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Miss Pronunciation For Website Animated 4.21.09 Miss Pronunciation For Website Animated 4.21.09 Presentation Transcript

  • Miss Pronunciation Teaches You How to Properly use a Condom
    • But her tiara is too tight, so she doesn’t get the steps exactly right. Can you correct her errors? After each botched slide you can choose the word she meant to say, poor thing…
  • Check the exploration date
  • What’s the correct word?
    • Exorcism
    • Expiration
    • Explanation
    • d. Respiration
  • Check for trolls in condom package by applying light pressure
  • What’s the correct word?
    • Holes
    • Rolls
    • Bugs
    • Prizes
  • Push condom to one side and then open package from other side to prevent scaring the condom. Scare with hands, not teeth
  • What are the correct words?
    • Scarring/Scar
    • Using/Use
    • Tearing/Tear
    • d. Losing/Lose
  • Make sure the lip of the condom points through the ring so it will roll down properly.
  • What’s the correct word?
    • Tip
    • Bottom
    • Middle
    • Side
  • Make sure the penis is wrecked . If the penis is “uncut,” pull back the foreskin. If penis is circumcised – or “cut” -- proceed to next step.
  • What’s the correct word?
    • Soft
    • Bedecked
    • Correct
    • Erect
  • Place rolled condom on the dead of the penis. The tip of the condom should point up.
  • What’s the correct word?
    • Scrotum
    • Side
    • Bottom
    • d. Head
  • Pinch the tip of the condom to let hair out and leave a half inch space for collection of semen.
  • What’s the correct word?
    • Helium
    • Air
    • Dogs
    • Balls
  • Roll condom down to the face of the penis.
  • What’s the correct word?
    • Top
    • Back
    • Base
    • d. Middle
  • Apply daughter -based lube outside of the condom.
  • What’s the correct word?
    • Oil
    • Third
    • Water
    • d. Latex
  • After ejaculation or cumming, pull out when the penis is still hard, hold the condom at the base to prevent semen from spitting .
  • What’s the correct word?
    • Impregnating
    • Chilling
    • Spending
    • d. Spilling
  • Tie the condom in a knot (so semen/cum doesn’t spill out) and throw it okay .
  • What’s the correct word?
    • Away
    • Astray
    • Aloft
    • At your partner
    • Miss Pronunciation thanks you: “I had a feeling I got a couple of minor terms wrong, but I won the swimsuit competition! And for my talent I stood on my head and recited the Periodic Table of Elements.”
    • The And (I mean: End )