January 16, 2012 - Superintendent's update to the Board


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Superintendent's Update to the Board on activities happening in the Vancouver School District.

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January 16, 2012 - Superintendent's update to the Board

  1. 1. Report to Board [Jan. 16, 2012]We still have an on-going bargaining impasse and job action – hopingfor a mutually agreed upon settlement soon. Currently working throughFSA and some provincial exams.Schools/sites visited lately• Prince of Wales Secondary• Point Grey Secondary• Southlands ElementaryAlso have upcoming visits to Jules Quesnel, Queen Mary and UniversityHill SecondaryWe have started the Resource Allocation Review that is intended toidentify a strategic budget approach and possible budget proposals thatcould be considered as part of the 2012/2013 budget process. Thereview will examine services we offer and identify opportunities forincreased cost effectiveness, cost efficiency and opportunities foradditional revenue to help offset future budget shortfalls. Essentially,this would be another set of eyes to review our financial and budgetpractices in order to assist the district in meeting our budgetrequirements.The Aboriginal-focussed school steering committee will be meetinglater this week. We are looking forward to continuing planning for apotential school to be initiated in September.The Secoral Review website was introduced this last week. It has beenreceived very favourably – thanks to Jordan, Field Services and the teamof web-designers who put this together. The next steps will be to getthe word out and to plan for some face-to-face opportunities.DMT is currently examining the District Strategic Plan and the actionitems and timelines emerging from the plan. This will be reported at anupcoming meeting – likely Committee I. DMT will be seeking prioritiesand support for the action items.
  2. 2. We have a District Calendar Committee meeting coming up soon tobegin the process of considering a calendar for next year. Onesuggestion that may emerge is to adopt a multi-year calendar so thatparents and community are aware of the calendar well ahead of time.We are looking at how to receive feedback from our partner groupswith regard to a new school calendar.We are also developing a process for schools to undertake if they areconsidering a move towards a balanced calendarIn light of the teacher job action, members of district staff have beenpreparing for the administration and marking of the FSA withoutteacher involvement. The assessment process begins this week andconcludes at the end of March.The second of a four-part series for Vice Principals took place last week.This is a great opportunity for those new to their positions and thosemore experienced individuals to come together, network and growprofessionally. Many thanks to Jordan and the Field Services team fororganizing the event.Through Kabir Bhagaria in HR, we have been holding a series ofpreliminary meetings to talk about an employee attendance supportsystem. This is intended to provide a supportive model to help reduceabsenteeism and help employees in need find appropriate supportservices. It is also intended to be an aspect of building greater employeeengagement in the system.We continue to meet and learn more about potential vendors for areplacement BCeSIS. In the next few weeks, a few of us will meet withPearson representatives (now own the current BCeSIS software) andwith a Canadian company that provides most of the service in Alberta.I am looking forward to meeting with the Co-Chairs for DPAC next weekas we have arranged to meet on a regular basis through the course ofthis year to assist with good communications.