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Enabling SDN for Service Providers by Khay Kid Chow
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Enabling SDN for Service Providers by Khay Kid Chow


Enabling SDN for Service Providers by Khay Kid Chow

Enabling SDN for Service Providers by Khay Kid Chow

Published in Technology
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  • 1. Chow, Cisco Systems 3 013
  • 2. ork Evolution – Programmable Networks ing Technologies – vPE and ESC ce Provider Use Cases
  • 3. Centralized Decentralized Anywhere, Anyone.. …and Any rson2Person erson2Thing Person2Th Programmable Device-Driven Events = Bandwidth + Compute + Control Thing2Thi
  • 4. oviders in the Central Role ealth   Bits/ps Service     Provider   Voice Video Data Mobile Service     Provider   Ban (Cost Redu Multi-servi Busines (Prioritiza Smart  Energy   Smart  Homes   Service     Provider   Smart  Car   Programm of Event- D (Adaptation Ra
  • 5. gy Objectives rable Networks • Orchestrated Networks ware networks • Network-aware apps k interfaces • Programmatic interfaces ed Networks • Automated Networks Make  everything  go  faster,  easier  and  more  agile  
  • 6. Network Intelligent Applications Workflow and Intent on Applications Policy Applica Network Intelligence, Guidance Infrastruc (Application + Network + Security) Analytics An rogrammability Network Statistics, States, Objects and Events Embed Route IOS, X
  • 7. Applications (End-User and System Applications) Resource Orchestration, Management Program Interfa Virtual and Physical Infrastructure
  • 8. Applications (End-User and System Applications) Controllers and Agents Platf AP Virtual/Overlay Networks
  • 9. Application Frameworks, Management Systems, Contr onePK OpenFlow PCEP Ouantum ent Puppet Puppet   Agent   on Ouantum   Agent   vices g OMI OMI   I2RS PCEP   Agent   I2RS   Agent   OpenFlow   Agent   onePK API & Agent Infrastructure IOS / XE NX-OS Agent  
  • 10. nd-to-End Dynamically Provisioning and Monitoring of rtualised Services using a single point of configuration” “Of course I’d also like the service to scale up and down dynamically based on demand” Can you also monitor it for ny end–to-end failures and ake recovery action if/when needed” “Can you make sure the network is also configured to know about this service“ “Route all traffic from IP to an instance of the virtualised service foo” “And give me APIs to do all this programmatically” Network Orchestration DC Orchestration Router   Compute   Virtual  Service  Instance  Foo   Service VM Load Balancer Traffic from Service VM
  • 11. at es ? Where to run? How t manag
  • 12. vSwitch VSG vISE vWAAS vMSE vWLC Video Cache vRouter vASA Route Re vNAM .. Many familiar network services functions have already been developed for virtualized implementations PRIM (NCS
  • 13. Compute to the Network Compute  with  Openstack   Service VM OpenStack kvm Service VM kvm OpenStack Compute  with  Openstack   OpenStack Service VM Service kvm VM kvm OpenStack  Blade     OpenStack Service VM Service kvm VM The image cannot be displayed. Your computer may not have enough memory to open the image, or the image may have been corrupted. Restart your computer, and then open the file again. If the red x still appears, you may have to delete the image and then insert it again. kvm
  • 14. Service Definition is an XML Document stration system to virtual network k: Quantum/OVS) Quantum plugins ysical devices Provision Virtual Network Parse Service XML Provision Virtual Machine(s) Monitoring for each application withi API calls out to th Orchestration Lay Openstack, Vmw Monitor all Components Configure Physical Network Advertise Service (BGP) Configure Virtual Machine(s) BGP service advertiser to publish/withdraw network routes to the given service Pass the VM Conf data to the VM at pr time (so it can self
  • 15. Orchestration Externa (1) Service Catalog and Workflow Service Request Catalog VM/Storage Controller (2) Network Provisioning Virtual Network Compute / Storage Infrastructure Apps Network Controller (3) VM Provisioning Virtual Services Apps Apps Apps Apps ESC Apps Service Orchestration (6) Events/ syslog Physical Network (5) Service Advertising via BG
  • 16. vice-request> L Document BGP ervice KVM Services Controller ✖   ✔   KVM SERVICE_NAME <request-id> Load Balancer KVM Standby VM Queue Service Service Service Service Service Service Service Service KVM KVM KVM KVM KVM KVM KVM KVM ganglia 1.  Openstack 2.  Hypervisor (KVM) Host OS (Linux) 3.  4.  5.  <service-request> is gene Controller which then crea standby VMs Service starts and reports Controller STATUS=OK Load increases and VMs STATUS=OVERLOAD Services Controller activa adds them to the running s VMs to decrease below th The Services controller ba booting 3 new VMs but no
  • 17. g Users to Virtualized Services Virtual Priv Service Provider NfV Se FW NA DPI CP GI-LAN | C FW CD DPI CG
  • 18. g Network SDN and Datacenter NFV vPE  /  VSOC  /  ElasLc   Service  Controller   WAN  Controller   Cloud  Datac Virtual  Privat Enterprise  NfV FW DPI SP   NGN   SP   Data  Center   NAM CPE Consum FW CDN DPI CGN
  • 19. Physical Network DC Interconnect (e.g.: ASR 9000)
  • 20. Physical Network
  • 21. Physical Network
  • 22. Physical Network
  • 23. y and Design Innovation – decreasing time to revenue lue with new Smart Cloud services – Cloud IPVPN – self-service IPVPNs Virtual Private Cloud - Bring Your Own Design Virtualized Security, Collaboration, Cloud CPE – Virtual BRAS, DHCP Subscriber Routing Virtualized Video – Virtual EPC, Gi Network Services ( vGiLAN ) w modes of operation c – self-service for control of own experience R1 – service creation, takes minutes instead of weeks R1 – orchestration at scale for reduced OPEX R2 on – service agility, infra capacityGPON reuse, fast TTM GPON Mobile xDSL FTTX GPON Mobile xDSL FTTX Mobile xDSL FTTX R1
  • 24. Driving Operational Simplicity through Virtualization of Physical Infrastructure ol ion SDN Applications ic API (v)Router Control Plane Data Plane Network Abstraction Service Abstraction Cisco nV Cisco NFV, XRv, VIRL, Spirit OS Network OS VM HyperVisor I/O Shelf Router Optical Shelf C OS VM NMS T Ab Hardware Vir
  • 25. IOS-XR (Classic) IOS-XE VM VM IOS-XR (Spirit 64bit) NX-OS VM VM CSR1kv IOS-XRv NX-OSv IOS-XRv 64-bit virtual harddisk virtual harddisk virtual harddisk virtual harddisk vMemory vMemory vMemory vMemory vCPU vNIC vCPU … MWare ESXi) Multi-core CPU vNIC vCPU vCPU vCPU … vNIC vNIC vSwitch (n1kv) vNIC … vCPU vCPU vCPU … vSwitch (n1kv) Multi-core CPU NIC … vNIC … vNIC NIC … vNIC Memory Storage
  • 26. ent Environment for Cisco ONE purpose network ation platform machines running the same g systems as used on Cisco products: IOS, IOSOS Machine orchestration ies enables creation of ccurate models of real-world networks – scales to ds of virtual network devices
  • 27. 1 Application Automation 2 WAN Orchestration 3 Elastic Services – Security aaS
  • 28. Objectives A market leader in IaaS and Availability Services (Back-up & Recovery Based in the U.S. and operating in 70 countries globally. Availability and Continuity Automate, Streamline and Scale Core Business Monetization Platform Offer new, elastic services on demand Provide infrastructure and systems on demand for Hybrid/VPC business models
  • 29. ch Panel SDN Controller, OnePK, ESC, OpenStack mmability builds a “network slice” per usage and health per network slice Secure Multi-Tenancy Aggregation Aggregation Aggregation Fully Aggregatiok onePK Customer Slice #2 Access Access Customer Slice #1 Nexus3k Nexus3k onePK Access Access 100s of customers can on-board and test recovery service simultaneously. Router Firewall/VPN Switches Storage X86 Servers Unix Servers
  • 30. Calendaring SDN Benefits WAN Optimization: Service Velocity Customer Self-service: Enable customers to reserve bandwidth to onboard data and applications Track Topology and State: Compute network paths to deliver best available connection Seamless Service Creation and WAN synchronization
  • 31. Calendaring ng App provides UI to end requests connectivity ons with BW requirement and al PCE & Demand Engineering, WAN Con User / Requestor 3a User requests conne characteristics to DC attached to Router D period Packet Calendaring ation rchestration Network Programming ion controller collects nd utilisation info from Packet Topology and State information shared 5 3b On behalf of user, BW Calendaring App requests a Network path to DC Service A from location attached to Router D BW calendaring c user and tracks re Service is availab interval 4 WAN Orchestratio available resource path and returns r
  • 32. Security as a Service DN Benefits able New Services Security Threat Defense and Mitigation imal Deployment Program Network to insert service where it makes the most sense erage Cloud Services and Functions scale elastically with the network
  • 33. caling of Bandwidth and Services de to instantiate e at multiple DC/ s 3 WAN orchestration Cloud Orchestration tances and ivity to run the om WAN twork path to carry ecurity services to d ervice instances and based on hen to spin up additional capacity k traffic increases spin up bers in both DCs Services Controller ESC 1 PCE & Demand Engineering, ESC, Openstack Service 2 Orchestration 4 Cloud or S W NAC DDo DC/Cloud WAN Secur Web F NAC/Com DDoS Scr
  • 34. An evolutionary step for networking mplement/Evolve the Network Control Plane where needed ed around delivering open, programmable environment for orld use cases one-size-fits-all s, Network Virtualization, Agents/Controllers t evolution with industry and academia ology-agnostic predicated on a particular technology or standard w from existing technologies and industry standards red as incremental functionality y customers will use hybrid implementations d upon existing infrastructure with investment protection