List of CrowdFunding Websites and much more!


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List of Crowd Funding Websites & Websites to Find & Connect with Angel Investors and Venture Capital-Private Equity firms + list of Outsourcing, Crowdsourcing and Open-Innovation Websites

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List of CrowdFunding Websites and much more!

  1. 1.   1  I­ CrowdFunding Websites   II­ Websites to Find/Connect with Angel Investors or Venture Capital / Private Equity firms  III­ OutSourcing, CrowdSourcing or Open­Innovation Websites­crowdfundingwebsitesandmuchmore     I­ CrowdFunding Websites    If you do not see your platform, indicate me your website with a short pitch including the type of                                      Crowdfunding, the theme and where in the world, the company/organisation owner of the platform                            is located    CrowdFunding = Raising money ​online by soliciting small amounts from many (the crowd)                          instead of a wealthy few    These articles will help you to understand what CrowdFunding is about:    ­ Introduction to CrowdFunding: ​​ (Eng)  ­ 1) Types of CrowdFunding: Ways Entrepreneurs Can Face the Investment Crisis + 2) How to Invest  Using a CrowdFunding Website: ​​ (Eng)    ­ French version of articles 1) and 2): ​​ (Fr)    ­ Comment devenir riche en micro­investissant (How to become rich by micro­investing):​ (Fr)    ­ Examples of CrowdFunding for big projects: ​​ (Eng)  ­ Examples of biotech startups funded by Equity­based Crowdfunding/Micro­investing:​ (Eng)​     Types of Crowdfunding     1. Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding​: your fans donate to your project in exchange of  rewards (thanks, exclusive news, gifts, goodies, coupons, ... everything but not money)  2. P2P­Lending (CrowdLending): ​Peer to peer money lending and borrowing  3. Crowd Co­Production​:   a​) ​Revenue Sharing (Royalties)​:​ your fans bet on your project/company and get royalties  on future revenues   b)​ ​Pre­Sales:​ your fans support your project by pre­ordering (pre­sales) your "future"  Ari MASSOUDI​ / ​http://www.strategy­of­​  / ​  
  2. 2.   2  product   c)​ your fans support your project and get coupons on your (future) products (this last one is  in fact based on the Donation vs Reward model)  4. Equity­based Crowdfunding (Mircovesting, Mirco­Investing)​: ​people can invest in the equity of  your privately­held company (startups to SMEs) by buying shares of the company (classic Angel &  VC investing are a [one­to­one or one­to­few + offline closing deal] process / The equity­based CF  process is a [one­to­many + online closing deal] process) // The Return Of Investment will be done  by the trade of shares (capital gain) or by the payments of dividends based on the benefits  performed by the investee company.    1, 2 and 3 can be used by individuals or organizations including companies, for profit or non­profit                                  projects  4 can only be used by incorporated companies      Note: The country symbol (US, FR, ...) indicates where is located the company (or organisation) providing                                the crowdfunding website. Some could have a global audience, others target only people of their country.          For Personal, Creative, Cultural or Social Projects (Generalist Crowdfunding­Platforms)  http://www.pret­​ Fr, P2P­Lending web site for SMEs and individuals based in France​ Fr, P2P­Lending for SMEs based in France​ Fr, P2P­Lending​ Fr, P2P­Lending website​ Fr, P2P­Lending website​ Fr, P2P­Lending website​ Fr, Crowdfunding for all creative projects​ Fr, CF for projects located in the French Region Bretagne or projects in relation with the Region​ Fr, Tipeee a subsidiary of MyMajorCompany, Tipeee is a Donation/Rewards­based Crowdfunding for  artists/actors/authors/writers/perfomers/experts playing on Youtube ­ called Youtubers ­ or offering their creation for free on the  internet ­ website, blog …​ US, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for artists/actors/authors/writers/perfomers/experts playing  on Youtube ­ called Youtubers ­ or offering their creation for free on the internet ­ website, blog …​ Fr, Crowdfunding for all creative projects​ Fr, Crowdfunding for all creative projects​ Fr, Crowdfunding to co­produce artistic projects​ Fr, Crowdfunding all non­lucrative creative projects​ Fr, Crowdfunding Artistic show projects​ Fr, Crowdfunding all creative projects​ Fr, Crowdfunding all creative projects​ Fr, Crowdfunding all creative projects​ Fr, Crowdfunding all creative and social projects​ Fr, Crowdfunding for projects bringing value to the French department (département) Ariège​ Fr, Crowdfunding for all kind of projects​ Fr, Virtual Incubator, Crowdsourcing and Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for any kind of projects Fr, Aggregator of Crowdfunding projects and websites / Find the best crowdfunding projects across the                                web / find Crowdfunding web platforms   Ari MASSOUDI​ / ​http://www.strategy­of­​  / ​  
  3. 3.   3 Fr, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for small businesses, convenience retail stores and                      non­profit associations located near where you live and for which you care about  https://www.culture­​ Fr, Crowdfunding ­ crowd­patronage of patrimony​ Fr, Crowdfunding for culture and national patrimony​ Fr, Crowdfunding for projects in French Antilles  https://www.ozetousacteurs­​ Fr, Crowdfunding for projects in/for the French department La Manche​ Fr, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for all kind of projects  https://www.crowdfunding­ Fr, Donation/Reward­based crowdfunding for creative projects n the Region                    Alsace ­ France  https://www.culture­​ Fr, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for all kind of projects​ Belgium, P2P­Lending for SMEs Belgium, P2P­Lending + ​Donation/Reward + ​Revenue sharing Crowdfunding for creative entrepreneurs and                          associations​ Italy, Crowdfunding all kind of creative projects​ Italy, Donation/Reward­based crowdfunding​ Italy, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding​ Italy, Crowdfunding all kind of creative projects  http://crowdfunding­​ Italy, Crowdfunding all kind of creative projects​ Italy​ Italy, P2P Lending​ Italy, P2P Lending​ Czech, Crowdfunding for all kind of  projects​ Estonia, Crowdfunding for kind of creative projects​ Canada, Crowdfunding all kind of creative projects​ Canada, Donation/Reward­based CF fo all kind of projects​ Canada, Crowdfunding all kind of creative projects​ US, UK, Italy, Japan, P2P Lending website​ US, P2P­Lending for any kind projects, personal or business​ US, P2P­Lending for any kind projects, personal or business​ US, P2P­Lending for any kind projects, personal or business​ US, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for all creative projects​ US, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding all kind of projects​ US, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding all kind of projects US, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding all kind of projects // + Crowdbuzz with              ​ US, Crowdfunding all kind of projects​ US, Crowdfunding for projects launched by women or diversity groups​ US, Crowdfunding creative social projects​ US, Crowdfunding all kind of creative projects​ US, Crowdfunding all kind of projects​ US, Crowdfunding all kind of creative projects​ US, Crowdfunding artists and creative projects​ US, Crowdfunding to support US Artists​ US, Crowdfunding for creative ideas​ US, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for creative projects​ US, Crowdfunding platform for all kind of projects​ US, Crowdfunding platform for artistic projects​ US, P2P Lending web site​ US, Crowdfunding platform for all kind of projects US, Crowdfunding for all kind of projects / all crowdfunding models : donation/reward, ​promise                              royalties​ on future sales, or ​promise equity in exchange of capital​ ​​ US, Donation/Reward based Crowdfunding for projects helping girls and women  Ari MASSOUDI​ / ​http://www.strategy­of­​  / ​  
  4. 4.   4​ US, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding medical treatments for people in need​ US, Donation/Reward based Crowdfunding for people in need​ US, Crowdfunding All kind of projects US, Crowdfunding platform for new products, the platform offers also a large range of support to                                  project holders before, during, and after the campaign reaches its goal. Services include pre­launch strategy, marketing and PR                                    support, crowdfunding, seamless eCommerce and pre­sales, drop shipping, fulfillment and delivery, and more.​ US, Crowdfunding for later­stage projects​ UK, Crowdfunding Arts UK, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for sport and entertainment projects, challenges or                      competitions UK, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for young people with ideas and projects that benefit their                            communities​ UK, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for anyone in the education sector, students and Academic staff UK, Crowdfunding website enabling social entrepreneurs and social ventures to raise funds and build a                                crowd of supporters. Funding types from donation/goodies, pre­sales/perks and P2P Lending​ UK, Crowdfunding for all kind of creative projects​ UK, Crowdfunding creative projects​ UK, Crowdfunding all kind of creative projects​ UK, Crowdfunding for Social projects​ UK, P2P Lending website  http://www.yes­​ UK, P2P Lending website​ UK, Crowdfunding for all kind of projects, Donation & Reward model​ UK, Crowdfunding for all kind of creative projects​ UK, Crowdfunding all kind of creative projects​ UK, Crowdfunding all kind of artistic projects​ ​Ireland, Crowdfunding all creative projects from Ireland​ Australia, Ex­Fundbreak, Crowdfunding all creative projects​ Australia, Crowdfunding for all kind of projects​ Australia, Crowdfunding for Social projects​ Australia, P2P­Lending​ New­Zealand, Crowdfunding all creative projects​ New­Zealand, Crowdfunding all kind of projects​ New­Zealand, Crowdfunding all kind of projects​ New­Zealand, P2P Lending​ Spain, Crowdfunding artistic and creative projects​ Spain, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for Catalan Countries​ Spain, Crowdfunding for all non­lucrative creative projects​ Spain, Crowdfunding all creative projects​ Spain, Crowdfunding Spain, Crowdfunding platform + Strategy, Marketing & Com Consulting Agency for Crowdfunding                          Campaigns Spain, Crowdfunding all creative projects and for collaboration ­ services, infrastructures, microtasks and                            other resources ­ for encouraging the independent development of creative and innovative initiatives that contribute to the                                  common good, free knowledge, and open code​ Spain, Crowdfunding all creative projects​ Spain, P2P­Lending​ Portugal, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for all kind of projects​ Portugal, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for all kind of projects​ Brazil, Crowdfunding all creative projects​ Brazil, Crowdfunding + Crowdsourcing creative projects​ Brazil, Crowdfunding All kind of creative projects​ Brazil, Crowdfunding creative projects  Ari MASSOUDI​ / ​http://www.strategy­of­​  / ​  
  5. 5.   5​ Brazil, Crowdfunding all creative projects​ Brazil, Crowdfunding for projects having a social impact​ Brazil, Crowdfunding all creative projects​ Brazil, Crowdfunding all creative projects​ Argentina, Crowdfunding all creative projects​ Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Crowdfunding for all creative projects​ Germany, Crowdfunding all artistic and creative projects Germany, Crowdfunding films, musicians, writers, journalists, photographers, designers and creative                      projects​ Germany, Crowdfunding all kind of creative projects​ Germany, Crowdfunding for individuals, groups, social causes and non­profits​ Germany, Crowdfunding all kind of creative projects​ Germany, Crowdfunding all kind of creative projects​ Germany, Crowdfunding all kind of creative projects​ Germany, Crowdfunding All kind of projects​ ​Germany, P2P­Lending​ Austria, Crowdfunding for Social projects​ Norway, Crowdfunding all kind of creative projects​ Finland, P2P­Lending​ Sweden, Crowdfunding for cultural projects​ Denmark, Donation/Reward based­Crowdfunding for all kind of projects from Scandinavia​ Neth​ Neth​ Neth, Crowdfunding for all kind of creative projects​ Neth, Crowdfunding for all kind of projects​ Neth, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for creative projects and small businesses​ Luxembourg, Crowdfunding  http://www.100­​ Switzerland, Crowdfunding All kind of creative projects​ Switzerland, Crowdfunding platform for artists, artisans and entrepreneurs​ Switzerland, Crowdfunding Art Projects​ Switzerland, P2P­Lending​ South Korea, Crowdfunding for all kind of creative projects​ South Korea  http://camp­​ Japan, Crowdfunding for all kind of creative projects  http://www.countdown­​ Japan, Crowdfunding for all kind of projects​ Japan   https://first­​ Japan, Pre­Sales based Crowdfunding site for Sony future products​ Japan​ Japan, P2P­Lending​ Philippine, Crowdfunding for artistic projects​ China, Crowdfunding for all kind of projects​ China, Crowdfunding for all kind of projects​ China, Crowdfunding​ China/Asia, Crowdfunding for all kind of projects​ Thailand, Crowdfunding for all kind of projects​ India, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding​ India, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding​ Iran, Crowdfunding​ South Africa, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for all kind of projects​ South Africa, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for all kind of projects South Africa, Crowdfunding and CrowdInvestment/Micro­investing platform for a wide range of                        assets: creative projects, business equity, business revenue & profit sharing, real estate ...  Ari MASSOUDI​ / ​http://www.strategy­of­​  / ​  
  6. 6.   6    Crowdfunding for the Jewish community​ Fr, Crowdfunding for projects related to the Jewish community​ Israel, Crowdfunding for individuals, businesses and Non­Profit Organisations​ US, Crowdfunding all kind of projects concerning the Jewish community​ Israel, Equity­based Crowdfunding for innovative startups based in Israel​ Israel, Equity­based Crowdfunding for startups​ ​Fr, Crowdfunding for projects related to the Jewish community    Crowdfunding for the Christian community​ US, Crowdfunding all kind of projects concerning the Christian community​ Fr, Donation/Reward, ​P2P Lending­based​ ​Crowdfunding concerning the Christian community    Crowdfunding for the Muslim community  http://www.musulman­    Platform offering Software, online Software and SaaS, or Widget to create and promote your own crowdfunding                                campaign Fr, Crowdfunding for a special event such as a birthday, wedding, a new­born … . You can invite your                                        friends by emailing, and also your Facebook's friends, to choose gifts in the catalog, and you will collectively buy the selected gift                                            and send it to whom it concerns Fr, Fund a project with the help of your social network deeds on the web (ex. people who want to                                          help your project accept to watch an commercial video or to fill a marketing survey ... and then, for each deed, GiveMeDolz put                                              some money on your project, ex. € 0.002 for each video watched) Fr, Crowdfunding for a special event such as a birthday, wedding, a new­born … . You can invite your                                        friends by emailing, and also your Facebook's friends, to choose gifts in the catalog, and you will collectively buy the selected gift                                            and send it to whom it concerns​ Fr, Crowdfunding for raised money collectively for a special event Fr, Ask your Facebook's friend to do something for you, and reward them with cash, a gift in the catalogue                                          of Wydif, or anything else of your choice ​Fr, You can create your dedicated web page to raise money from your friends, family and the Crowd,                                      by sharing your page in Facebook, Twitter and other social websites / You can create a kitty on the Internet to easily collect                                              money for group expenditures …  https://www.collecte­ Fr, Pot commun pour les funérailles/Obsèques. Crowdfunding to support a family for funeral                            expenses Fr, You can create your dedicated web page to raise money from your friends, family and the Crowd,                                      by sharing your page in Facebook, Twitter and other social websites ​Fr, Equity­based Crowdfunding for startups + White­Label Online SaaS to launch your own                            crowdfuding platform​ Fr, White­Label Online SaaS  to launch your own crowdfunding platform​ UK, White­Label Online SaaS to launch your own crowdfunding platform​ US, White­Label Online SaaS to launch your own crowdfunding platform  Ari MASSOUDI​ / ​http://www.strategy­of­​  / ​  
  7. 7.   7​ US, White­Label Online SaaS to launch your own crowdfunding platform Fr, You can create your dedicated web page to raise money and/or sell tickets for your events, from                                      your friends, family and the Crowd, by sharing your page in Facebook, Twitter and other social websites​ Spain, Launch your Crowdfunding campaign Germany, You can create your dedicated web page to raise money from your firends, family and the                                    Crowd, by sharing your page in Facebook, Twitter and other social websites Sweden, UK, Flattr is a way for internet readers to choose and equitably share contribution with the web sites                                        they appreciate the most. Website/Blog owners can add a Flattr button on their web site to allow donations from their readers​ UK, Birdie List enables friends and family to collectively fund gifts at all of life's biggest occasions​ Germany, A crowdfunding plugin for your own WordPress website​ Germany, Donation­based crowdfunding for social projects and causes UK, You can create your dedicated web page to raise money from your friends, family and the Crowd, by                                        sharing your page in Facebook, Twitter and other social websites​ Widget to put on your web site for donation. No fees charged, only PayPal's fees US, ​You can create your dedicated web page to raise money from your friends, family and the Crowd, by                                        sharing your page in Facebook, Twitter and other social websites US, Crowdfunding for a special event such as a birthday, wedding, a new­born … . You can invite                                      your friends by emailing, and also your Facebook's friends, and as organizer, you can also ask money to your friends ​US, You can create your Widget with a dedicated web page that allows you to keep people up­to­date on                                        an Event you organize to collect money. No fee charged, only Paypal's fees / ​ / ​ US, You can create your dedicated web                        page to raise money from your friends, family and the Crowd, by sharing your page in Facebook, Twitter and other social                                          websites US, You can create your dedicated web page to raise money from your friends, family and the Crowd, by                                        sharing your page in Facebook, Twitter and other social websites US, You can create your dedicated web page to raise money from your friends, family and the Crowd, by                                        sharing your page in Facebook, Twitter and other social websites US, You can create your dedicated web page to raise money from your friends, family and the Crowd, by                                        sharing your page in Facebook, Twitter and other social websites​ US, A Crowdfunding platform dedicated to non­profits, universities and political organizations US, You can create your dedicated web page to raise money from your friends, family and the Crowd, by                                        sharing your page in Facebook, Twitter and other social websites​ US, Launch a Crowdfunding campaign to support a cause you care about ​US, You can create your dedicated web page to raise money from your friends, family and the Crowd,                                      by sharing your page in Facebook, Twitter and other social websites / InvestedIn provides you also a full package of services to                                            enhance your campaign US, You can create your dedicated web page to raise money from your friends, family and the Crowd, by                                        sharing your page in Facebook, Twitter and other social websites / Launcht provides you also a full package of services to                                          enhance your campaign US, You can create your dedicated web page to raise money from your friends, family and the Crowd,                                      by sharing your page in Facebook, Twitter and other social websites​ US, EpicStep is a platform for creating and crowdfunding billboards for the messages you care about​ US, Fund by the Crowd your advertising space for your campaigns on TV, billboards and more​ US, ​lets anyone start a campaign asking people to give money or do something as a group US, Kachingle is a way for internet readers to choose and equitably share their $5 monthly contribution with                                      the web sites they appreciate the most. Website/Blog owners can add a Kachingle Medallion on their web site to allow donations                                          Ari MASSOUDI​ / ​http://www.strategy­of­​  / ​  
  8. 8.   8  from their readers US, Setting up a Crowdfunding/donation page is the easiest way to support a friend or family                                  member during times of medical need​ US, Crowdfunding for Non­Profit Organizations Canada, With SocialGift you can invite your friends by emailing, and also your Facebook's friends, to                                  choose gifts in the catalog for a special event such as a Birthday, Wedding, a New­Born ..., and then your friends vote for the best                                                  one, and you will collectively buy the selected gift and send it to whom it concerns Canada, Crowdfund by your family and friends a special gift such as wedding, hooneymoon trip,                                birthday gift ...    Support Students​ P2P Lending to support higher­education students in China​ P2P Lending to support higher­education students in emerging countries​ P2P Lending to support higher­education students​ P2P Lending to support higher­education students​ Crowdfunding / Donation to support College students Crowdfunding, Students ask their family, friends, fans, fools or any other benefactors to fund them if                                  they have done good work at school! Be rewarded if you get a A+!​ Canada, Providing scholarships for young leaders in the developing world​ US, Crowdfunding by P2P Lending to students in Latin America​ US, Crowdfunding classroom projects US, Crowdfunding for College&University students / Invest in a student and receive during 10 years a %                                    of his/her future income when he/she will be an active professional​ Spain, Crowdfunding for students around the world to fund their education Fr, this one is not a Crowdfunding/P2P lending web site, but it helps French college students to                                    borrow money at Commercial Banks to finance their studies   http://www.ta­ US, The Ta­Lend program uses a hybrid, peer­to­peer (P2P) lending platform, where                          international students wanting to study in the U.S. can borrow funds from friends, family and financial institutions through a                                      consolidated tuition loan​ US    Support Students’ Projects​ Fr, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for projects hold by students     Arts  h​ttp://​ Fr, Monaco, Crowdfunding to co­produce Painter/Visual Artists​ UK, Co­buy arts, co­produce Painter/Visual Artists​ Fr, Crowd invest in arts​ ​Belgium, Dontion/Reward­based CF for art projects​ Fr, Crowdfunding to support artists​ Fr, Donation­based Crowdfunding to support artistic & cultural projects    Music​ Fr, Crowdfunding to co­produce a Show Fr, at first a Crowdfudning platform to co­produce singers and musicians, now it’s a generalist                                CF website​ Fr, Crowdfunding for music projects  Ari MASSOUDI​ / ​http://www.strategy­of­​  / ​  
  9. 9.   9​ Fr, Crowdfunding to co­produce music projects, singers, musicians, groups­​ Fr, Crowdfunding to co­produce music projects, singers, musicians, groups​ Fr​ Fr, music, book, movie​ Fr​ Fr, Crowdfunding Artistic show projects​ Fr Fr, Crowdfung for singers/musicians. This site offers you to pre­pay a ticket concert for new artists                                  selected by the site, with the goal to bring these artists on the stage​ Italy​ Belgium​ Belgium, Crowdfunding and community production of new talents​ Belgium​ Neth​ Neth, Crowdfunding African singers & musicians​ Crowdfunding for musicians and music projects​ Brazil, Crowdfunding for musicians and music projects​ Mexico, Crowdfunding for musicians and music projects​ Mexico, Crowdfunding for creative projects ​US, Crowdfunding site that helps musicians raise money for recording, video production, touring,                            marketing, merchandise and any other business related expense a musician may face US, Fan­sourcing and Crowdfunding for singers, musicians and music projects. You can support the                              production of your favorite artists by pre­ordering albums. Once minimum costs are covered by pre­orders, production of                                  limited­edition, aesthetic vinyl records will begin​ US Canada, Crowdfunding for musicians. Fans support their favourite artists via subscriptions, pre­sales,                          pay­what­you­want sales, donations, and more​ UK​ US, UK​ Poland, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunidng for music projetcs​  UK,  Donation­based Crowdfunding for …. ???      Books​ Neth​ Neth​ Fr  https://www.cercle­​ Fr​ Fr​ Fr​ Fr, Crowdfunding for book projects​ Fr, Crowdfunding for photo­book projects​ Fr, music, book, movie​  UK​ Canada, Crowdfunding for Book, Movie and Music projects​ US, Crowdfunding for book projects     Comics (Bande Dessinée)​ Belgium​ Fr     Fashion  Ari MASSOUDI​ / ​http://www.strategy­of­​  / ​  
  10. 10.   10​ US​ Fr, Crowdfunding platform for selected fashion designers​ Fr, Crowdfunding platform for fashion designers​ US​ US​ US, Crowdfunding for fashion designers​ Fr, Crowdfunding platform for fashion designers and projects in fashion​ Fr, Crowdfunding platform for fashion designers and projects in fashion     Furniture and Product design​ Fr, Crowdfunding to co­produce designers and LED­based light­fixture projects​ Fr, Crowdfunding to co­produce designers and furniture projects​ Fr, Crowdfunding to co­produce designers and design projects​ Canada, Pre­order product ideas to support designers US, It's not a Crowdfunding website, but a design­driven open innovation firm for creative products.                                Submit your idea to the Quirky community, if selected, Quirky will conceive, manufacture and commercialize your product, and                                    you will get royalties on future sales­on­etsy US, Crowdfunding platform of the marketplace Etsy, it enables designers to pre­sales a future                              product    Film​ Fr, Crowdfunding platform for Film Production Projects  http://www.movies­​ Fr, Crowdfunding platform for Film Production Projects​ Fr, Crowdfunding platform for Film Production Projects​ Fr, Crowd Investing platform to support the Distribution of movies​ Fr, Crowd finding for music, book and movie projects​ Fr, Crowdfunding platform for Film Production Projects  http://www.we­are­​ Fr, Crowdfunding platform for Film Production Projects   http://www.projet­​ Fr,​ ​Crowdfunding platform for Film Production Projects​ Spain, Crowdfunding platform for film projects​ Czech, Crowdfunding platform for Film Production Projects​ Neth​ Neth Finland, A Crowdfunding website fully dedicated to support the production of the Science fiction Feature                                Film: Iron Sky​ A Crowdfunding web site fully dedicated to support the production of the Feature Film: Connected​ Crowdfunding platform for Film Production Projects​ Canada, Crowdfunding for Book, Movie and Music projects​ ​Announced​ ​Announced​ US, Buyacredit is a project aiming to partially fund a movie by selling its end credits online​ US US, Platform for filmmakers to grow their audiences at every stage: pitch, funding, production and                                distribution​ US, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for film projects​ US​ US ​US, CinemaShares raises funds for cinema projects by the Internet through a process called                              "​Crowdfunding/Micro­Investing​". The process enables a film production company (a privately­held company) to sell their                            stocks to its fans on the Internet, and also to raise the capital they need by selling their stock on their own Web sites. To do this,                                                      the company needs to file with the SEC in the U.S. to get permission to sell stock.). The CEO of CinemaShares, owns also                                    ​. This process is not cheap and can cost over US$100,000, so it is designed for MAJOR films with                                      Ari MASSOUDI​ / ​http://www.strategy­of­​  / ​  
  11. 11.   11  budgets over US$ 5 million. ​(UK, Equity­based Crowdfunding for sports and entertainment, Invest on a young up and coming                              sportsmen and entertainment stars, sports teams, sports leagues, ​films​, sports academies, sports related IP and Media                                companies, ... and get royalties (or dividends) on future revenues (or benefits) or perform a capital gain after the trade of your                                            shares​ US, Crowdfunding for for Indie filmmakers    TV Program/Show (TV film, serial ...)​ Fr, Become co­producer of TV Show projects, Crowdfunding ­ Bet on project and get royalties​ Fr, Become co­producer of TV Show projects, Crowdfunding ­ Bet on project and get royalties US, You are a fan of a TV show, and you want it back to the TV or you want to see a movie for the cinema,                                               is donation­based crowdfunding platform for fans who want to support their favorite shows     One­Man Show/Stand­up/Theatre Fr, Become co­producer of a one­(wo)man show/stand­up performer, Crowdfunding ­ Bet on project and                              get royalties     Adult Projects​ US, Crowdfunding for adult projects such as adult movies, books, photos, & more / Donation/Rewards model​ Netherlands​ US Germany, Donation/Reward­based CF for Girls having a project (any project) and they reward                            their donators with adult contents from themselves​ US     Board Game (Jeux de Société)​ Fr, Crowdfunding of Board projects​ US, Crowdfunding of all kind of Game projects       Video Game​ Fr, Crowdfunding of Video Game projects­ Fr, Crowdsourcing + Crowdfunding ­ ​bet on project and get royalties ­ for video game                                projects​ US, Crowdfunding of Video Game projects​ US, Crowdfunding of all kind of Game projects​ ​US, Equity­based Crowdfunding​ ​Germany, Equity­based Crowdfunding for Game startups     Software, Smartphone & Pad Mobile Applications​ To finance iPhone/iPad apps for Developers​ To finance iPhone/iPad apps for Developers Crowdfunding platform that helps developers get paid for developing new features, and enables your community                                to pledge to get the features they want. Win­Win.​ Germany, Crowdsourcing+Crowdfunding m­apps, software, games, e­business​ Brazil, Crowdfunding for open source software projects​ Fr, Crowdfunding for open source software projects​ US, Crowdfund, develop and sell apps​ Netherlands, Crowdfund, develop and sell apps​ crowdsourcing and crowdfunding platform for mobile apps    Ari MASSOUDI​ / ​http://www.strategy­of­​  / ​  
  12. 12.   12  Horse ! Fr, Equity­based Crowdfunding, you can co­invest in a HORSE for competition! ….                          Company dead.​ Fr, Equity­based Crowdfunding, you can co­invest in a HORSE for competition!​ UK, Equity­based Crowdfunding, you can co­invest in a HORSE for competition!     Sportsmen/Sportswomen and Professional Sport Clubs​ UK, Crowdfunding the UK football club Ebbsfleet United​ ​US, Crowd buy/invest in a minor league sport club ­ US­Football, Baseball, or Basketball​ ​US​ Announced ­ Crowdfunding Platform Dedicated to Football/Soccer​ Announced ­ Crowdfunding Platform Dedicated to Sports­​ ​Invest on a young tennis player, and get royalties on future revenues​ Neth Ireland, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for anything related to sport, athletes, teams, clubs,                        events, products ... UK, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for sport and entertainment projects, challenges or                      competitions ​UK, Equity­based Crowdfunding for sports and entertainment, Invest on a young up and coming                              sportsmen and entertainment stars, sports teams, sports leagues, ​films​, sports academies, sports related IP and Media                                companies, ... and get royalties (or dividends) on future revenues (or benefits) or perform a capital gain after the trade of your                                            shares​ UK, Crowdfunding for football fans. You can support your favourite club through fanfunding ​Fr, Equity­based Crowdfunding, people are invited to invest in a holding company (cash in                              exchange of shares), the holding company will then invest in the equity of Martial Spirit, a web­media managed by well­know                                        French personalities in the sport. The website ambition is to become the leading web­media in martial arts and fighting sports Fr, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding to support sportsmen/sportswomen competitors and sport                    projects Fr, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding to support sportsmen/sportswomen competitors and                  sport projects Fr, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding to support sportsmen/sportswomen competitors and                  sport projects Fr, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding to support sportsmen/sportswomen competitors and sport                    projects Fr, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding to support sportsmen/sportswomen competitors and sport                    projects     Justice / C​itizen Action / Class Action Fr, Citizencase s'adresse à toute association régulièrement constituée, qu'elle soit déclarée, agréée, locale                            ou nationale, qui œuvre pour la protection de l'environnement, de la santé et/ou des droits sociaux. Elle s'adresse à toute                                        personne qui souhaite soutenir une association dans cette démarche​ Fr, Crowdfunding  pour les actions en justice Fr, Le premier site d'actions collectives pour la défense des consommateurs. Inscrivez­vous gratuitement                            pour réclamer votre indemnité​ Fr, Crowdfunding for a cause you care or for political activism​ UK​ US, ​Invest In A Legal Dispute​, Or Donate To A Legal Case you care, Globally     Newspapers, Journalists and Reporters​ Fr, Crowdfunding for e­news web sites​ US, Crowdfunding for reporting projects​ Crowdfunding photojournalism  Ari MASSOUDI​ / ​http://www.strategy­of­​  / ​  
  13. 13.   13​ Germany, Crowdfunding Independent Journalism​ Neth, Crowdfunding journalism​ US, Crowdfunding independant journalism​ UK, Crowdfunding independant open journalism     Legal Cannabis​ US, Equity­based Crowdfunding for companies in the cannabis industry​ US, Equity­based Crowdfunding for companies in the cannabis industry​ US, Crowdfunding for  for cannabis projects​ US, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing for cannabis projects     Real Estate​ Crowdfunding for real estate .... ​Announced​ Fr, Crowd invest in real estate​ Fr​ Fr  http://www.hexagon­​ Fr​ Fr    http://www.mon­e­​ Fr​ Fr​ ​ Fr, Crowd invest in real estate​ Fr​ Fr​ Fr, Crowd invest in real estate South Africa, Crowd Investment/Micro­investing platform for a wide range of assets : business                            equity, business revenue & profit sharing, real estate ...​ US​ US​ Spain, Crowd Invest in real estate​ Singapore​ Hong Kong​ ​Singapore, Malaysia, Crowd Invest in real estate projects     Animal Welfare     MicroCredit/Loan or Donations to support: Projects in Developing Countries, NonProfit Organizations (Charity,                        Philanthropy, Humanitarian/Social causes), Activism, Politicians and Politics ... Fr, MicroCredit/Loan to entrepreneurs of emerging countries, the Chairman of this site is the famous                                French economist Dr. Jacques Attali​ Fr, Crowdfunding for a cause you care or for political activism​ Fr, Crowdfunding to support projects with the goal to bring electricity in non­served regions worldwide​ Fr, P2P­Lending for entrepreneurs in developing countries Fr, Bet on a project/company and get royalties on future revenues / For social or green projects and                                      entrepreneurs in developing countries​ Fr, Micro­Credit for social projects​ Fr, Donation­based Crowdfunding for charities and social entrepreneurs  Ari MASSOUDI​ / ​http://www.strategy­of­​  / ​  
  14. 14.   14​ Fr, Online crowdfunding to promote girls' and women's empowerment worldwide​ Fr, Crowdfunding Smartphone App dedicated to support Non­Profit Organizations​ New­Zealand, Crowdfunding for charity and causes US, Setting up a Crowdfunding/donation page is the easiest way to support a friend or family                                  member during times of medical need Fr, Support associations and NGOs, by money donations or just by offering your clicks and watching                                  an advertising! Egypt, Support the cause you care about by offering your click and by sharing the cause on your social                                        network. More a cause is clicked & shared more it receive money from sponsors.​ Fr, Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing platform for Non­Profit Organizations, Social, Humanitarian causes​ ​Fr, P2P­Lending for entrepreneurs in developing countries​ Fr, search and donate to the NGOs of your choice​ Fr, donate to the NGOs of your choice​ Fr​ Fr Fr, Donation/Reward­CF, Suspport a cause you care by donating to a NPO having as partner a                                  Celebrity. Donators can win a face to face meeting with the celebrity​ Italy​ Italy Switzerland, Ammado connects nonprofits, companies and individuals dedicated to positive change.                        Ammado's global donations and engagement platform allows you to support your favorite causes​ UK, Do something special to raise money for the for the causes you care about​ UK, P2P­Lending to support entrepreneurs in the developing world Crowdfunding platform that lets you fund advertising campaigns that carry a positive social                            message​ Denmark, Crowdfunding for solidarity and political activism​ Neth​ Neth  http://www­​ Neth​ Neth, Crowdfunding for development aid projects​ Denmark, Peer2Peer Lending for African projects Germany, Crowdfunding web site that allows Non­Profits Organizations to create their own online                            donation page​ Germany​ Germany​ Germany Austria, Respekt is a Crowdfunding platform for socio­political commitment to promote respect, tolerance,                            openness and solidarity progress in society​ Canada, Crowdfunding for grassroots charities or registered Aboriginal bands in Canada​ Canada, Crowdfunding for Canadian NGOs, charity and other causes​ Canada, Crowdfunding for charities and Non­Profits​ Canada​ Canada US, Online money giving for charitable designed to help local families on the brink of                                homelessness by harnessing the power of small, direct donations​ US​ US, NPO using crowdfunding to pay healthcare for poor people US, Crowdfunding for people who need to raise money for medical expenses, tuition assistance,                              adoption, mission trips and other…​ US, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for projects helping girls and women​ US, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding medical treatments for people in need​ US, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for people in need  Ari MASSOUDI​ / ​http://www.strategy­of­​  / ​  
  15. 15.   15​ US, Jolkona connects you with global philanthropic opportunities and shows the impact of your donations​ US, Do something special to raise money for the organization of your choice​ US, Crowdfunding for Non­Profit Organizations US, Cause­shopping platform that brings consumers, businesses, and nonprofits together. shop for the                            things you want, save on exclusive promotions, all while you support the causes you love.​ US, Crowd­funding for entrepreneurs in developing countries​ US, Crowdfunding and micro­credit for women entrepreneurs in developing countries​ US, Create, promote, support, crowdfund small­scale development projects​ US, Find and donate to Charity Organizations of your choice​ Crowdfunding platform dedicated to Non­Profit Organization​ US, Technology Marketplace for the Developing World​ US, Crowdfunding for education US, GiveCorps is a web­based platform that makes it fun and easy for donors to support projects in their                                        communities and schools, and to get discounts from local merchants in return. GiveCorps uses the power of Crowdfunding to                                      raise money for local causes on a city­by­city basis US, Crowdfunding website that allows Organizations, Individuals, Politicians and Non­Profits to create                          their own online donation page​ US, Donation to any registered US non­profit organizations for charity or humanitarian causes​ US, Crowdfunding Charity projects​ US, P2P Lending dedicated to entrepreneurs and projects in developing countries​ Invest in micro­businesses in emerging countries US, P2P Lending for developing­world entrepreneurs with the goal to invest energy solutions for                              their businesses​ US​ US, Crowdfunding personal project, idea or cause​ US, Crowdfunding Humanitarian Non­Profit Organizations​ US​ US, Donation­based Crowdfunding for homeless people US, Donation platform to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure,                              productive and just communities​ US, Crowdfunding platform of the US Democratic Party to support their candidates​ India, P2P Lending for Indians to Indians and for any kind of projects, personal or business India, P2P Lending and crowdfunding Indians and for any kind of projects, personal, social or                                business​ China, P2P Lending for borrowers in rural China​ China, P2P­Lending/Micro­credit and charity projects in China Singapore, India, Milaap enables you to lend to India's working poor so they can get access to education,                                      clean water, safe lighting and more​ Australia, Crowdfunding for good causes and charity​ Australia, Crowdfunding for social enterprises, community groups and NFPs​ Australia, Crowdfunding for good causes and charity    Announced​ US, Equity­based Crowdfunding dedicated to healthcare startups​ ​​ US, Virtual incubator + crowdfunding platform for startup foundation​ US, Virtual incubator + crowdfunding for startupers​ Ireland UK, Crowdfunding by donation/reward​, by P2P­Lending​, and maybe also by                      Ari MASSOUDI​ / ​http://www.strategy­of­​  / ​  
  16. 16.   16  micro­investing/equity​ Brasil​ Brazil­​ US​ US​ Sweden​ Belgium​ India​ Switzerland​ Fr, P2P Lending​ Fr, P2P Lending​ Crowdfunding projects with cryptocurrency (ex. Bitcoin)​ Crowdfunding projects with cryptocurrency  (ex. Bitcoin)      Crowd Marketing and Communication  http://pour­ Fr, You want to spread the word about an idea, a cause or something you care about, submit your                                        idea to the crowd, if they like they can support you by funding your advertising campaigns, billboards, flyers distribution, ads on                                          public transportations ...​ US, Crowdfunding platform for creating billboards for the message or cause you care about​ US, Fund by the Crowd your advertising space for your campaigns on TV, billboards and more US, you are a startup­SME, to want to enhance the sales of your products, ask people on the                                      internet to share your product links in their social network websites, Facebook, Twitter, G+ .... you reward people by a % on sales You are a company, an artist, ... promote your brand by asking the crowd to like and to share your                                          Facebook page or any other of your online media with their online social network. The YesIBank platform will offer virtual money                                          to the crowd that can be used as coupons to buy products or services from brands It’s not a Crowdfunding website but a CrowdCommunication platform that allows you to buzz your                                tweet, your facebook page, your cause or your crowdfunding campaign! It’s not a Crowdfunding website but a CrowdCommunication platform that allows you to buzz your tweet,                                  your facebook page, your cause or your crowdfunding campaign! It’s not a Crowdfunding website but a CrowdCommunication platform that allows you to buzz your tweet, your                                    facebook page, your cause or your crowdfunding campaign! It’s not a Crowdfunding website but a CrowdCommunication platform that allows you to buzz your tweet, your                                    facebook page, your cause or your crowdfunding campaign! Hong Kong, CrowdCommunication platform for creative projects, charities & social enterprises. The                          Crowd visiting LikeFunding can share your project on Facebook ­ if people like it and want to support ­, and more your project                                              gets Like on Facebook, more money you will get from Corporate Sponsors partners of LikeFunding     Marketing­Communication Cross­Promotion (derivative products) US, Create limited­edition, custom products designed on Redditmade, then launch your pre­sales                          campaign, if your goal is riched, Redditmade will produce your product and will send to your buyers/supporters, and you                                      will receive your profits frem sales US, Create limited­edition, custom T­Shirts (and other products will be available) designed on                            CrowdT, then launch your pre­sales campaign, if your goal is riched, CrowdT will produce your T­shirts and will send                                      them to your buyers/supporters, and you will receive your profits from sales​ UK, Teeleap allows you to create and sell custom t­shirts  Ari MASSOUDI​ / ​http://www.strategy­of­​  / ​  
  17. 17.   17 Germany, Create limited­edition, custom T­shirts and other products designed on                      Spreadshirt, then launch your pre­sales campaign     Army Veterans​ US, Donation/Reward­based crowdfunding for projects from the US army veterans    From Seed­stage business projects to SMEs (innovative/tech startups or traditional, consumer and retail sectors US, Crowdfunding web site for entrepreneurs and business to post their new ventures, whether they                                be start up businesses, product line expansions, or a great new invention US, Donation/Reward or ​Equity­based Crowdfunding for Startups (Fundable is a service of                  ​ has other sites dedicated to entrepreneurs: ​, and UK, Crowdfunding website enabling social entrepreneurs and social ventures to raise funds and build a                                crowd of supporters. Funding types from donation/goodies, pre­sales/perks and P2P Lending​ ​US, Donation/Reward or ​Equity­based​ Crowdfunding for innovative startups​ Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for entrepreneurs and startups​ US, P2P Lending for business projects US, The Junto incubator is for Non­tech entrepreneurs having a web startup project. Submit your idea, if                                    selected, The Junto team will conceive your beta version. You can entirely boostrap the project or make it fund it by the crowd /                                                The Junto team work is rewarded by sweat equity or ​by royalties​ on future revenues of the startup​ US, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for entrepreneurs and stratups​ US, Donations and ​Loans ​from Friends&Family to Entrepreneurs​ US, P2P­Lending website connecting small business borrowers with individual and institutional lenders​ US, Crowdfunding for entrepreneurs and new ventures having a social impact US, Crowdfunding for all kind of projects / all crowdfunding models : donation/reward, ​promise                              royalties ​on future sales, or ​promise equity ​in exchange of capital ​​ US, Crowdfunding for green and social socially responsible projects and businesses​ US, P2P Lending for small businesses​ US, P2P Lending website​ US, Ireland, you submit you business project in this website in the goal to attract investors​ US, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for projects hold by women​ US, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for small businesses ​US, Donation/Rewards­based Crowdfunding, and soon Equity­based for entreprenereurs, small                    businesses and social projects​ US, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for all kind of projects​ US, P2P­Lending, ​Donation/Reward​, ​Equity­based ​Crowdfunding for SMEs​ US, Royalty­based Crowdfunding for US small­businesses​ Canada​ Canada​ Switzerland, Crowdfunding and P2PLending  https://direct­​ Switzerland, P2P­Lending for Businesses and startups​ UK, P2P lending platform, people can lend money to small businesses in the UK​ UK, P2P lending platform, people can lend money to small businesses in the UK  http://www.yes­​ UK, P2P Lending web site​ Ireland, UK, P2P Lending for SMEs​ UK, Crowdfunding for start­ups, community projects and social ventures UK, Innovatrs is an An Innovation Exchange™ that enables corporations worldwide to discover, partner                              with or invest in some of the most innovative young startups and entrepreneurs globally​ Finland, P2P Lending​ Ireland​ Businesses with social impact  Ari MASSOUDI​ / ​http://www.strategy­of­​  / ​  
  18. 18.   18​ Germany, Crowdfunding platform for startups and projects​ Germany, Crowdfunding business ideas and early­stage startups / I still don't get their Business model!​ Belgium, Crowdfunding m­apps, software, games, e­business​ Belgium, Evaluate your business idea and get feedback from the Crowd Belgium, Evaluate your business idea by the Crowd, if selected, then you are introduced to                                investors​ ​Belgium, P2P­Lending for SMEs Belgium, P2P­Lending + ​Donation/Reward + ​Revenue Sharing Crowdfunding for creative entrepreneurs                        and associations​ Neth​ Neth, P2P­Lending for SMEs​ Neth​ Neth Neth, Crowdfunding business ideas and early­stage startups / ​P2P­Lending​, Donations/Reward or                        Royalties models​ Neth, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for creative projects and small businesses​ South­Africa​ Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding website enabling entrepreneurs to raise funds​ Fr, P2P Lending  http://www.pret​​ ​Fr, P2P Lending​ Fr, P2P Lending   http://www.pret­​ Fr, P2P Lending​ Fr, P2P Lending​ Fr, P2P Lending​ Fr, P2P Lending for SMEs​ Fr, P2P Lending website​ Fr, P2P Lending website for SME ­ by Kisskissbankbank​ Fr, P2P Lending website for SME​ Fr, P2P Mending for SME​ P2P Lending website for SME​ P2P Lending website for SME​ Fr,  P2P Lending website for SME​ Fr, P2P Lending for entrepreneurs wishing to found a new venture or to buy a mature SME​ Fr, P2P Lending website for SME​ Fr,  P2P Lending website for SME​ Fr,  P2P Lending website for SME  http://www.grapster­​ P2P Lending website for SME​ Fr,  P2P Lending website for SME​ Fr, P2P Lending for sustainable development projects​ Fr, P2P Lending website for SME​ Fr, P2P Lending website for SME​ Fr, P2P Lending website for SME​ Fr, P2P Lending website for SME​ Fr, P2P Lending website for SME​  Fr, P2P Lending website for SME​ Fr, P2P Lending website for SME​ Fr, P2P Lending website for SME Fr, P2P­Lending website for SME. With this platform, SME can borrow money from the crowd by                                  emitting Corporate Bonds (It’s interesting because the company can depreciate the somm on its accountancy and the lenders can                                      have tax reliefs) Fr, P2P­Lending website for SME. With this platform, SME can borrow money from the crowd by                                  emitting Corporate Bonds (It’s interesting because the company can depreciate the somm on its accountancy and the lenders can                                      Ari MASSOUDI​ / ​http://www.strategy­of­​  / ​  
  19. 19.   19  have tax reliefs)​ Fr, P2P­Lending website for SME  http://ethik­ Fr, ​P2P­Lending​, Donation/Reward, ​Equity­based ​Crowdfunding for Renewable Energy, Clean/Green                    Technology, Ecology & Environment, Social and Sustainable Economy ​Fr, ​P2P­Lending​, Donation/Reward, ​Equity­based ​Crowdfunding for projects and SMEs based in the                          French region Bretagne​ Fr, ​P2P­Lending​, Donation/Reward, ​Equity­based ​Crowdfunding for SMEs​ Fr, Donation/Reward­based CF for entrepreneurial projects holded by women​ ​Fr, Donation/Reward­based +​ P2P lending ​+​ Equity­based Crowdfunding for small businesses​ Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for startups and small business projects Fr, a marketplace of entrepreneurs having a business idea/project and seeking to find a partner, you                                  can also vote and donate money to support business projects   http://www.startup­ ​Fr, Bet cash on French websites or website projects and asap the site generates revenues you get                                    royalties / ​if the site is a real success, then your primary bet can be transformed into equivalent shares when a startup company is                                                founded­incorporated to develop further the site as a business Fr, Bet on a project/company and get royalties on future revenues / For social or green projects and                                      entrepreneurs in developing countries​ Fr, Royaly­based Crowdfunding for startup projects​ Fr, Donation/Rewar­based Crowdfunding French entrepreneurs projects. Donation Fr, You are a company, you have a project that needs to be financed, let the crowd funds you and                                          reward them with a coupon on your future) products Fr, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding platform dedicated to inventors individuals, startups or                      SMEs seeking to develop a patented invention Fr, Donation/Reward­based + ​Equity­based Crowdfunding for small businesses, convenience retail                      stores and non­profit associations located near where you live and for which you care about​ Fr, Donation/Reward­based + ​P2P lending​ + ​Equity­based​ Crowdfunding for small businesses​ Fr, Donation/Reward­based + ​P2P lending​ + ​Equity­based​ Crowdfunding for SMEs​ Fr, Virtual Incubator, Crowdsourcing and Donation/Reward based Crowdfunding for any kind of projects​ Fr, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding and social network for entrepreneurs  http://www.aquitaine­​ Fr, Donation/Reward­based + ​Equity­based​ Crowdfunding for startups and SMEs​ Fr, Equity­based, ​pre­sales and donation/reward­based crowdfunding for SMEs​ Spain, Donation/Reward and ​Equity­based​ crowdfunding for startups and SMEs​ China/Asia, Crowdfunding for all kind of projects​ Hong­Kong,  P2P Lending website for SME​ Italia, Donation/Reward­based + ​Equity­based​ Crowdfunding for small businesses    Farm, Agriculture Food business & industry ​US, Equity­based Crowdfunding by Micro­investment in a farm shares ­ receive dividends from the revenue of                                  the farm activities​ ​US, Crowd­investment platform to finance single or multi­well wellbore only drilling projects US, Equity­based Crowdfunding for companies in the agriculture, food and agricultural science and                            technology US, Support your favorite local food small­business by pre­paying. Customers prepay for food and receive                                edible credits to use like a gift card. Large prepayments can even earn edible interest. In the meantime, food businesses get the                                            money they need to grow​ US, Crowdfunding for sustainable food projects and initiatives ​US, Equity­based Crowdfunding for for the food and beverage industry, helping entrepreneurs open                            new restaurants, bars & coffee shops​ US, Equity­based Crowdfunding for craft breweries and food companies  Ari MASSOUDI​ / ​http://www.strategy­of­​  / ​  
  20. 20.   20​ ​US, Equity­based Crowdfunding for companies in the cannabis industry​ ​US, Equity­based Crowdfunding for companies in the cannabis industry​ Fr, Crowdfunding for food projects  https://faire­un­​ Donation/Reward­based CF for ecological farming  Wine​ ​Fr, Crowd Invest in French vineyards Fr, Cavissima is not a crowdfunding or crowd investing platform. With Cavissima, you can buy                                ­ invest ­ fine bottle of wines selected by the sommelier of Cavissima. Then you can leave your bottles to age at                                            Cavissima secured wine cellar. You can visit and manage your wine cellar online, you can ask Cavissima to send your                                        bottles everywhere in the world ­ shipping fees ­. Cavissima will also alert you the best time to retire your bottles from the                                              cellar  http://wine­ Fr, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding to support projects from French vineyards. The                      reward is free bottles of wine and exclusive coupons on selected wines​ Fr, Cavacace is a Peer­to­Peer marketplace of wine bottles    Renewable Energy, Clean/Green Technology, Ecology & Environment and Sustainable Development​ or ​​ US, Crowd invest in solar electricity production projects​ US, Crowdfunding for eco­friendly green ideas and projects, Donation & Reward model  ​ South Africa, Crowd Investment/Mirco­investing platform for a wide range of assets : business                            equity, business revenue & profit sharing, technology, real estate ...  https://www.lumo­​ Fr, Crowd invest in renewable energy projects Fr, Equity­based Crowdfunding platform helping projects and technology in climate and clean energy                            Innovation  https://www.sora­​ Fr, Equity­based Crowdfunding platform for sustainable development​ Fr, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for projects in ecology & environment  https://faire­un­​ Donation/Reward­based CF for ecological farming​ Fr, P2P Lending for sustainable development projects  http://ethik­ Fr, ​P2P­Lending​, Donation/Reward, ​Equity­based ​Crowdfunding for Renewable Energy, Clean/Green                    Technology, Ecology & Environment, Social and Sustainable Development​ Fr, Royalty­based Crowdfunding for renewable energy New­Zealand, Crowd financing platform for renewable energy projects ­ Many financing option ­                            Shares, Bonds, Loan and Debenture​ Belgium, Crowdfunding for renewables and energy­efficiency​ Switzerland, ​P2P Lending​, Donation/Reward, ​Equity­based Crowdfunding ​for renewable energy projects​ UK, Invest in renewable energy projects​ China    Oil and Gas projects​ US, Crowd­investment platform to finance single or multi­well wellbore only drilling projects    For Academic Basic and Applied Scientific Research Projects, Inventions, and Technology­Transfer to Commercial  Project/Startup Company US, CrowdFunding platform dedicated to technical innovation, commercial projects based on                        technology, as well as basic research projects at universities and research institutions. Donation/Reward model US, Crowdfunding for US inventors having a technology in Energy, Electronics, Medical,                          Communications, WebTech, Computer Hardware, Software and Sports/Games. Donations/Rewards model​ US, Crowdfunding for scientists and  groundbreaking research in the field of energy and the environment​ US, Crowdfunding for academic research projects​ Italy, Crowdfunding for academic research projects US, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding platform created to promote the maturation of university science                          and engineering projects to the point where they have real world impacts US, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding platform for research and development projects that lead to new                            Ari MASSOUDI​ / ​http://www.strategy­of­​  / ​  
  21. 21.   21  discoveries and innovation​ US, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for Academic scientific research projects​ US, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for Academic scientific research projects​ US, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for Academic scientific research projects​ US, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for Academic scientific research projects US, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for Academic scientific research projects from the                      Michigan Technological University​ UK, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for Academic scientific research projects Spain, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfuding for Academic scientific research projects ­ platform launched                        by the Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología ​ Fr, Crowdfunding for higher­education, academic research and associations dedicated to support                        research / DaVinciCrowd is a platform of Iffres, NPO dedicated to French University Foundations                   US, InventionHome is not a crowdfunding site, it’s a web platform of invention portfolio. Investors                                can pitch online their invention with the goal to find companies interested to buy or establish a license. Inventions are                                        presented in an online catalogue: ​ US, Ideabuyer is not a crowdfunding site, it’s a web platform of invention portfolio. Investors can                                  pitch online their invention with the goal to find companies interested to buy or establish a license​ Fr, 1idea4all is not a crowdfunding site, it’s a marketplace of idea and invention where inventors can                                connect with companies seeking ideas or inventions ​UK, ​Marblar ​is not a crowdfunding site, Marblar aims to connect scientists and the entrepreneurial                                crowds to help brainstorm real­world applications for promising scientific discoveries ​(​Open­Innovation​)     Healthcare Projects​ US, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for projects improving the healthcare​ US, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for IT projects improving healthcare US, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding for Academic basic, applied and clinical research                      projects dedicated to the Human health US, Donation/Reward­based Crowdfunding page dedicated to support the Fred Hutchinson Cancer                        Research Center (​​ ) UK, Donation­based Crowdunfing platform of the Cancer Research UK, the leading                        cancer research and awareness charity in the United Kingdom US, Equity­Based Crowdfunding ­ accredited investors ­ to invest in early to growth­stage health IT, digital                                  health, medical device, and diagnostic companies US, Equity­Based Crowdfunding ­ accredited investors ­ to invest in early to growth­stage health                              IT, digital health, medical device, biotech, pharma and diagnostic companies US, US, Equity­Based Crowdfunding ­ accredited investors ­ to invest in early­stage to                            growth­stage healthcare companies​ US, Equity­based crowdfunding for healthcare companies ­ accredited investors ­​ US, Equity­based crowdfunding for healthcare companies​ US, Equity­based crowdfunding for healthcare companies  https://booster­​ Fr, Equity­based Crowdfunding for healthcare companies​ Fr, Royalty­based Crowdfunding for R&D projects applied in medicine Fr, Nonprofit Oganization supporting R&D projects applied in medicine. FunForMedicine uses the                          Donation/Reward­based crowdfunding to raise funds to offer grants to selected medical R&D projects​ Fr, Donation/Reward for projects for health innovation    Crowdfunding websites of Universities US, Crowdfunding website of the University of Maryland, for students, professors and researchers                            to raise funds on projects US, Crowdfunding website of the University of Colorado Boulder for students, professors                          Ari MASSOUDI​ / ​http://www.strategy­of­​  / ​  
  22. 22.   22  and researchers to raise funds on projects     Privately­held Companies (from registered New Ventures and Startups to established Small­Middle sized Companies)  Micro­Venturing model: Offer (​sell​) equity (ordinary shares, preferred shares or convertible bonds) of your privately­held company                                in exchange of capital investment (in most countries, the owner of this kind of Crowdfunding platform have to be a                                        Registered­Broker, also named Financial Investment Adviser, registered at local ​Financial Regulators​.​ ​Fr, Equity­based Crowdfunding for startups​ Fr, Equity­based Crowdfunding for startups​ Fr, Equity­based Crowdfunding for startups + SaaS to launch your own crowdfuding platform​ ​Fr, Equity­based CF + ​P2P­Lending and Borrowing (credit cash) and by emitting Convertible Bonds​ Fr, Equity­based CF​ Fr, Equity­based CF for startups and SMEs having a positive social or environmental impact​ Fr, Equity­based CF for startups & SMEs (Letitseed is owned by ​​ )​ Fr, Equity­based Crowdfunding for startups​ ​Fr, Equity­based CF Fr, Equity­based CF for startups & SMEs based in the French administrative départements:                            Loire­Atlantique, la Maine­et­Loire, la Vendée, le Morbihan et le Finistère  https://www.sora­​ Fr, Equity­based Crowdfunding platform for sustainable development​ Fr, Equity­based CF for SMEs​ Fr, Equity­based CF for SMEs based in French Overseas Departments and Territories (DOM­TOM)​ Fr, Equity­based CF for SMEs​ Fr, Equity­based CF for SMEs​ ​Fr, Equity­based CF for startupers, will offer all type of CF​ Fr, Equity­based CF from idea to registered/incorporateds  http://www.happy­​ Fr, Equity­based CF for​ Fr, Equity­based CF for   https://booster­​ Fr, Equity­based CF for Healthcare companies​ Fr, Equity­based CF for privately­held company​  Fr, Equity­based CF for privately­held company, startups and SMEs  http://www.ab­​ Fr, Equity­based CF for privately­held company, startups and SMEs​ ​Fr, Equity­based, ​Pre­sales​ ​and​ ​Donation/Reward­based​ crowdfunding for SMEs​ Fr, Equity­based, ​Pre­sales​ Crowdfunding for SMEs ​Fr, Equity­based Crowdfunding platform helping projects and technology in climate and clean energy  €