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  • 1.
    • Do you have what it takes to pass your pre-trip inspection and skills test?
    What would it be worth to you? <Combination Vehicle> <Straight Truck> <School Bus/Passenger> <Coach Bus w/Air Brake> <Shuttle Bus> Do you want to be a statistic in the failure rate? Do you have confidence in your ability? Are spending Too much time and money?
  • 2. What You need to know to Prepare and Pass your CDL skills test and Pre-trip Inspection Test <Combination Vehicle> <Straight Truck> <School Bus/Passenger> <Coach Bus w/Air Brake> <Shuttle Bus> Get the Information you need!
  • 3.
    • In order to take your skills or pre-trip inspection test and obtain your Commercial drivers license, you must have the correct permit issued by the states Department of Motor Vehicles with the proper endorsements for required testing.
    • The Federal standard requires States to issue a CDL to drivers according to certain commercial motor vehicle classifications:
    The Beginning.... www.cdlipass.com Be Prepared
  • 4. Classes of CMV, Endorsements, Restrictions
    • Know the classes of commercial motor vehicles, what CDL endorsements and CDL restriction can be placed on your license
    www.cdlipass.com Class A Class B Class C Air Brake Restriction
  • 5. Can you pass your CDL skills test and pre-trip inspection test?
    • The CDL Skills Test or pre-trip inspection is not as easy as some may think and many applicants fail the exam, the first time!
    • Last year, some states had more than 50,000 failures
    • Get the skills you need to pass your skills and pre-trip inspection tests.......
  • 6. Combination Vehicle
    • The information in the Combination vehicle module provides you with the necessary information that is needed to pass the skills test and pre-trip inspection test for driving a common combination vehicles. An important key feature in operating a combination vehicle is learning the rig itself.......
    • Combination Vehicles examples: (tractor-trailer, doubles, triples, dump truck with trailer)
    • Take your next step with CDLiPass......< CLICK Here >
  • 7. Straight Truck
    • If you are looking for a career in the transportation industry with the opportunity to work locally, a commercial Drivers License for the purpose of driving a straight truck may be the right choice.
    • Certain classification for a straight truck operator depends on the GVW of the vehicle, that is necessary for operation of this type of vehicle, typically under a Class B license.
    • Take your next step with CDLiPass......< CLICK Here >
  • 8. Coach Bus w/ Air brakes
    • To gain a flexible work schedule while you pursue other interests or working full time as a coach bus operator. Bus and coach driving is more than just sitting behind the wheel, but the opportunity to drive and enjoy what you are doing.
    • Take your next step with CDLiPass...... < Click Here >
  • 9. Shuttle Bus
    • Driving a shuttle bus once you obtain your passenger endorsement on your commercial drivers license, you can enjoy a more personable relations with the passengers as you take them on a journey driving them to things as special events, hotels, airports and even college and universities.
    • Take your next step with CDLiPass......< CLICK Here >
  • 10. School Bus/Passenger Endorsement
    • The passenger bus differs from other pre-trip and skills test in the manner that you need to prepare for this test.
    • As you begin your journey in obtaining your Passenger endorsement, the benefit of adding an &quot;S&quot; endorsement, is that you can be proud of the responsibility you gain from transporting our children. Providing a safe travel to and from school, or events and easing the minds of many parents.
    • Take your next step with CDLiPass...... < CLICK Here >
  • 11. Final Review before your CDL Skills test and Pretrip Inspection
    • Get Your Information that you need to become a
    • Successful Commercial driver without spending
    • hundreds of dollars, and be on your way to a
    • successful career in the transportation industry.
    • <Click Here> To get the skills you need to pass your pre-trip and skills test and
    • DO IT with confidence.