Bridge building challenge

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  • 1. Bridge Building Challenge Mr. Myler
  • 2. What is a Bridge?
  • 3. Weight per straw
  • 4. Simple Bridge TestStraws Prediction Actual Weight Weight per straw1234
  • 5. • Name___________________________________• Cut your straws in half.• Make hinges from your paperclips by hooking 2 together from the narrow end.• Use your hinges to make a triangle and a quadrilateral from your straws.• Test the shapes to see which one is stronger or more stable.• Find a way to make your quadrilateral more stable? Explain what you did?• Using what you have learned, design the side of a bridge to cross the bottom of this paper. Combine your straw shapes to make the bridge, then trace it on the paper.. What kind of shapes should your bridge be made out of?
  • 6. Strong Shapes
  • 7. Find the triangles
  • 8. Computer Simulation
  • 9. Simple Bridge TestSpaghetti Prediction Actual Weight Weight per piece12345
  • 10. Bridge RulesYou must have a final bridge design and spaghetti calculation before building.You may use 50 pieces of spaghetti.You may trade 2 spaghetti for 1 linguiniYou may use only white glue, only on joints.You must be able to fit the test block into the bridge.The bridge can only be supported by the blocks on the end, 8 inches apart.
  • 11. Setting up Your Tray• Put a small piece of masking tape on the tray and write both names on it.• Collect: – 50 pieces of Spaghetti – 1 piece of plastic – 1 checklist – Your bridge design
  • 12. Partners (21st Century)• Buu and Jonaki• Ryan and Tania• Timmy, Marco, and Nik• Dariel and Skye• Abigail and Natalyiah• Sara and Naia