement Enhanced Advisor and collaboration functionsFall 2011 Winter Spring Summer 2012 2012 2012Fall 2012 Winter 2013 Spring 2013 Summer 2013 Section Planning & RegistrationFall 2013 Winter Spring Summer 2014 2014 2014Fall 2015 Winter Spring Summer Enhanced Progress 2015 2015 2015 Tracking & Alerts Multi-term Planning & Administrative Progress Tracking Processes related to academic plan YEAR 1 YEAR 2+
  • 5. MyPlanAcademic planning tool that makes it easier forstudents to navigate the UW’s curricular offerings andachieve their academic goals. Because of MyPlan, I can more easily find the courses that I need to take and manage my academic plan. Being able to outline a plan and share it easily with my advisor has helped me focus on studying, not worrying about graduation
  • 6. Why MyPlan?• Addresses critical needs identified by UW’s IT Strategy for Student Committee and student focus groups• Student Tech Fee Committee funding opportunity• Leverages requirements and design work already done for Kuali Student consortium project• Allows us to align local development to long-term replacement – begin building in Kuali Student stack
  • 7. What is the plan?
  • 8. MyPlan @ UW Architecture (DRAFT)
  • 9. MyPlan product strategyMyPlan features are prioritized by theextent they increase both graduate &undergraduate students’ ability to meettheir academic requirements.
  • 10. MyPlan Year 1 Milestone & Release Plan APR 2012 STFAs a Student, I want to… Committee M1 M2 M3 Beta Public Manage My Audit My Share with an Explore Find a course Plan Record/Plan advisor programs• Search catalog and • Save courses of • Receive warnings • Allow advisors to • View requirements time schedule on interest and notification find and view My of basic parameters • Add and modify • “What is” and Plan 1 program• View course landing courses in plan “What if” audit • Share with specific • Compare page • Save a plan based on today individuals requirements of• View requisites • Receive warnings • “What is” and • See comments my 1 to 3 programs• Find course via related to requisite “What if” audit advisor has made program rules based on plan • Add comments that requirements • View completed and my advisor can see (explore programs in progress courses dependency)• Search via • Add placeholders • Find programs advanced • Multiple plans with high affinity parameters • Additional to coursework validations • Find ‘low cost’ minors and double majors
  • 11. MyPlan delivers new services toMultiple roles across multiple channels Students MyUW UG ‘Tickler Content’ Grad Advisors Advisors MyPlan EARS MyGrad Curriculum Encoders Specialist u.Achiev KS SDB e Curriculum Management u.Achieve*A rich mobile application is out of scope for yr 1
  • 12. What’s our approach?
  • 13. We are not about big software. We’re about big impact.We’re about changing the student experience.
  • 14. Driving fast vs.
  • 15. Knowing where you’re going
  • 16. Break work into sizeable chunks
  • 17. Lean/Agile Reduced Cost• Improved estimates in iterations (better cost estimates)• Less time going down wrong path• Fewer features not needed not developed• Less time regression testing• Bugs and usability issues found earlier when easier to fix• Saves money and drives satisfaction
  • 18. Questions?