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Homage to luna and hidalgo (brindis)
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Homage to luna and hidalgo (brindis)


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Homage to Luna and Hidalgo By: Jose Rizal Lustañas -- Magbag -- 2-ELS
  • 2. WHAT: toast / few words of congratulations WHERE: Restaurant Inglés, Madrid WHEN: June 25, 1884 ; evening WHY: To honor Juan Luna and Félix Resurección Hidalgo
  • 3. “El Expolarium” • painted by Juan Luna • won gold medal “Virgenes Cristianas Expuestas al Populacho” • painted by Félix Resurección Hidalgo • won a silver medal
  • 4. “El Expolarium”
  • 5. “Virgenes Cristianas Expuestas al Populacho”
  • 6. According to Rizal: • Luna and Hidalgo’s achievement illuminated the two ends of the world--- the Orient and the West. • “Creative geniuses” • The patriarchal era of the Philippines is passing What’s in the speech?
  • 7. What’s in the speech? • “ you are owed the beauty of the diamonds that the Philippines wears in her crown; she produced the precious stones, Europe polished them.” • “illustrious achievements of Philippines’ children are no longer consummated within the home”
  • 8. • Praised the youth that fires much enthusiasm • FILIPINO YOUTH- “sacred hope of my homeland”
  • 9. • “Spain, as mother, teaches also her language to the Philippines in spite of the opposition of those myopic me and pygmies…” • Luna and Hidalgo are the generous hopes, precious examples. • Mutual embrace of the two races What’s in the speech?
  • 10. What’s in the speech? LUNA’S HIDALGO’S • Exhibit’s oppression • “is not mute” • Dark • “melancholy, beauty, frailty, victims of brutal force” • Light • “Expresses social, moral and political life” • injustices
  • 11. BEHIND THE SPEECH • Political appeal disguised as a toast • Appeal for EQUALITY and BROTHERHOOD between Spaniards and Indios • Indios Filipinos • Opened the eyes of his countrymen to the abuses of Spain • Acknowledged Spain
  • 12. To... • Indios • Spanish Government/ Spaniards
  • 13. Sources: Political And Historical Writings by Jose Rizal, National Historical Institute (1977, popular edition), translator unnamed; also, Jose Rizal, Political and Historical Writings, as translated by Encarnacion Alzona for the Rizal Centennial Commission, copy courtesy of the Lopez Memorial Library and Museum; the two translations substantially differ in style; comparison with the Spanish original, and the commingling and further modernization of the two English translations, courtesy of Raul Guerrero Montemayor, Mexico City. This translation originally appeared in Volume 1 of 20 Speeches that Moved a Nation (Platypus Publishing, 2001).