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What is a do it yourself divorce
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What is a do it yourself divorce


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My Ontario is a leading resource for a do it yourself divorce in Ontario. We also have a wealth of information on Ontario divorce forms. Visit us today at for …

My Ontario is a leading resource for a do it yourself divorce in Ontario. We also have a wealth of information on Ontario divorce forms. Visit us today at for more information.

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  • 1. What Is a Do-It-YourselfDivorce?
  • 2. What Is a Do-It-YourselfDivorce?Even though divorce is a fairly commonoccurrence amongst married couples, it can stillhave a devastating effect for everyone involved.Many people envision divorce as a knock down,drag out court battle, where each spouse istrying to get as much as they can from the other.
  • 3. What Is a Do-It-YourselfDivorce?This is how it happens sometimes, but itdoesn’t have to be that way. If bothparties are intent on ending themarriage, you can even use a do-it-yourself divorce. Essentially, a do-it-yourself divorce is a legal divorce whereyou and your spouse do most of thework and no legal assistance isrequired.
  • 4. Contested or Uncontested?One of the first things you’ll need tofigure out when you want to file fordivorce is whether the divorce iscontested or uncontested. Basically, anuncontested divorce means that bothparties want a divorce and there are nodisputes in terms of child support orcustody, spousal support or propertyissues. In contrast, a contested divorceis when one of the parties does disputeone of the claims or wishes of the otherparty.
  • 5. Contested or Uncontested?If the process seems amicable and uncontested, it’s probably agood candidate for a do-it-yourself divorce. If it seems as thoughthe process will be full of snags and disputes, a do-it-yourselfdivorce probably isn’t the wisest choice. Uncontested generallymeans hassle-free, and a do-it-yourself divorce is about as hassle-free and it gets. If you and your spouse agree on all the issues ofthe divorce, it shouldn’t be necessary to go to court and you canget all the forms you need online for a smooth and easy do-it-yourself divorce.
  • 6. Contested or Uncontested?If either spouse seems to feel resentmentor anger toward the other, the DIY methodprobably isn’t a good idea. It’s also best tostay away from the DIY route if you feel likeyour spouse may be hiding assets fromyou, because you’ll end up missing out onwhat is rightfully yours.
  • 7. How to Do-It-YourselfFor a true, do-it-yourself divorce,you’ll have to look online. Withonline services, you can find whichforms apply to your situation, then fillthem out and either print them outand mail them or email them to theirdestination.
  • 8. How to Do-It-YourselfThe fees you pay may vary a littledepending on how quickly thedocuments are prepared and thedivorce is granted. Taking some timeto research the service ahead of timecan help you out a lot in the end.Online reviews and testimonials willhelp to guide you to a reliable serviceyou can trust.
  • 9. Are You Really Sure?Even though a do-it-yourself divorce isrelatively quick and easy, it’s always agood idea to make sure that you and yourspouse are sure that this divorce is theright way to go. Things like mediators,counselors, a brief period of separation,financial advisors and even parentingclasses can help to get things back ontrack.
  • 10. Are You Really Sure?In some cases divorce may be the only wayto go, but try not to jump to that solution justbecause you can do it yourself. Divorce isa heavy decision, so give it the time andconsideration it deserves.
  • 11. Conditions for a DivorceAnyone who is divorced or has looked into it knows that you mustmeet certain conditions, even if the divorce is completelyuncontested. In Canada, you will only be granted a divorce if themarriage has broken down. And in the Divorce Act, there are onlythree suitable reasons for the breakdown of a marriage:– Adultery – this occurs when your spouse has a voluntary sexual relationship withsomeone else while the two of you are married.– Cruelty – this may include mental abuse, physical abuse or a combination of thetwo.– Separation – for this to come into play, you and your spouse must have livedapart for at least one year.
  • 12. Conditions for a DivorceIf cruelty or adultery are the reasons thatthe divorce is desired, then you will mostlikely need legal help and shouldn’t botherwith a do-it-yourself divorce. If theseparation is the only reason and thesituation is not emotionally charged, goonline and see if the DIY method is right foryou.
  • 13. Further Reading…My Ontario is a leadingresource for a do it yourself divorce inOntario. We also have a wealth ofinformation on Ontario divorce forms. Visitus today at formore information.