Open Badges: A practical example of a product implementation


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A forward look at how Open Badges could be implemented within the ReallyManaging Assessment solution from MyKnowledgeMap Ltd. As presented at the Open Badges in Medical Education event hosted by the University of Leeds on 26th November 2012.

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Open Badges: A practical example of a product implementation

  1. 1. Inspired  assessment  and  learning  technology Open Badges: A practical example of a product implementation Dave Waller ReallyManaging Assessment Product & Design Manager©2012 MyKnowledgeMap Ltd 1
  2. 2. Inspired  assessment  and  learning  technology ReallyManaging Assessment? • A powerful, award winning toolset based on long term experience in healthcare and medical schools, including the University of Leeds • Built to support a range of reflective practice techniques including blogging and self-assessment forms • Student functionality centres around their personal e-folio where content is collated, mapped to competency frameworks and shared with tutors • Native mobile apps enable offline, workplace-based assessment and reflection with or without connectivity • Integrated authoring tools allow customisation of exercise templates and the creation of new assessments (including knowledge tests)©2012 MyKnowledgeMap Ltd 2
  3. 3. Inspired  assessment  and  learning  technology An Open Badges workflow 1. An academic lead creates & defines badges 2. Students meet badge criteria through their course activities 3. Badges are issued by the system 4. Students store their badges in their personal Backpacks 5. Students showcase their achievements in their portfolioTorokiki Wireframes by Timothy Greig©2012 MyKnowledgeMap Ltd 3
  4. 4. Inspired  assessment  and  learning  technology Defining badges • We add an admin function for creating new Open Badges • Badge creation features are only available to specific user roles or even specific users. A wide range of system rules and criteria available to define the badge • Image upload plus cropping tools for artwork import. Automatic generation of publicly available criteria pagesBadge Collection by Drew McLellan©2012 MyKnowledgeMap Ltd 4
  5. 5. Inspired  assessment  and  learning  technology No Photoshop? • Don’t worry. HTML5, jQuery and server-side image processing means online image creation tools could be provided. • Combine a library of graphical elements to create a unique badge design. Add text and change colours. • Publish your custom Open Badge graphic in PNG formatArt Supplies 2 by Andrew Forgrave©2012 MyKnowledgeMap Ltd 5
  6. 6. Inspired  assessment  and  learning  technology Issuing badges • Automatic issue when criteria and rules are met • Visual, Xbox-style achievement alerts • Dynamic build of assertions • Quick links to personal Backpacks • Badges automatically stored in the RMA online system©2012 MyKnowledgeMap Ltd 6
  7. 7. Inspired  assessment  and  learning  technology The Badge Backpack • The RMA ethos: a Badge Backpack is a personal space - personal spaces are owned by the individual • RMA should allow users to specify their own Backpack system as part of their user profile, being Backpack- agnostic • RMA should allow pushing of badges to Backpacks while keeping a copy of all issued badges, just in-caseBackpacking by Chantal Forster©2012 MyKnowledgeMap Ltd 7
  8. 8. Inspired  assessment  and  learning  technology Displaying badges • The MyShowcase extension within RMA isn’t a Badge Backpack but is still an ideal space to display and showcase badges. • RMA issued badges can be easily shown and shared. • A simple, low-cost badge display widget can provide showcasing of a whole Backpack within the RMA environment ( wiki/Displayer-API)Manchester United Trophy Cabinet by Steve Montgomery©2012 MyKnowledgeMap Ltd 8
  9. 9. Inspired  assessment  and  learning  technology Wrap up & conclusions? • There are 3 key aspects of Open Badge implementation: creating badges, issuing badges and displaying badges • Supporting Open Badges doesn’t feel like a large investment, but has potentially big impact • A badge “display widget” could offer a low-cost way to leverage open badges (we’d approach this by creating a general purpose display plugin that could be shared across systems) • MyKnowledgeMap are open to invitations for pilots of Open Badges as part of ReallyManaging AssessmentPhoto by Matt Hobbs©2012 MyKnowledgeMap Ltd 9
  10. 10. Inspired  assessment  and  learning  technology Find out more @d13design©2012 MyKnowledgeMap Ltd 10