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Social marketing ideas to promote your craft business
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Social marketing ideas to promote your craft business


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Now we offering you the safe way to get fans from the real Facebook users. Ready to bring your page with full of fans and absolutely at the best price on town. We make you POPULAR on Facebook! …

Now we offering you the safe way to get fans from the real Facebook users. Ready to bring your page with full of fans and absolutely at the best price on town. We make you POPULAR on Facebook!

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. ==== ====Now we offering you the safe way to get fans from the real Facebook users. Ready to bring yourpage with full of fans and absolutely at the best price on town. We make you POPULAR onFacebook! ====Getting started on Facebook couldnt be easier... or more essential to panning online gold. Createa profile that contains the best copy possible to make your business look not just good, but hot,hot, hot. After your personal profile is in place create a Facebook Business Page for yourcompany.How? Easy. Scroll to the bottom and click "Advertise". And, get ready to jump for joy... itsabsolutely free! Click on the Pages tab and upload a logo and input some copy that portrays yourcraft business in the best possible light.Then, just as you would in other venues, start reaching out to potential customers by "sharing"your business.Your first contacts, or "Facebook Fans" as theyre called, will probably be real friends and family.But even the most social of entrepreneurs will need to expand well beyond that right away.Dont be indiscriminate, though. One of the worst things that can happen to an online business isto initiate a spiral of negative word of mouth. Spend some time tailoring your message and yourlist to optimize your chances of positive word of mouth.You can reach out to crafters with similar interests - jewelry designers, doll makers, potters...whatever your business line(s) happen to be. Some will be competitors, others will just beinterested amateurs who love crafts as you do. Ask them to spread the word, and give themhelpful tutorial content, free samples, and more to encourage them to follow through.Twitter is another superb way to spread your message, and can sometimes work even quicker.But you trade off speed for volume. Twitter is intended more for real-time communication. Its sortof like Internet chat on steroids.Twitter is a great social networking tool for online craft business owners who want to announcethings that are happening right now. Having a sale? Tweet it. Discovered a new material ortechnique? Share your enthusiasm in up to 140 characters of text.Use Twhirl to manage multiple accounts if you have multiple craft-related businesses, such asglassware and textiles. You dont have to be tied to the computer all day, though. Use Twuffer toqueue up tweets that will go out whenever you want.In all these cases, you want not only to reach the audiences that populate these sites but drive
  • 2. them to your websites. Here again, use a little discretion, but always make sure your friends knowwhere to find your business. After all, theres no point in building a better mousetrap - or mouseearring - if no one knows where to buy it.Both Facebook Pages and Twitter are where you can -Share pictures, pictures, and more pictures! Let me say it one more time: PICTURES. Use theFacebook Photo application to create and update photo albums with wonderful images displayingyour skill and creativity. Step it up a notch by creating videos of your most popular and newest creations. Zoom into thedetails of your products that make them stand out from the rest. Record all sides of them as youredescribing what theyre seeing. If you havent done it already, invest in one of those veryaffordable Flip camcorders. Become familiar with downloading them to your computer, anduploading them to Facebook. Provide tips on how to store the products when not in use or being displayed. Provide tips on how to ship the items Do you offer a repair service if something gets broken? Remind them how they can get theproduct back to you for repair. If not, perhaps you can offer some repair tips for them so they can take care of minor repairs.How about providing some repair video tutorials? Even written tutorials will be helpful. Provide gift ideas - the holidays are close. Do you offer a special discount if someone purchasesmore the one item (one for themselves and one or more for gifts for others). This is a great time toencourage multiple purchases. Give an incentive if you can, perhaps you can provide free shipping if their order is over a certaindollar amount. Or throw in gift wrapping as your freebie. Craft businesses typically had/have origins at craft and gift shows. Maybe you could provide a listof shows in your area, your state...even better - multiple states or regions. When youre attending a show, take pictures or even videos. Take your Facebook Page Fansalong for the ride. Tell them about your plans, your experiences, the excitement, the surprisebonus you never expected to find. By all means, if youre going to be displaying your products atsome shows youll want to let everyone know where you are going to be at. You might even getsome unexpected visitors that happen to be in the area. How great would that be! Share ideas about the best ways to display and use your products. Dont forget to share a nice backstory. Let your visitors know how you got started, what inspiredyou, a timeline of your progression. Inform visitors of product options you provide when someone orders from you. A variety of colors,sizes, shapes, special features, etc. If youre interested in doing this sort of thing - how about turning your knowledge into revenue?Hold workshops and classes, even create video tutorials. Then you can announce your newofferings to your visitors. Do you donate to a charity? Why not get your visitors involved and offer a percentage of theirpurchase to the charity or cause. Heres another idea on this front. What if you organized adonation drive with your online community? Perhaps you could be the gathering place forhandmade toys and other objects that could benefit those less fortunate. You and your fans couldcome together to support a common cause. Dont forget to describe to your visitors how your product fills their need. What is it going to do forthem?
  • 3. Since you have products, youre in a prime position to hold a monthly contest where the winnerreceives something youve made. Perhaps for every 50 new Fans you pick a new winner. Keeprunning this for as long as you like. What about sharing a list of online craft directories? Ask for input from your page fans, see if theycan contribute to this list. Ill bet youve tried quite a number of materials to finally get your products just right. How aboutproviding some reviews on materials that have not lived up to their advertising, or those that havemade your crafts come to life and were exactly what you needed. This could also be a greatconversation starter with other crafters visiting your site. Do you have any tips on what to do with your leftover materials? Is there the possibility ofproviding your visitors with ideas on how to recycle what they dont use from projects? Id like you to think less "online craft store" and more "online crafting community". Encourage thesharing of ideas, materials, issues, troubleshooting, resources, etc. It should be a place everyonewants to visit so they can participate in conversations and contribute some of their valuablecontent. It could be one big happy family! When like-minded people get together, wonderfulpartnerships and joint venture opportunities happen. Doors open. Deeper connections are made.Doesnt that sound like the community youd like to build? If you know of some other crafters that have products which compliment yours, why not sharethese resources with your visitors? Perhaps the other crafters could refer visitors to you as well.Now would be a great time to set up a referral or affiliate program. What a win-win situation allaround.Andrea Kalli offers variety of business services developed with the online entrepreneur in mind. Asa Certified Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant, Andrea specializes in social media optimization toincrease organic search rankings through brand awareness and community building strategies.She supports your internet marketing needs such as Website Analysis, Search Engine Marketing,Email Marketing, Article Marketing, Backlink Strategies, Keyword and Competition research, andmore. She edits audio/video for podcasts, teleseminars, audio books. Creates digital products tosell & teasers for marketing.http://www.virtualassist.netArticle Source: ====
  • 4. Now we offering you the safe way to get fans from the real Facebook users. Ready to bring yourpage with full of fans and absolutely at the best price on town. We make you POPULAR onFacebook! ====