5 Huge Tips That Will Help Your Website Succeed With SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


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5 Huge Tips That Will Help Your Website Succeed With SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  1. 1. ==== ====SEO Link Monster Automated Link Building And Google Ranking System. Check this out....!!!http://tinyurl.com/6tjeee2==== ===="One secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes."Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881)Every day a new internet marketing technique comes along claiming to be "the next big thing" insearch engine optimization technology. But you really have to sort out what exactly is the bestopportunity for your particular web site or online business will be to get that much sought after 1million hits per month goal . Google the term "search engine optimization," and youll find morethan 7 million results, far too many to examine every one of them and trying to figure out whichone will work for you, so what do you do now?Greg Boser, owner and operator of the web marketing outfit "WebGuerilla", will do anythingpossible to manipulate the search engine rankings for his clients."The search engines created themonster," he said. "It only exists because Googles algorithm places a lot of emphasis on linkpopularity." That "link popularity" term has gotten a lot of media attention lately mainly because itis a way to break through the barriers that Google and other search engines have put up againstsmall online businesses and blog sites that need to find a way to position themselves on the top20 category listings for their business or blog site category.You need a decent grasp of how links work in search engine optimization to understand how touse link popularity to your benefit. In essence, Google interprets a link from page A to page B as avote, by page A, for page B. But, Google looks at more than the sheer volume of votes, or links apage receives; it also analyzes the page that casts the vote. Votes cast by pages that arethemselves important weigh more heavily and help to make other pages important.These links from other pages connected to yours MUST have real value to them. You have tomake sure that the pages you have linked to are relevant to your own website, otherwise when thespiders and robots examine your page content and they are not relevant at all to Page A, thenthey will not let your Page B get listed at all! Not a good thing for your overall internet marketingplan success. Lets start with linking as the beginning of this top ten list now that you understandhow crucial it is to your main goal of building large amounts of traffic to your site.1. LINKING A lot of big internet marketing firms use linking as their main weapon against themajor search engines today. They are able to manipulate Google and Yahoo! by submitting anypage from your site to as many pages as possible that have to do with your main keywords on thatparticular page. The amount of quality on the pages you are linked to are as important as thequantity of the pages."I could create a blank page without a keyword anywhere present, or a 404 error message, and if I
  2. 2. can get enough sites to link to it, I could get it to place first on Google," Boser said, but the qualityof those pages need to come from mega sites like Yahoo! and MSN, and by using those sites asyour main link pages, you would only need five or six inbound links from them to rank your pageon the top 20. But if you can get up to 5,000 links from less important sites, that will work as well,even if the pages you link from are online diaries, blogs, zany products, porn sites or anyone elsewho honors link exchanges. You just have to make sure the huge amount of sites you link to arethe proper amount. If youre working on quantity over quality, you must link up to 4,000 lessrelevant pages at the minimum.For a good example of overall search engine manipulation, the #1 SEO site today is "SubmitExpress", which delivers website submissions to over 75,000 search engines and directories. Thecompany does not care what your business is, they just submit your pages to as many searchengines as they can find, just delivering quantity over quality, which might not be right for you. Thisbrings up an earlier point about how your company or blogsite needs a specific internet marketingplan that works for your business.If your company or site is in the business of consulting, you should never use keywordmanipulation to get your business listed in the major search engines because that makes you abigger target. You dont want cheap tricks to rise to the top of the search engines in any other waybut the most legitimate so you dont get scorned by your industry when everybody finds out thefraudulent or cheap ways your marketing consultant got you the #5 spot on Google.But if you could care less about how people think you clawed your way to the top, another way oflinking techniques that work is by "cloaking" your pages by hiding text in the background of yoursite in a way that users wont see the text, but that specific text you used will target Googlesranking technology, allowing your pages to rank right up there with the big boys in the Top Tenrankings. As you can see, there are a myriad of ways for you to manipulate your way to the top ofthe search engine heap. Just make sure you pick the right way in doing so.2. USE THE BEST TITLE TAG POSSIBLE FOR YOUR HTML WEBSITE PAGE People do notrealize how important it is to create a unique phrase embedded in the HTML code for your title tagon the front page of your site. A really good example of the perfect title tag would be: (SEO GoneNuts – microsaw.com). What this title tag does is two-fold. It uses the term "SEO" which is avery popular keyword on the web, and then it has "Gone Nuts" within the tag line which is anactive term and may be very unique from a search engine point of view if no other site uses thatterm with SEO in the main title.To come up with a perfect tag title for your site, you need to visualize what main keyword phraseor term a web surfer looking for your company or blog would put in to locate your site. Lets sayyou sell "Star Wars" paraphernalia for instance. Your tag could then be (Star Wars Lucas Insane-stargear.com).Now calling George Lucas insane might not be appropriate, but you get the picture. Any term orkeyword you can use that will be very original for that very important spider crawl from Yahoo! orGoogle, will make the difference between ranking #3 on their pages or #25,000th. You make thecall.3. RESEARCH YOUR MAIN COMPETITION The best way to keep in competition withcompanies or blog sites that are in your main line of business, is to find out how they are being so
  3. 3. successful with their own rankings in search engines. How you find out this important informationis very easy. Just type in your search term into a main search engine such as Google and thenexamine the top five or six results. Notice what they are doing in their HTML (on page) and linkingareas (off page).The ways to figure out their HTML coding is by writing down the main keywords you keep seeingover and over on their main page. If they state "star wars" more than 8 times on their home page,for instance, you then know one of the most important keywords that they set up on their siteHTML was (STAR WARS). It is that simple. If it worked for them, it will work for you too, so goahead and add it to your main keywords when you write the text for your main page.You can do the same thing as far as linking is concerned as well. To find out how many sites arelinking to your competition, type "link:[http://www.competitorname.com]" into Google. Do the samein Yahoo!, and youll see a higher count because Yahoo! is more all-inclusive. This information willtell you who your site should be linking to, because your competition is already in business withthose sites and you should do the same ASAP!4. RESEARCH YOUR KEYWORDS Using the proper keywords in any page you submit to thevarious search engines on the internet cannot be overstated in importance. If you can find at leastthree perfect keywords for your front page, and then use those keywords with a combination oftechniques already discussed, you are halfway there to dominate your competition when it comesto a high ranking using search engine optimization. Use tools like "Yahoo! SearchMarketing/Overture", Googles "Keyword Tool" and "SEOBook" keywords tool as well as any otherkeyword enhancement tool you can find on the web.When you go to one Googles keyword tool for example, and put in "Star Wars", you will see thatthe keyword "Star Wars toys" is the #1 ranking on Googles search engine. That means that moreweb surfers used the total phrase "Star Wars toys" when searching online for anything related to"Star Wars" more than any other term. Now going down the list we see ""battlefront Star Wars" asthe next most popular term. Write that one down as well. This ranking will change weekly, so makesure you analyze the top five keyword search rankings on ALL of the keyword help web sites fordetermining your main three keywords you will use for your main page.Remember to try to shoot for keywords that have higher search counts; over 20,000 searches foryour keyword are good, but it all depends on the industry your company or blog site pertains to. Ifyou want to appeal to a smaller group of rabid fans of anime, for instance, you would want to lookfor a keyword that is very descriptive of your website, but that is not necessarily the most popular.(anime clips) would be a great keyword to use because it ranks 20th down from the top in overallkeyword rankings on Googles keyword tool.That particular keyword will appeal to all of the many maniacal anime fans who want tospecifically watch clips of anime on your site. But you MUST have a good selection of clips toshow to your visitors or they will get turned off to your site and never return. So remember to onlyuse the keywords that relate specifically to information or content to your site for keywordrelevance to work best for you.5. ALWAYS USE WELL-DEFINED NAVIGATION ON YOUR MAIN PAGE This also includes theimportance of making sure that your directories and file names are well-defined along with your
  4. 4. overall navigation structure of your main page. You must name your keywords in the file name (ex:content-management-system.htm) to make sure the search engines will be able to examine all ofyour main content when doing a search for ranking placement. This will help you develop a flatdirectory structure that has no more than three levels so that the spiders and robots crawlingthrough your content will not get lost and leave your site before giving you a higher ranking.Since this last technique is very technical, you should allow a specialist to do it for you. But youneed to make sure that they realize you know the technical specifications of search engineoptimization so youll get your moneys worth from their service. If they think you are an amateur atSEO, they will take your money and just do a lukewarm job at best, so keep them on their toeswith your knowledge of at least the fundamentals of SEO and you will be on your way to gettingthat much-envied position of the #1 ranking on Google.Rob Mead has written many articles about internet marketing and how to create and find greatwebsite content that will increase your web sites traffic overnight. Go to[http://www.perfectwebcontent.com] and you will be able to use all of the web sites resources andarticles in your quest for internet success.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Rob_Mead==== ====SEO Link Monster Automated Link Building And Google Ranking System. Check this out....!!!http://tinyurl.com/6tjeee2==== ====